The Innocent


two new people…
there while it lasts
the lilacs…
lots of greenery,
The same scent.
nights beneath my windows
Uninhabited houses
A crime.
moral and religious convictions
Love is all this

insignificant affairs
and rubies
Someone who indulges
Without illusions,
or misfortune,
in his own illness.
less than I thought.
little to please her.
Love is all this

Both murky and morbid,
the most dangerous
sleeping pill.
unhappiness and misery.
desire and jealousy.
experiences with her
a nightmare.
second rate novel.
penance for our sins.
Love is all this

to speak the truth.
without fear.
life of ascetics.
her third month.
woman to be abandoned.
hesitant and fearful
necessary precautions.
leaving so soon.
No compliments.
Love is all this

things one says.
my infidelities.
my holidays in peace.
beautiful fashionable bracelet,
hypothetical afterlife.
much to drink.
little ray of sunshine.
have separate rooms.
Love is all this

opened his eyes.
I am sorry to disappoint
have a taste for life…
heady perfume.
has faded…
extraordinary capacity
some brief crisis.
late wherever I go.
such pettiness.
Love is all this

psychological reaction.
I was writing to you
to be protected
No holding back.
time you feel defeated.
I feel alive, awake…
myself to forget
Love is all this

hospital in the isolation ward.
Good, long breaths.
this mournful story
in front of God.
hands feel cold.
be lulled by our voices.
and torment yourself
into such melancholy.
The moment you think she’s all yours,
Love is all this

barely know each other.
My apologies.
and then finds himself
It’s quite unbearable
You’re lying to yourself.
to please her, but…
refuge in faith
was nothing but a dream,
It is a delicate matter
Love is all this

Leave me.
It will be a beautiful surprise
mine and mine alone
or a heaven
I ever held in my arms.
I chose to wait for you,
I assure you.
I desire her.
Love is all this

Look at his hands.
She has broken
‘The Flame’
in pink diamonds
You’ve been wonderful.
in these last few days.
I said I love her but I
died because…
Love is all this

It’s her way of inflicting
change your mind…
It’s no use pretending
I’m sorry.
With my confessor.
time to tell you not to come
a light malaise,
has passed
The same flowers were blooming.
Love is all this

intimacy, so…
lies to you.
Even hostile.
You are a monster.
A woman next to a man.
I didn’t want to stay alone.
Lie down a bit longer.
I have yearned
Oh my God,
Love is all this

alone this evening.
time you feel defeated.
without regrets.
with one hand
window for your return.
two free people.
dove-shaped pin
spells, you know.
Not now,
Love is all this

in exchange for youth
common interests…
feel unworthy of it.
On guard
plunged me…
found you again.
What have you taken?
You’re part of me.
With all your beauty.
Love is all this




When the finger points at the moon,
misfortune takes shape.
a kind of candlelight ritual
God: I suspect you of being
on this Earth…

My dead one in her dress
between essence and appearance
Unthought thoughts
The magnificat.
Sludge and dew,

The last spring the last snowfall
once more in his arms,
The ashes blossomed in joy and beauty
The flame is the heart’s swarm
I’m flying, I flew.

Antonin Artaud,
In that house near the sea,
Red Cross
And all the blood’s branches
I need solitude.

there is a pile of stones.
desires for realities
I came to find you.
Pinecones tendrils
and a little too sad.

What good are poets
grieving up in flames
Infinity has no accent.

I am like the blind-born
I also lit a fire
in your language.
beautiful things and I don’t know.
because I have many

like when I was six years old.
and swallowed it.
Half naked
Leave the unforgettable.
On a wall I’ve hung up a series

silence is sometimes a disgrace.
It’s a beautiful striped tiger.
In the attic,
In the meantime…
also drew us apart.

It’s almost cold.
inscriptions taken from
Hollow bronze statues
close parenthesis.


Russian Ark


not chimerical.
The sea is all around.
because it gives me joy.
to the point of becoming

The stairs are steep, and it’s dark.
through the catastrophes.
There is no hope.

