My mother.
is blue, blue, blue.
A boat with pretty lights,
Tramadol by the gulp.
She blew up into small pieces.
she passes by.
in the blink of an eye.

Look at her hand,
The one I miss the most,
wreath you’re carrying!
I’ve watched your show
People threw rice and flowers.
Milk and diapers.
The kindest words I heard

Sometimes in the middle of the night.
I thought we’d become good people,
Remember what happened
between your legs.
then broke my heart.
A nuclear bomb,
I burn like rotting meat.

If she has no ring,
He has no more baby teeth.
I told her a family
but I fell in love,
We’re nobodies,

a newspaper photograph…
I lost it walking near a river.
Children will be your backbone.
When God takes something,
loved by all.
Your words pierce my heart.
She’s here, still alive.

We’re all born black like him.
from the soaking and wringing
Tell him goodbye.
From prison.
beauty mark, no need for it.
Have you considered
This is for your mother.




I loved you
written backwards.
After the brawl, I found these pages
and the ruins of their beliefs.
through your trees.
The hospital is behind us.
is full of portraits of you.

the wind whispering
Hold on to my dress.
and inexplicable breath.
The bird sings with its fingers.
Orpheus, little phrases
his thoughts.
in your gloves.

a human warmth.
like bees in a hive of glass.
Your phrases are an exquisite
as if they were water.
A poet.
like on a ship.
with the wounded man.

Here are men’s memories
like a lamppost.
Be satisfied with your voice.
You look like a gravedigger
Go deep inside yourself
be remembered.
I’ve been sent by the Sun.

under tragic circumstances,
of your mountains…
There’s no wind.
in that trapdoor.
The card says ”writer.”
through which Death comes and goes.
It’s a miracle that he’s still

It’s difficult to say.
Give me that revolver.
I meant her reflection.
Life is a long death…
and the next day
Hold me tight.
lights the world




when you smile.
I am.
written all over your face.
Everything’s going dark.
Casket maker. Two coffins.

His wife was too beautiful.
my true worth.
Hell, I see ghosts
with swords.

He bangs his prayer drum all day,
Watching over her.
When they smell blood.
A pat from you is like
There’s nobody in there.

He cried himself to sleep.
a lot of lumber for coffins.
Gather some straw
because of the woman.
My men Wish

Hungry dogs come running
and dye the silk in their blood.
that skilled with a sword.
at the gates of hell.

shave your head and ask
Some samurai.
You just pretend to be.
All the Women you Want.
you pay more in the long run.

Some son you are.
sent you.
I can’t see from here.
gave him away.
A roll of the dice and you’re rich.

He ran away in broad daylight.
bite your tongue off and die?
who lost his wife lives?
but he’s a wolf inside.
a beating from a normal man.


Black Girl


If I could write, I’d tell all about
I think of you
From a distance,
The sun passed over us several times,
Never again,
She seems to be wasting away.
every morning and evening.
What she breaks, she pays for.

We had a photo taken.
my mistress’ ‘kindness’.
She’s always lied.
her old slips,
It all began that morning
all those civil wars.
I’ve never kissed a black woman.

The mistress deceived me.
and told me to be brave.
giving me her old dresses,
She understands.
I’m their prisoner.
I’m alone.
I got your letter…

That’s your bed.
from one floor to the next.
For the children.
When I went home that evening,
I’ve nothing to live on
as she’s a lady and a mother
Young negress slashes throat




You know, no history, no nothing.
ourselves one way or another.
and the misery of the vanquished.
chains, knives, straight razors…
Exactly. The slate of American history

Oblique strategies.
of the moon walk, you know.
and somewhere down
your long-term memory…
lodged in her ponytail…
Washing bones.
flapping its wings in Galveston…

I was in the hospital for a while.
Twenty-three years this summer.
It’s about as black as they come.
and the triangulation
24 times a second.
Conspiracy a-Go-Go.
Forgive my Grief. It is great.

everything flows real well.
you’re being rejected constantly.
tragic sequence, you know.
He’s like – He disappeared.
ice caps begin to melt…
Yep, cycles.

pillar of euphoria:
Intensity without mastery.
Catapults throwin’ rocks
sticking his index finger in a fan.
There’s a hole in the fence.
The necessary beauty in life
always happens.

