The Idiot


I told her over and over
A tender feeling,
swings like a pendulum
Let’s bury her
the night here.

understand her pain.
My feelings for her
Why on earth
I dreamed of.
you were here.
flowers in hand.

and in tears.
sealed up
in lots of different flowers.
and the words melt away.
She cajoles, entices,
he didn’t know.

to settle accounts fairly.
together in the storm.
right before my eyes.
You look pale.
to be some kind of angel.

a man burns with hope.
It’s called internal bleeding.
important and unimportant.
from a sensitive child,
He bought her a diamond ring
of standing in your way.

That language of flowers is foreign.
And you, acting so secretively,
This story tells of the destruction
I was dreaming.
I don’t hear anything.
the puppy I’d thrown

I’m the one
to burst and spew blood.
to tremble.
your recent little tricks.
got burned, that’s all.
like a mother.

I feel a pain in my chest.
I wonder.
nightmare of mine.
and came out.
Weeks without sun.
It’s just a plain stone.

The world’s full of wolves.
a firing squad together.
This house, and everything in it
What torment
with the face of a boy.
Telling your tales here too.

Once I beat her black and blue
into another person’s heart.
a paper knife, is it?
Just then I went into a trance
from bottle to altar.
We traded charms

She’s also very beautiful.
with money stolen from his father.
everything I’ve ever Lost.
your face every day.
It’s just a smoke screen.
what tonight holds in store.

Yes, the butcher’s knife.
last week at the skating rink.
you remember me fondly.
My mother. She prays
I ran here because
will always be tainted by that wound,

His eyes seemed ready
and a purer heart.
a reply to your letters.
in the center.
my answer tonight.
How I longed

Tomorrow my fate
She possesses…
simply say the word.
I’ve said so many times.
to let things pass unnoticed.


No End


getting harder
Can you imagine a different
A flicker of fear, not
Making love
Human torches, but no water…

photographs has gone
His hands were frozen
But the pain never came.
Nobodies are legion
And I myself crawled over

The light was on in your bedroom
People have withdrawn, split up …
You can’t feel your arms, your legs,
I only regret I realised so late
in the mouth

gently close your eyes
The list of lawyers
Yes, love
I never could read his writing
from your memory

Legs, arms, stomach, face…
You and daddy
In a dream
You seemed to have hands like him
I can hardly believe there were

a typewriter, letters…
and impotence breed rage
in human relationships
Now lower your eyelids,
To change from wolf

And no bars can confine him
No, blonde and thin
Now raise your arm. It’s light…
a boisterous flame

Help open the throat
I’ve tried going it alone,
You feel light, your muscles are
He clung to her for a long time
of one mutely shouting

They fell asleep together
You use that word too often
People want to be brave.
That’s what I dreamt now
your body

A kind of swan song
Your mind is blank
but alone is alone
both his skin and his honour
… and try to erase him


Wuthering Heights


Show me your body.
Do you not hear the galloping horse?
His cruelty is without limits.
Take me in your arms.
by hiding your sorrow…

My departed mother
that’s only a legend invented
The divine curse
of she whom you loved.
scatters over us

to meddle with the holy offerings,
This is the women’s quarters.
I am naked, too,
Inherit this House.
That’s the wind blowing.

beneath your flesh,
You belong to me like everything
he curses this world.
…in the Forbidden Chamber.
wrongdoers are held.

down there into the other world.
to remove these garments
For you.
anything you can conceive.
A woman must bear this suffering.

In exchange, I offer you this sword.
red with fever.
During their periods
You see the rope hanging from the beam?
the better.

Your little one is born.
This impure being has dared
our two Houses.
what he wants.
Since our most tender youth,

Your mother is dying.
we are like shadows and light.
that through my veins,
You can menace me.

Have no fear.
The way you say this
How I regret…
in this room…

Jealousy devours you,
The sound of footsteps.
you into the world.
The sun is blinding me.
Open your eyes.


The Merchant of Four Seasons


my wife is waiting.
Everywhere over there.
Please shoot.
Your longing
these last years.

I’ve always loved my boy.
And in a weakened state,
People die.
warmhearted enough.
Your voice should sound

Don’t be sad.
Nothing can be taken back
Please send an ambulance
and evade all questions.
The desire

Now she’s dead. Edema.
I take walks and think.
you were the one I wanted.
Take off your clothes
Not for good.

everything was dirty.
The best are left behind
I’m leaving you for good.
… is for my one true love.
of 40 hundredweights.

The marriage,
I remember your song
weakens the entire system.
Everything’s gone to hell.
Wanderlust drove me

… The golden ball
Cannot be stilled
nearly to death.
Bambino mio
I love you so much.

But the nurse said
His cart has a capacity
Look, a heart attack like this
As you wish.