A City of Sadness


Open your mouth.
The flowers are blown hither
It’s all there.
A photograph.
I am apart from my loved one…
This is breaking and entering.

the sunset.
can’t be repaired.
by flinging herself into a waterfall.
The Japanese love the sight
…a woman killed herself
…in my own hands.

the cherry blossom…
The note she left
Please give it to him with the sword
Bring medicines,
like snow.
as a memento.

It’s about a beautiful siren
with a red circle in the middle.
its unconditional surrender.
I almost died of the cold.
…for a woman with light wounds.
…with the aim of reflecting

mulberries in the fields,
Heads down.
Search for him.
The autumn flowers

The Japanese flag is white
Far from home…
The only thing you know
… and then, when the flowers fall
Bride and groom, bow

She said, “Consider me dead.
bad dreams lately.
from the mainland.
and the sea.
him lose blood.
A full valise.


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