Secret Sunshine


There’s something wrong with my body.
when it will break your heart?
a psychological trauma.
washed in his blood

Useless, helpless gazing
on real earth.
who trespass against us.

We’re finishing anyway.
heavy rain shifts the sand, so –
Mouths open wider, please.
Someone I know is inside.

She’s on a glucose drip.
This length would look pretty.
pour your most precious love
may your amazing glory

You keep saying you’re happy,
when she met the prisoner.
but her pain was too great.
when he slept.

she completely shoots me down.
something I just feel.
even in that beam of sunlight.
Is narrow

Now I start and end each day
I am in so much pain.
Almost finished.

we’re gathered here
to forgive.
God’s love is crucial.
Remember how he always wanted

My repentance and absolution
and the river’s nearby.
Greet others in a loud voice.
You left without a word.

After I repented in tears.
do you have to live
beyond this mortal plane.
and suffered more.

It must be hard to see flowers
of your followers.
Please heal…
Nothing else.

It’s very late.
the world is really filled
the naked eye can’t see.

It’s just sunlight.
around us.
I mean…
into us.

Menstrual cramps.
The door to salvation
Repeat after me.
you locked me

You feel that lifelong love
Like a red rose.
ordinary ones.
With interiors,

May she be healed.
No, just a cut.
something I just feel.
to speak in public.

the sufferings he endured.
The tiny, tight ones.
You know the woman
She cuts better than me.

she said
my birthday.
As if I have butterflies inside.


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