White Sun of the Desert


A bullet in the heart…
caress him well enough?
We’re just treading sands,
of fighting.

Don’t think I’m just playing…
by the very blue sea,
One feels like running away.
accursed past.
as a purest swan,

Letter in the envelope,
I’m buried forever in these sands,
that it makes you see white.
No luck in dying,
But to love you can’t.

then God said:
A good wife and a good home, what
In your seductive mire
So don’t you be grieving, either.
My heart is longing for you,

Well, our separation won’t last
is coming.
The warm sun is making me purr,
an expensive robe
to my last breath,

You’ll wear your embroidered shirt.
but who on this earth knows
even making me feel sad…
It must’ve overgrown with weeds…
long now.

Lady Foreign Land.
Wouldn’t you like your husband to love,
and tear your tongue out.
for a while.

– Have you seen the peacocks
devoted only to you alone.
There’re no women here.
They couldn’t bury them in the sand.
It seems my song is over…

wife. You’re just right for me.
that Black Abdullah.
Back in hospital I’d sworn to myself:
There’ll be luck in love…


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