querelle web

audacity and strength, against my body.
From the time I fell in love
my heart’s delight…
in that heaven of heavens…
of her own sumptuous body
Put away your knife.
Sometimes there’s something

cradling a dead Jesus.
I melt with their wetness
My longing for you…
Death sentence.
With tears in my eyes,
The sea, the solitude…
were glacial.

prison detachment.
with a painful glow.
under his pillow.
A dangerous melancholy
of an endless space.
of creeping vines.
most incredible took place without her.

Father: unknown.
Why did you keep me
The vision of the solitude
already inside our flesh,
I’m coming to your shore.
anything worse to another…
like I’m holding you now…

the soft, dissolving mass…
in the heart of the sailors.
the final formality:
clouds the purity of my game.
When I suffer,
I’ve become
the first moment he saw you.

the strange resemblance
innermost depths…
him with tenderness.
has built a field inside of me…
that love is voluntary.
thoughts of the sea and murder…
is his own body in repose.

and he lives inside of you.
with an iron tiara.
anticipation of the body…
and took possession of him.
with the seeds of the miraculous.
the sign of the divine.
Not elegant, but strong.

care of everything.
fine mortal wounds in me.
At night I’ll drop a rope
that fairy tale themselves.
a little taste of it yourself.
You have a solid, heavy,
with your beauty.

It’s a game without weight.
female breasts on my chest…
over the solitude…
Just wounded him.
It holds sway over
strange revelations…
to the Visitation.


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