Ash is Purest White

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Relationships and feelings do change,
the final depth of the reservoir
is a sense of the cosmos.
Let’s jump over a flame,
Anything that burns

This hand saved my life.
In the bedroom.
A beauty like yours…
It makes me sad.
and ballroom dancing.
at high temperature…
You should be in a forest of your own.

Our Father in Heaven…
By daybreak he’d sobered up,
I’m one of the prisoners
I pushed you away
Family and friends,
will soon be departing.
with the Mines.

My father died.
we have time to kill.
What is there to film?
is made pure.
Demolition, rebuilding…
“the five lakes and four seas”.
what a man feels

I had a stroke.
After the love fades
I’m here because I want him
I realized my feelings
Over here, Miss Ma…
When I see tigers,
I have no feelings for you.

my villas are haunted.
we’re all prisoners of the universe.
Does time go by slowly with me?
I often blame myself
Brother Bin…
That’s my bed.
It’s a shame to fly over

I’m in the Three Gorges.
I’m nostalgic.
those old industries.
She’s had a miscarriage.
Starting over in a new place.
The mine will take care of itself.


An Inn at Osaka


A worthless life.
…full of colour,
This is why I drink so much.
I know you’ve been holding on
with strangers.
smothering you with attentions.

There is a camellia blooming.
– It’s mine.
the whole morning through.
As the saying goes:
The moon has risen again.
I’m going to drink.
like a star.

My son likes science.
blessed with clairvoyance.
you wept out of gratitude.
Take your glass.
and fall ill.
It isn’t written,
It’s paradise.

thoughts of a mother.
such complicated things.
You are pretending.
you are leaving.
But no tears fall from my eyes
since I was a child.
I’m speechless…

Although she drags a hard life,
Your eyes are swollen.
not a brothel.
– A blanket.
First we must live.
if my love is not near me,
Nothing is.

– Mr Noro, sing us something.
Our life is like this.
it is a pretty flower…
– Things of mine.
The same pattern
I see her every morning.
when I wasn’t there, too.