Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors


Glory to Jesus Christ.
the wind asks
Souls disappeared for good…
and saw a bird there.

Never seen women?
you disappear forever.
to love each other for one summer.
but he won’t tell.

To what shame love can
in church,
even dry oaks began to blossom.
And if you hit here?
be as empty as mine.

Oh, my dear child…
and no crow flies.
my talkative bird.
but he wrings the soul

at your bad hour
Our Father in heaven,
where no horse neighs
O God…
Go to forests and precipices,

It was freezing cold.
You heard
a human being. Oh, God…
the church, not inside it.
at the star that is over the meadow.

I sleep and see you suffering.
this world so wrongfully?
Don’t be sad,
for a month now.
want, but you will be mine.

Black magicians, drowned ones,
Crippled on their way…
The sun is warm, it melts the ice.
Listen to what I just remembered.
When we fell in love,

and girls made up songs
In the waters drow…
shaggy, ragged,
If your mother were alive,

Oh, I went to the meadow,
In a manger, wrapped in swaddling
Black Mountain.
The man dies.
about their love…

And I’m tending lambs.
The house stands empty.
a candle in his hand,
our daily bread…
for centuries.


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