Of Freaks and Men

of freaks and men 613x463

The moon
did not love her husband.
dry for so long
in this house again…
Just a drop.
like a bell

The snow
of his wife,
Take it, take it.
for so long
Your young voice
the beginning.
Years went by.

and through the field
of her inheritance
We won’t marry.
a secret.
Those fields
There, my dear…
A tear comes to my eyes

In the moonlight
everything will change.
stopped singing
feeling in his song
heart is acting up.
certain points.

I need a dark room.
of horses
a wedding proposal.
burns up
It’s all over.
about love

In the field
in my will.
in love for the first time.
A team of horses
will die out.
The snow is shining
in my cold chest…

Sweetly sings
I love you.
That my heart
Ding, ding, ding
Get on your knees.
right here.
Drink it.

Is rushing
the steam engines.
through the night
It’s me at age five.
in love with her.




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