Universal sadness all around us.
with sexual intercourse.
The thing most feared in secret…
I’ve got maps in my room
sickness, maltreatment, humiliation.
the bombs have already fallen.
to be warbling in the throats




bottom of our hearts.
All enveloping darkness.
Chrysanthemum Dew.
The flower’s red fades
Endure this.
today and back

We can die any time.
That was a dream, and
This is my cloth,
This world is a sea of blood.
I’ve forgotten it already.
a sad star.

Now all the tears are over,
drink mine tonight.
what’s under the floor.
be bewitched by her,
Go get some wood.
A secret way into

A trapdoor on
of eternal love.
Water spilled from
Clear evidence.
only in deepest darkness.
Have you ever seen

My heart is locked against
the only one I love.
empty house is like a garden,
a bowl doesn’t return.
Dreams are the mirror
touched by another man.

Please sing one more.
through my ear.
Your woman’s heart may
But it was an heirloom.
with another man.

Just as water dries
after ten years.
It was all just a dream.
throwing things.
Have you ever heard the proverb,
not yours.


The Conformist


our honeymoon.
Rains on the tamarisks
He brings her morphine
the shadows of reality.

He unbuttoned my blouse then.
with understanding.
that noise.
Ten years ago,

It may be her body, her sensuality.
all chained, and forced
Slaughter and melancholy.
rain on the pines

you sat on my bed.
briny and singeing,
Your voice.
On the floor, on the carpet.

‘Ki’ means ‘trees’ in Japanese.
The reflections of things.
Italian birds in Paris.
no more in thrall

Over here she had a scar.
Length nine and width…
I’ve just had a strange dream.
we haven’t made love yet.

Six years.
strewn on the floor
Beautiful words, but you left
with your bright and shining face,

make love in the snow.
You couldn’t stand all that light,
and all my strength left me.
cried the wounded soldier…

What a son I have.
made of wood and stone.
Dearest, I know
I want to dress you.

Mystique of an Alliance
all their encounters
She acts like
the light from a fire flickers.


Like Someone in Love


I didn’t close my eyes.
all evening.
experience before marriage.
all the mistakes I made.
The Theory of Evolution.

All couples fight.
But continuing
A small translation.
I love her.
from the same place.

I usually sleep on this side.
Pull over.
you keep on suffering.
with his hand.
She closes her eyes and smiles.

a photograph.
It was very worn out.
and you write the words.
On the wedding night,
on 18 December

Experience means
another photograph.
I had to forget my dreams.
all our paintings
become infected.

I still worry.
if we have timing belts
that I look like the little girl.
Move your hand.
Show me your wound.

but with red hair.
I will warm it for you.
Come a bit further.
you will only feel pain.
I don’t know.

so many books.
Sorry for the wait.
I told him something
Long before I was born.
We are going to marry.




Hold out your hand.
A cicada.
A cloud that looks like a fish.
He taught them to swim close together,
God knows who the real father is.

Your afterglow is a lot longer…
In mourning
She went back to her family.
Stabbed him, killed him and buried him.
The quiet type.

Rain cancels fireworks.
shatters any glass to bits.
You’re covered in scars.
Seven, eight, lay them straight
Something like that.

She can sleep in my bed.
The pain went away, went away already.
It’s too late for that now.
Bring the deck of cards.
Then just wear it out.

It means what it sounds like.
The bond.
Tangled up in a crime of passion.
Your nails are flying.

Sweet bean jelly.
is the hard lure, it’s called the hard lure.
Merit Shampoo…
The last time
remains shrouded in mystery.

Show me your arm.
doesn’t belong to anyone yet.
I fell…
With a mother who wishes
She has been missing

The pond at the shrine was frozen over.
It poured.
And so they swam
That’s how those two are connected.
since my father’s funeral.