Shoot The Piano Player


My father always said,
they could see my skeleton.
A crack.
So many ugly words in such a pretty mouth.
You lay them down gently.

I look into the mirror.
As if he were cutting me in half.
It means faithful.
my love wears her hair up
Even now, as she drags him through

All right. Pain is gone.
and the body another.
Look, his eyes are open.
From the horizon
retractable tip and auto-filling.

Do you remember the night you said…
This dress brings me business.
Far, far away, there are violins
Smiling, joyful thoughts – Sad thoughts
As if the heart were one thing,

Here you are, a murderer
When I took your arm,
You disappeared.
She could feel you against her body.

Dressed like knights
I love them for what they are.
A woman is supreme. A woman is magical.
My carriage.

It’s getting darker and darker.
The deeper, the dearer.
When the wind lifts up dresses,
it’s love at first sight.
the mud, he can’t take his eyes off her.

We drove through the forest,
I began to have feelings for her.
dignified and pure, who lowered her gaze,
It reminds me
I grew up in an orphanage.

You say everything 10 times over.
you can’t stop the night.
your dressmaker.
Your conversation
from morning to evening.

Even with someone, he’s on his own.
Nothing matters any more.
our charming hostages safe.
And there was me, always looking at you,

I can contemplate every day.
I was in a coffin, almost naked.
When you don’t love me any more
Something must be done.
so I can speak freely.

“I love beauty, whatever its gender.”
Sometimes it’s so dear,
Greedy, suspicious.
with candles on it.
Why they all want it.


L’Enfance NuĂ©


It’s nothing bad.
When bodies are as one
a shot into the tank.
pinned to your back.
wrapped up like that.

Lots of love from Mommy.
Do you remember?
to say good-bye.
It’s all over you.

This child was abandoned.
he’s broken around here…
and jumped out the window.
where you signal to the trains.
and we love them just the same.

You strike a match
to furnish the house.
for the child.
Go see before he tears
as a souvenir,

Nana’s dead.
You don’t feel a thing.
He steals too.
from the drawer.
lives as if he were poor.

It’s nothing, Mother.
Prisoners living on their own
He’s even said
She played records all day.
the flames would dance their way

he has a good heart.
a very long scout’s knife.
I’m sure it’s under your pillow.
He gets up at night.
breaking everything in sight.

He climbed up a tree
In celebration of their wedding
and postcards on the wall.
went underground.
to the accordion ‘s sound

And her heart
It slipped.
It’ll scar.
lots of love.
Whatever she dreams of,

children from other marriages.
These things get around.
A dance like no other
Was in tears
to welcome you here.

on the algebra test.
Dear parents, I’m writing
I’m carving my name.
It’s going to feel strange.

we had a black child,
that we put coins in
got medals.
Just wait.
like a star in the sky
whatever catches his eye.






My hands.
Kleptomaniac number one.
pieces of cartilage.
their extraordinary power…
desperate and called to you.

The mechanism of swallowing
The lymphatics of the female breast,
She has nothing.
I’ve seen nothing.
I feel when I think about that.

One person just fainted.
…beheaded in the guillotine
She is getting frail.
What is the meaning in seeing
of bone is its hardness.

flesh, nerves, arteries.
His master’s voice.
standing from morning.
body has disintegrated.
But my grief for my mother

It seems your heart is sad.
I heard.
those calculations.
– Leave me.
and stand guard.

The skeleton consists of a series
This is where the magic is.
It will not go down my throat at all.
You see some eyes and you feel
These days the weaker sex

In your childhood you…
land on the moon.
given a good thrashing.
and takes your breath away.
A striking characteristic

Inside every human being there
their requirements in a note book.
My friend is losing patience.
The skeleton persists after death
He is terrified at seeing

meat has always been my favorite.
From a central place
All day I walked in the sun.
she is feeling the strain.
of bones supplemented…