The dead weep with joy
Lower. Lower.
They are not interested in knowing

More flesh. Very nice.
But they dreamed of Italy.
Flown away like a bird.
and the sacred union that exists

Lamps, lamps, lamps.
I lost you.
It feels like we’re floating.
The candles. The candles.

I hear delight in your voice.
It’s made of silver and treated oak.
El Greco. Dust from the road.
My weakness.

Little birds.
Remember, the girl in white is mine.
Nothing could be less sure.
and the sacred union that exists

She disappeared.
White, white…
Beautiful. Beautiful.
that everything was devastated.

Eternal people.
Good-bye. Good-bye.
A spiral staircase.
The scent of oils.

I open my eyes and I see nothing.
as they appear in the painting.
for all this beauty and opulence.
The museum is closing.

I have been here before,
With pleasure. Your slender fingers see all.
I hear something.
Lost you.

Sunflowers stand for piety.
so light.
I’m a sailor.
I see. I see.

I have never believed
Angels dance and play.
after the terrible fire.
And the wine sediment color.

It’s so dark here.
And we are destined to sail forever,
Beautiful uniforms,
– That blue.




The bird cherry was in bloom.
that my dream is the same…”
why he writes as he does.
but my wings refused. They flew on.
The holy, soiled hands.
Strange. Just when the end

it leaves in my mouth.
It’s my loss,
an archive of my telegrams.
Their pure faces facing the sun,
felt the magic
from the defeat of others.

I will always love you.
to her knees.
so the spoon will stand upright.
I returned that hatred.
through the same locked doors.
The masterpieces suffered

I was floating in midair
I know you hear prayers.
he was terribly disappointed.
You looked like a little finch
full of flowers, which has sunk.”

and swarming with dots.”
of extreme brutality,
Except for photographs with you.
Father is so strong.
with a broken wing.
away and wrote me love letters.

You are a master of words.
Maliciously and well.
I sat alone in my room.
heavy and iron-grey, as now.
broken promises
resistance men

One must destroy
your experiences into art.
The holy mother.
frothing at the mouth.
wants us to sail on the lakes.
on your body as well.

voice. I heard so just now.
I have written.
His urges.
Unrest, misery,
God almighty.
in my presence.


A Special Day


I felt my knees buckle.
Your absence.
the envelopes.
are blowing in the wind.
…a solemn hymn sounds from the ranks…

because of my voice.
– We’ll make it black.
…with swastikas.

…says to his wife
I said, I said…
we were madly in love.
children to take care of…
When the airplanes come over…

With you I found the courage,
First the beds.
Not the holy Catherina. Be ashamed.
but you were mistaking.
with other women.

The air force is most beautiful.
When you embraced me…
You have scratched me.
tell me in time this time.
Stay calm

I imagine him like a long
…in which you want to scream
I am not a husband…
It’s always sinking.
Just like in a dream…

Tell her I’m in here,
a book you’re reading.
with red ribbons…
left its traces.
to your children:

I can’t dance.
…weathered by many terrible ordeals…
…even when I loved him…
That is a beautiful name.
A bird will come to remind you of it.

Daddy’s beautiful little wolf.
You can go blind from that.
Let’s just laugh about it. Crying
Since our engagement
has flooded its banks.

The things you told…
to hide yourself.
father and soldier.
It’s the battle prayer.
You are a stranger and nobody is home.

There are also pictures inside.
Kisses, intimacies?
Mum, there’s a hole here
A day like today
I sang myself hoarse.


Elevator to the Gallows


My life is over tomorrow
was very young and very beautiful
no more days
…not kissed you,

he has bought lots of flowers
Leaves without telling anyone
Ten years, twenty years
crawl like that

or you’re lying
or caressed your face
No fingerprints.
And captured that same night,

Can we see the body?
details of drilling…
“Nature is a source of deep
shattered me

I should have left you alone…
her boyfriend, cinema, dancing
It’s the life I dream of
you with the men,

I’d be lost in silence
even on hearts
You don’t feel a thing.
I was in refrigerators

He’s got heaps of medals and scars
You took too much.
And now Algeria
Be there, alive, beside me

Hard to say
Come to bed
A Sunday, no less
Lift to the scaffold

There, somewhere, together
I remember, vaguely.
Filthy climate, mosquitoes, tigers

I take your queen
I saw the silhouettes
The music will keep playing,
Without your voice

Mistakes save lives
the murderer confesses
on the front pages

I don’t need consoling
to ruin our evenings
we couldn’t sleep
No closer


Enter The Void


You should finish the Book of
Of dying.
I’m burning his stash now.
he sticks his finger
you might find your ashes.

