Loves of a Blonde


Some women are round,
are the ones who suffer.
Say it out loud.
This deserves a pledge
and all that sun shining on it.

fog is rolling.
The vengeful regiments
in the woods, in winter.
So this great love of mine
like a guitar, like this.

Who knows
What lovely lips you have.
All that iron and humidity
I whisper in her little ear
Here’s your proof.

– I’m going to bed. There’s nothing here.
– So turn her over.
wretched boy.
– An afternoon dance.
lies ahead of you.

Drink up.
You’ll be the end of me,
and all you have is a map,
Yes. Look how it sparkles.
like sardines in a can.

Girls without boyfriends.
hanging things on the trees?
What pretty hair you have.
a close look.
over bloody rivers.

We’ll drink the wine
from our mothers.
from the soil.
And I was crying.
Across the meadows ringing

People just say,
You don’t write a single line,
You’ll dress up the whole forest.
We march forward like time
I just kept cutting.

I’ve never trusted
Nobody to kiss her.
You’ll sleep in our bed.
To the last drop.


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