On The Beach at Night Alone


tear-soaked hands, we were truly…
I can just die anytime.
Just one more time.
and engaging in dirty acts.
Your skin used to be whiter.
And it’s adultery.

You’re like a grandfather,
in a beautiful landscape.
Tears flowed from her eyes.
All failures…
I don’t get prettier.
When the wind blows,

Just a prayer.
A face.
I took her in my arms,
our self-restraint deserted us.
and with a burning pain in my heart
seeing you lying there.

I’m different, I have no desire.
all that had hindered us
I never notice.
This pain, this constant regret…
Still, it’s lonely walking alone.
for some air.

thinking of beautiful you.
For 10 years you were
disappeared for a while,
I was dreaming.
…it turns sweet,
It’s sweet.

Kids are like an inescapable destiny.
They have nice bodies.
like a total wreck.
I’m a bomb,
But I want to kiss.
fade away graciously.


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