Son of Saul


Child death.
Bring me the gold.
from the earth …

Praised are You, O Lord,
Bury someone.

Two kilometers through the woods.
Marked by God.
This one comes with me.

You were right. It’s our turn.
The Angel of Death hears
Magnified and sanctified …

Say kaddish.

Gold, jewels, valuables: in the box.
Do not open that boy.
This girl…

I have nothing.
And now this.

Gather clothing.
We are already dead.

King of the universe,
You and me, it’s forever.
Have you been searching

My son.
Money, money … What you find.
In the pits.

We need nurses.
also called “secret carriers”

the autopsy room …
not move a finger.

I need you
was his way of looking at me.
Joiners, carpenters,

You did not need.
What he wants.
The guards burned them.


Sudden Rain


After marriage I used Diamond.
I forgot when we changed.
Her hair caressed my face…
I was so broken hearted, I couldn’t
premature. In fact men…

Walks into a big forest. She is
A most fitting burial ground.
all these noises.
a young wife.
in a new light.

He spent his honeymoon sleeping
Lively but emotionally fragile.
I sigh, and you sign.
The clock stopped;
Everything’s wrong since I lost

…only sad. Suddenly, she is overcome
It took you three years of marriage
It´s turned her hair white.
having an affair.
dirty my walls.

A brute who knows nothing about tenderness…
heavy belt.
on Sunday.
rain when I get home.

start knitting.
a uniform.
A really familiar face
a green basket.
A hat on a finger.

In last nights dream, a
everything look like junk.
thing over and over again.
stray dog carrying a shoe in its mouth.

All the ugliness, all the sorrow.
In other words, disillusionment.
The happiest dream in my life.
I was silent for a while. Then I said
we left each other.

Something light wont do any harm.
I´m going to get some threads.
our children.
will fold.

And he had shamed himself.
countryside. Bad news.
You talk about noise,
That I know.

Your wife’s so gentle. You´re a
I’m sorry for yesterday.
keep on crying.
hear yours.

I got your postcard yesterday.
someone I can rely on.
his way home.
Marriage means seeing your partner


Cria Cuervos


it’s like I’m hearing her voice.
the pearls from the string.
full of swans.
Not all my memories

She was a saint,
for all the sadness that embittered
with Mama and Papa.
at my window

Among my fondest memories,
I’m suffocating.
affectionate and sensual.
and abandoned.

If you look closely in the mirror,
the most horrible pains.
a flowery blouse
so vividly engraved in my mind.

filled with fear.
Take this holy card.
And my heart grows sad

I love you, I love you.
I always eat this way.
hundreds of times…
out of your mother’s womb.

a pine grove,
a drink of water.
one street after another.
and accusations.

fascination with that woman.
when something fell inside her blouse.
part of some other world.
that deep down

Kiss me like in the movies.
I awoke
in a faraway land…
I can’t breathe.

about your father.
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
my sweet companion,
covered with snow.

You know by the heartburn.
you of the honeymoon.
a Parabellum .38 calibre.
in a childlike paradise

Listen, she-bear, to bed.
This cross keeps the devil away.
Everyone carries his burden

how powerful memories can be.
between these walls.
even the most intimate matters,
with red buttons,

a real saint.
missed those times
hallowed be thy name…
telling lies like that.

In the distance
The door was open.
Fear of the unknown.
with twenty years’ hindsight…




Love gets me nowhere
into my mother’s arms

I am moved by the sadness to be found
walking arm in arm
for a sewing machine

What kind of a thief steals
truly finds happiness
The man that I’m in love with

… in the limitless space
when the nosebleed started
But the colour is lovely.

The clock’s stopped again
so lonely and helpless
I fixed my hair myself.

