An Inn at Osaka


A worthless life.
…full of colour,
This is why I drink so much.
I know you’ve been holding on
with strangers.
smothering you with attentions.

There is a camellia blooming.
– It’s mine.
the whole morning through.
As the saying goes:
The moon has risen again.
I’m going to drink.
like a star.

My son likes science.
blessed with clairvoyance.
you wept out of gratitude.
Take your glass.
and fall ill.
It isn’t written,
It’s paradise.

thoughts of a mother.
such complicated things.
You are pretending.
you are leaving.
But no tears fall from my eyes
since I was a child.
I’m speechless…

Although she drags a hard life,
Your eyes are swollen.
not a brothel.
– A blanket.
First we must live.
if my love is not near me,
Nothing is.

– Mr Noro, sing us something.
Our life is like this.
it is a pretty flower…
– Things of mine.
The same pattern
I see her every morning.
when I wasn’t there, too.


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