Belle de Jour


have the blonde.
Every day in my thoughts.
Rich and idle,
A very moving religious ceremony
Your skin is whiter…
I am a man of another age…
But I love best…
The black sun.

Sometimes, I even dream of you.
I broke a vase…
especially your eyes.
and your hair softer.
The snow.
– If only you were less cold.
Look at my hand.
of dead flowers.

The same curtains…
called Beauty of Twilight.
a feeling for death.
a pair of legs.
– A knife wound?
Semen retentum venenum est.
A very fond memory.
A buttonhole.

Women completely enslaved.
She’s a pearl.
with no furs, no hope, no nothing.
It must be painful sometimes…
Worms are eating your heart.
I’d have slit my father’s throat
He’s paralysed
To the most precious

Nearly all women who seek revenge
I think of them when it snows,
I want to kiss you.
Do those places still exist?
well brought up girls.
a feeling for death.
We must find you a name.
Six letters with an A.


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