“Let us recall the life of the warrior hero
sleeping peacefully
Each new day, he continues

some couples are
of the universe
beyond a dream…

My husband’s shoes
his eyes closed,
the beautiful view to your left

Must every woman’ life be wasted
That’s a traditional song

Oh, these roses have such big thorns!
strewn all over the place!
He always misses her

She’s having second thoughts
She’s lost weight
Tastes good

I suppose you must miss
my real happiness lies
Just consider how

Unhappily married…
with loads of dancers
here at my side

Happiness… a womans happiness…
The stone building
washing and cleaning…

Is that her blood?
happening round here
Three hundred and sixty-five days

I’m just killing time
Drink mine, too
and sleep like a child

The world is full of wonders
and numerous meandering
Trying to rope you in like that,

Maybe that is where a woman
and understanding…
have been stolen


Late August, Early September


It was a day like today.
Places from your childhood.
Imagine how spacious
of distant acquaintances…

It’s the only souvenir I kept.
Spend your life
I cut up my arm.

a collection of bedspreads.
in bitterness.
I feel like I’m nowhere.

A shadow crossed his face.
the slightest gesture.
I’ll have my own line.
of low-level radiation.

That’s the life I missed out on.
A friend of mine died last night.
tiny things.
I remembered,

I’m showing
There’s his diary.
It’s totally sexual, but it’s not…

she’s like a black hole.
and sometimes with nothing
We’re poor on our own.
Material things.

I thought you were in love.
All you could do
I did ecstasy with a girl.
But hospitals…

He depicts the world he sees.
There are ten boxes left.
I’m ghostwriting it.
for the worst.

can love and desire me as you do.
It’s as if I almost had something,
security measures.
I’ll bandage it.

You’ve hardened.
if I feel like it.
He avoids stories.
It’s no secret.

Low flame?
there’s a tiny ray of sunshine.
he closes up.
Because he loves you.

she’s radiant.
Here I am.
I mean sexually.

I knew I had this disease.
The worst was over.
The translation on diskette
You went out, collapsed and slept.

His kindness terrified me.
was an alarm signal.
I don’t know.
but I thought his writing

It’s as if a terrible weight
It’s physical, simple.


Ballad of Orin


He stammers and is tanned.
Blind and stubborn.
She died last spring.
both the meat and the fur
She can make love.

What I saw was his heart.
laying a trap.
lone traveling gozé.
in the evening glow.
to sew a kimono
with their tears of mercy.

I deserve divine
“You’re blind.”
You call plain fabric silk.
Not a dream.
drooling for your body.

Any sea sounds the same.
All footsteps sound like
Hold me in your arms
Beware of men.
through the coppice.
for the last time.

by this picture.
of the air.
It was your ceremony
waiting for you.
Don’t make love. If I do,
I hear cranes come

We slept side by side,
in the mountains.
green leaves in spring.
That’s the hell of this world
Warm me with your body.
Maybe drowned

I’m happy and content.
as brand-new medicine
sutra every day
in deserted huts.
I live in darkness.
Making love made me

You were born blind, and
The leaves wash our eyes
You can’t hear the sea.
faces or hands.
denounced as lewd
I envy you.

Cucumber trees bloom
an ordinary woman.
melted last year.
The baby froze to death.

Every woman has a monthly
It’s like a dream.
of incense and hair oil
trains and sirens.
The sea and
damnation long ago.

warmth of a man.
I’ve been wondering
Is this the sea
When the war ends,
Put your hands together.
sing before he dies.


Little Peach


Marriage is a battle.
I’m with the man I found,
our things at the pawnshop.
He writes poetry.
rotten things that no wild animal would touch.

Only women lose their whole lives,
feelings you can’t control.
cream, lipstick.
all your dreams can be a let down.
accusing eyes away somewhere.

novels are like pretty girls.
This is such a ragged dress.
I’ve never even read
You’re young. Your teeth
He goes in sometimes.

little tangerine.
All I do is waste.
your stories,
Don’t worry about mistakes,
you’d call a cold beauty.