You love this.
to have a baby with me.
– Ten grams for sixty.
like a ghost.
It’s a little bit like dying

I can’t feel my arms.
And I tried to kiss her,
It’s like the Tibetan Bible.
higher planes of existence.
The balcony.

When is this acid
to never leave each other.
Falling into the void.
I wanna say sorry.
between taking psychedelics,

I’m not gonna faint.
Forever and ever.
Just light her up!
I will watch you from the sky.
breathing, slowing down, slowing down.

you do this forever and ever,
not be able to get back in my body.
make you a fucking Buddhist.
Screaming for his mum all night.
Then some darker yellow lights

I’m not blind.
It leads to these huge gutters.
All your fears become reality…
It’s ecstasy.
I missed…

she was a go-go dancer.
They’ll rape me.
of all different colours.
And then, the light comes out from
she had never existed.

You know? You end up in a womb
These lights are the doors
keeping his remains in that box.
She even wants
Never ever.




Dispersed Clouds


People say things…
…I feel the sadness
stuck in his throat.
people you bring home.

The moon shining over the hill
What beautiful clouds.
Spoiled. Nervous. Selfish.
Tuberculosis patients
to walk back at night.

for the people that are gone.
mother with all my heart.
In the past,
His wound is oozing.
The apple tree flowers

A train passes.
Take your clothes off.
I imagine you had prettier hands.
for pleasure.

It’s a calm happiness.
makes the maiden sleepy
When you fall in love,
who I didn’t love.
Your hands would ache.

What a suffering.
My spoon is inside.
and you are wonderful.
Sometimes it’s good to get lost in

You both float through life.
About 800 meters.
in two or three days.
Stay overnight.
in a tragedy,

is also very beautiful in winter.
With those wonderful eyes that
What shall I put inside?
Have you ever thought about
Forgive me.




Did you have a dream?
Your son’s dead.
Hail fell.
it can’t grow darker.
The dead are just ashes.
Nothing at all.

people are eating snakes,
They took my son so suddenly
Strange things going on
With couples…
just how beautiful you are.

I barely got away myself.
I wore this mask
And monsters like you stray in.
It hurts.
You’re wearing nice things.
but I’m lost in this field of grass.

The sun rose black in the sky,
day and night with red-hot irons.
Not even a dog around.
People trust priests.
Souls with human faces
Nothing but junk.

You’d feel faint
since the day I was born.
I feared marring my face.
finding this much.
Go due north.

if you saw my beautiful face.
the lake of blood.
There was frost last summer.
Sorry I came back alone.
I’ll be waiting tonight.
The dead can never


Zero Focus


I sometimes feel kind of sorry
a walking corpse.
too vast to comprehend.
your wife wanted to forget.
The third day passed.
with its breadth and depth

The young wife clung
some flowers off the cliff,
and a kimono becomes her.
He committed suicide
including the branches.
in the morning.

my body was washed away.
After living as man and wife
The teacup left there
Overlooking the sea,
to identify the dead.

we carry in our hearts.
A man with two women
You must be worried.
of lung problems years ago.
You must be frozen stiff.
bottomless and never ending,

saying good-bye to lots of people.
The note was brief,
suffocated me.
gloomy and pensive.
A sham suicide.

Like this northern sea,
with a farewell gift.
as you drink that.
comes snow in winter
Despair is written
A nice picture, too.

But as the days passed,
Medical experts determined
Your wife was cornered
entertaining American soldiers
her missing husband.
like the sea of sorrow