Fists in the Pocket


Some people earn
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
the courage to kiss her.

The ink bottle.
or the devil
but not for a lost cause.
tame your horses upon our hills.
leaving in the darkest despair

A youth of heavenly beauty
Come back down to earth.
or end up paralyzed.
You disappoint me.
As always.

despite my fears.
We all have our own lives.
three million a year.
reading each other’s diary.
the window a little.

Now get undressed.
Good grief.
You’re breathing.
With these hands,
Remember your signals

most grief-stricken of mothers.
You haven’t touched
This woman,
I should have known.
happen has already happened.

your youthful years
Mourning cards.
A love poem to me.
and tell me if I’m not entitled.
into something.

You and me.
Just wait and hope
and keep us in his holy ways.
for a while.
I assumed you’d forgotten

I’m so unhappy.
for drawing one flower.
I end up begging,
Some control.
in the world.

She keeps asking for you.
You were dreaming,
Wait for me. Bye.
and desperation
My lesson.

I lied this morning.
Don’t be afraid.
a word out of me.
would have weighed on me,
They’re burning everything.

or he’ll bite his tongue.
tried by lifelong misfortune
and he’ll walk off
Sleep, sleep.
between here and there.



There Was a Father


Eight miles of boulders
But aren’t you lonely
this much every night,

I last saw you
Wrap something
a sorrow beyond tears.

I’ve been coming a lot
tissue paper,
I’m in a little pain.

the birth of his baby boy
I couldn’t drink
the profound beauty

if you have a child.
something’s wrong
in full bloom along the river.

It’s unbecoming for a man to cry.
and succeed
traveling the land

I feel wonderful.
a child you’ve raised for so long.
Out catching dragonflies

Your father died with dignity.
Be frugal.
It’s unbearable, suddenly losing

I’m sure he misses you.
even in warm weather.
The solid is a yellow color.

Life’s so unpredictable.
I’ve been meaning to tell you.
to let me stay.

English is a pain.
Is soft with moss
It’s unendurable,

and single life is hard
You made the same mistake.
The steepest cliffs.

to drink your mother’s milk.
as soon as possible.
That’s my wish.

We’ve been apart
I still see you all
on the Sea of Japan.

is inscribed in a circle,
of shoe polish.

Ethics, arithmetic, history,
This is cold medicine.
for personal feelings.

valleys choked with mist
Is dark even during the day
I have a son.

Just one.
his mother a souvenir.
I did the very best I could.


The Only Son


The skylarks are singing
Here you are.

the kindness of others
from morning to night.

The evening primroses
are all concrete now.

to have you for a son.
It’s the best souvenir

It was all he ever talked about.

so much garbage to burn.

We thought of lots of names
in the spring.

I feel bad seeing her

A little weak.
Knowing how you suffered

By the way,
Forgive our meager hospitality.

Well, I’m speechless.
so loud and clear.

this isn’t the life
wasn’t worth all your hardship.

Here’s a pillow for you.
to stop babies from crying at night.

and he wound up

truly wonderful.

so much money.
I can’t say I’m happy

The big paper lanterns
with big dreams,

Come in.
Gives me a lot of grief.

It’s time he found a bride.
must have been exhausting.

and Eitai Bridge.
Don’t jump to conclusions.

I hear your mother’s visiting.
Allow me.

I wouldn’t have felt
I thought you

your life’s just beginning.
But things turn out

Little one,
You’re all I have now,


Our Children


I can’t breathe.
at our wedding.
I thought I was dying.

We’re through.
and will never forget
Some days,

She fell.
We’ll do the same again.
With a look over the shoulder

Even my son fell once.
I’ll leave you now.
Don’t get my ring dirty.

Women, I love you
On our honeymoon.

You may kiss.

Take her hand.
It’s beautiful.
Seems to last forever

Lift your hair.
There are no bees
walled up here.

What can really hurt though
I imagine things…
Initial each page

She’s asleep.
Put your hand here.
It’s not a stone.

I’ve wanted to say this
A paper marriage
You’ll see, you’ll hardly feel a thing.

The rabbit
can be a source of stress.
ruin your health.

I didn’t lie
but I have the impression
She broke her toy.

What happened, my love?
Your mother was happy
they sting so don’t touch them.

Let us have our little secrets.
Mummy’s coming back.
For them.

A crocodile is in the city sewers.
We talked about it
I saw my own death.

One for Daddy.
He has my eyes.
or loses consciousness

Careful with the baby.
When it’s made with love…
your honeymoon trip.


Midwinter Night’s Dream


The flowers are falling.
We’ve shared chambers.
Of whole sentences.
I fell in love.

Cut the cake.
That fairies stole
I’m going to give you a stone
something wonderful
often repeats

Cross yourself.
Give me your little hand.
The flowers.
Little scissors. scissors.
When she gets frightened.

“M“ for meadow.
Farewell. Sweet playfellow.
The house was burned down.
Start to panic from the fear
You remember…

Snow whispers on the window.
The more I love.
It haunts me.
Many of them can’t speak.
and be normal.

And in the wood.
Shoes are creaking.
Our nuptial hour draws on space.
Of course I’m not the best.
May I marry thee.

Ten years in prison.
That’s the repetition of words.
I am sorry.
from the table onto the floor.

I’m going to cry.
Here with her. Alone.
Come on. Slowly. Slowly.
and you just need someone
Nice… and ribbon.


Cold Fish


The rain has stopped.
Lie down in the living room.
Let’s make love now.

sensitive amateur…
who loved stars.
and black sand.

It’s a terrible loss.
hurting himself.
Let her go.

cry behind your back.
Apologize to my dead mum.
Again and don’t stutter!

the winter night sky.
his body right now.
He’s getting hard.

a chunk of rock.
bound with rubber bands.
Bite size.

It’s payback for your childhood.
human invisible.

He locked himself in here.
Like a blooming flower.
Next, the bones.

The old scar is still here.
stomachs burst.
without warning.

Wrap up the body.
and answer me.
Hit me more.

Don’t make promises you won’t keep.
Their tail fins are venomous.
Life is…

This is something.
I love everybody.
I don’t know how to thank

No planet is smooth and nice.
We usually depart one day,

We have a full-page color ad
They’re hard to tell apart

Your presence relaxed me.
It’s so beautiful and twinkly…
missing person.

She is a screamer too.
Get undressed.
Go inside.

You’re too old for make believe.
It’s the story of your sad life.
Fold it this way.

and drink this.
It hurts…





Successive Slidings of Pleasure


Crush my flesh in your
sea slowly flowing…
Claw my delicate skin.
Arch your back.
a slow fire.

I tried mouth-to-mouth
and he made a full confession.
…cunnilingus. That’s
the violent wind and…

a certain phrase.
…caught in the iron bars
Likeness, repetitions,
fingertips on it.
…the pale, slow, cold knife
Someone came.

He ate glass and drank
in white foam.
My body’s a sweet, violent
to confess a crime…
rare and dirtier.

Jesus was innocent but…
…buried alive.
loved me. That means nothing.
Her heart stopped.
He won’t last much longer.
Black beauty, weary seagull.

Theme of broken glass.
…a black border edged
The sea breaks on the beach.
A splash of our young
alone or a couple…
If you wish.