But love is like a virus.
that my writing can stand
they get cut to pieces.
spit to give to people.
and suddenly here I am, sending

Dear, I know I’m interrupting you,
When you fall in love for real,
My father once said that
This is a little something for you.
When you fight, you should

people’s voices.
bitterness goes away.
say it because of me.
It’s deliciousness in a can.
hand to mouth your whole life.

a skirt.
up enough on the inside now.
go shopping for cheap sweets.
Out in the real world,
Men lose, too.

Back in the days of the
writing to say anything about it.
It’s no fun living
It’s like I’m on display.
my stories ugly girls.


Lights in the Dusk


You can hardly see the sun.
Nor the sad yearning
It’s just temporary.
the window of your darling.
Can make me forget.

No female visitors.
like you are worthless.
You won’t see a tear
about any robberies.
In a night shelter.

Rather cold evenings for spring.
The graceful wedges of wild geese
Four and ninety.
She sings her sad songs
Don’t die.

You never answered my letter.
you’re finished.
The break-in was done
my time and yours.
resembles a string of pearls.

Everything I have
Was hardly born, and already dead.
I came to explain. To apologize.
a sentimental fool.
Threw himself into a river.



querelle web

audacity and strength, against my body.
From the time I fell in love
my heart’s delight…
in that heaven of heavens…
of her own sumptuous body
Put away your knife.
Sometimes there’s something

cradling a dead Jesus.
I melt with their wetness
My longing for you…
Death sentence.
With tears in my eyes,
The sea, the solitude…
were glacial.

prison detachment.
with a painful glow.
under his pillow.
A dangerous melancholy
of an endless space.
of creeping vines.
most incredible took place without her.

Father: unknown.
Why did you keep me
The vision of the solitude
already inside our flesh,
I’m coming to your shore.
anything worse to another…
like I’m holding you now…

the soft, dissolving mass…
in the heart of the sailors.
the final formality:
clouds the purity of my game.
When I suffer,
I’ve become
the first moment he saw you.

the strange resemblance
innermost depths…
him with tenderness.
has built a field inside of me…
that love is voluntary.
thoughts of the sea and murder…
is his own body in repose.

and he lives inside of you.
with an iron tiara.
anticipation of the body…
and took possession of him.
with the seeds of the miraculous.
the sign of the divine.
Not elegant, but strong.

care of everything.
fine mortal wounds in me.
At night I’ll drop a rope
that fairy tale themselves.
a little taste of it yourself.
You have a solid, heavy,
with your beauty.

It’s a game without weight.
female breasts on my chest…
over the solitude…
Just wounded him.
It holds sway over
strange revelations…
to the Visitation.


Mifunes Sidste Sang


The neglected little boy
reading telegrams.
A little family … He misses
To the very end he cared lovingly.

your bed … those red necks …
and dreamy brown eyes.
They disappeared.
Let’s queue for the balloons.

Big house with sea view.
stripped of furniture.
My beloved little pink whore …
That’s where we sailed

the nice atmosphere to death.
With the bees.
Alone in the world,
like a Japanese tourist.

and into our hearts.
She hanged herself from one
Your fingers are hard now.
… Listen to the birds.

You’re the flower type.
The loss of his beloved wife
I cut her down.

Two seconds …
A word …
It could take months.
I will always be near

even in childhood.
was a severe blow
and I love that lower jaw.
Too true.

axe heads out there.
your pink little quim.
ruined everything.
In the morning.

You kissed Ingrid with your tongue.
Stay still.
Let go of her.

It used to be called something.
the tradition of a firm hand.
attention to ourselves.
And then I go and fall in love

Next time I’ll fuck
With all your lies and surprises,
Kisses, baby.
He doesn’t believe

chasing space ships …
yet still be religious.
My dad’s died.
effects to be sold.

you’ve never had any pussy.
No spilling on the Persian carpet.
A fire extinguisher
diligent and abstemious.