magazine romance
of tears and horror…
the minuet
beneath hammer-blows

The skirt
beats for an hour after death…
you a deep sigh of sadness…
to far shores…

I breathe your air again
…her hair mingling with my hair
Just one mouthful
long after making love

Lie down
where one trades in dreams…
“Night cloaks its ugliness,
the sleeping pills and the gas

the dying swan…
…like scales of mica
melodic tenderness

Who cares for a love that’s died?
I felt the liquid run between
Like crime
and set fire to the lot

I cry into the void.
And just as a shark’s heart
– Fondling my breasts
and bid my farewell

The heat of a blowtorch, for instance,
or aeons of time
Greetings, ancient ocean
everything’s through

cuddling in cars is dreary
spiritual liquidation…
No, it’s the landscape
the long struggle

Cover the flowers in flame,
“Maybe it’s the acme of beauty
so hard… his mouth, his words…
…than the swelling of eyes after

reflections, like love of women…
…earthquakes, volcanoes
different by day
grave, like a dog


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