There’s nobody inside me.
I vomited.
The best way…
Everything burned down.
stinks of paint.

Letting down trousers.
I got blood on the dress.
To victory.
A bird.
to bury your child.

a complication from your wound,
They raise their legs,
it’s a gift.
His eyes wander
I’m… meaningless inside.

Do you have a candle?
did you have intercourse?
I want a human inside me.
A father.
By the sea.

I also lost a child.
a delicate flower.
He always says snow.
With big teeth.
And matches.

Undo your pants, she’ll do the rest.
Coming back like a dog.
My quiet one.
He’ll have your eyes…
Torn stitches.

Give me the dress.
He says…
Move in with me.
in hospital forever.
It’s a beautiful name.

fathered by someone.
We lost…
I’m sick of measuring.
And it was snowing hard.

To a new, peaceful life.
To hell with the girls
young at heart.
on the front lines.
of your death.

It’s your baby.
To hold onto.
and you still can’t.
And salt.


Le Samouraï


SUNDAY, 5:45 A.M.
I just wanted you to come.
What with all the risks
– Bloody gauze and cotton.
in my mind.

Your “soul mate.”
A wounded wolf.
Not carrying any firearms.
But we feel we need

“There is no greater solitude
like the back of his hand.
This is the last time.
Just imagine

Seems like true romance.
That’s everyone’s loss.
What you can’t deny
(Book of the Samurai)

We have to break her
And a face like his.
No, it was light-colored.
It was nothing.
to kill me on the overpass.

I thought you must really love him.
Nothing at all.
When you lose contact,
Live and let live.
Careful now:

I’m a disabled veteran.
one might say the criminal always
I saw a man on his way out.
because of you.
We lost him.

Identity checks all night.
Contact broken.
was darker.
I tear it up and we forget it.


On The Beach at Night Alone


tear-soaked hands, we were truly…
I can just die anytime.
Just one more time.
and engaging in dirty acts.
Your skin used to be whiter.
And it’s adultery.

You’re like a grandfather,
in a beautiful landscape.
Tears flowed from her eyes.
All failures…
I don’t get prettier.
When the wind blows,

Just a prayer.
A face.
I took her in my arms,
our self-restraint deserted us.
and with a burning pain in my heart
seeing you lying there.

I’m different, I have no desire.
all that had hindered us
I never notice.
This pain, this constant regret…
Still, it’s lonely walking alone.
for some air.

thinking of beautiful you.
For 10 years you were
disappeared for a while,
I was dreaming.
…it turns sweet,
It’s sweet.

Kids are like an inescapable destiny.
They have nice bodies.
like a total wreck.
I’m a bomb,
But I want to kiss.
fade away graciously.