your mother looks like an angel
put under the lamp
the ache is more and more severe
it’s not pure silver
the science has no absolute

your bed is warm now
the snow is heavier
no meaning
it’s a long story

you stay in the bell tower all your life
the ding of death, to tell the message of death
i think, love and sex are innocent
it is hard to say

i am alive
i become more and more forgettable
so, i made you disappear
one wins when the other bleeds
yes, the world looks like a woman more and more

there is deformity in her beautiful life
use the wand
please you eat mine
your mother’s last words are
beauty, where are you going to?

i had a horrific dream
the featherless bird would not sing
the cake and snowflake, are different things
call a priest tonight
everyone feels numb

there was a tragedy
i have words to say
yearn for free and work in my heart
when he saw beauty
what do you feel




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