Nayak (The Hero)


Today her fever has subsided.
and also the voice.
consumed by the flames
instinct for beauty
Tucked inside her blouse.
a glass chamber with controlled light

I don’t like the movies
the viewers, the shadows
No rebirths and no providence.
You know one married woman…
the pains of separation.
then it will magnify tenfold.

The pain is here.
So you can make out things.
Why are you crying?
We have our branches in
your feelings for these things
Then they will drop you.

Come inside.
there is a void,
Then your revenge was
a pearl necklace.
a very devoted lover.
I’m only a satellite.

You have a charming wife.
together for 10 years.
they get reflected
Then nothing else.
Don’t cover your face, otherwise
died in front of my eyes.

Have you never been speechless?
have been ruined.
Sleeping pills.
The glow of success.
blacked out after that.

There are no movies
or your beliefs or your fears
husbands like mine
underplay your voice.
Yes. I dreamt that I am
These things were never said


Nobody’s Daughter Haewon


No. Getting married means
We can see the wind
for one man to lie down.
so heartbroken.
Walk around barefooted
closer to death.
Me, too. Bye, take care.
through relationships
You can scribble here.
Living is dying.

Take your time, Yeonju.
take long to know.
Your life is fun in a way.
They said you can pay
My dear baby.
from the outside.
That’ll be our story.
Funny thing is I almost cried.
in a good light.
in the past, too.

I… I lived in England
And I had some meat.
But on the inside,
I’m nothing without you.
I won’t leave anything behind.
Where in the States?
I never walked this long
I feel so lonely.
You’ll leave the same.
to know yourself.

Death resolves all.
Brought back memories.
Isn’t it hard for you?
Pretend you don’t know.
It’s still full.
I love you.
Cool flag.
a good height.
They gave this as a souvenir.
things that hurt and don’t stop.


The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum


he needs someone warm,
overnight, like you,
All women are like that.
The grudge hidden in my body…
That’s a lost dream.
Its image colours the return.

I think you might consider my feelings.
in the mountains in the heat…
I’ve died and come back to life.
I never dreamed this would happen.
I was so lonely until now.

Please, Father.
Displays of affection.
Don’t die so easily.
You need this. This.
A woman I do not know.
A bag of wiles.

The bath water is ready.
since your childhood.
I’m different from your ordinary survivor.
I can’t be quiet.
One Year Later
our theatre feels like a funeral.

It’s delicious. Eat.
The geishas and other girls…
It’s easy to waste your youth…
They’re bringing lanterns decorated
And clam soup
I have no more regrets.

your art is your very life.
young master.
You drew the curtain too soon.
It’s a lovely mirror. I want one like it.
Leave if you like.
with folded fans and your name.

I don’t mind dying now.
The hard times have helped his art.
Bring it down.
Your father doesn’t wish
A lover’s madness.


The Crucified Lovers


for fear of crucifixion
Please forgive her
Please…hold me

Come inside
the master’s seal on a blank page
What a beautiful dream it was
A single pillow will suffice.

Your unbridled passion
of the rumours and lies…
his own flesh and blood…
the status of a samurai

This ointment will numb all the pain
I want a quiet word
As the net closes in,
Don’t separate the cadavers

you keep this secret
at the foot of Mount Atago
Here are the calendars
about tomorrow when tomorrow comes

and he’s talking of suicide
That delicate melody was beautiful
that awaits adulterers
that bears golden fruit

I gave up hope of ever seeing you again
Each day, I live frugally
My loans to the courtesans

I caught a glimpse of her in Saga,
breathed a sigh of relief
confessed to adultery
but a drop in the ocean…

all these indignities
drowned themselves in Lake Biwa
I would rather die than suffer
Let me take you there

Even in a single day,
You’ll end up breaking your heart
Careful of the fire
from this catalogue


The Snow Flurry


and you’ve never been in love.
your pretty hands unsoiled?
The beautiful wild chrysanthemum
out of your mouth?

The chilling wind sways
as our happiest memory together.
pushed him down into a ditch.
She can’t let go of the guilt.

The bride is coming.
Using the grass as our pillow
My life will be crushed
They call it a snow flurry.

You were abandoned.
Darkness fell
with your lament again.
out there to shame.

You say I was ruined before I got married.
people tend to embellish the story.
Just leave his body in the river.
This family is not the same

We both lay down
I’ve felt empty inside
All I think of is the hope
The burning field

I hope my paintings
are on your graceful movements,
The poorer ones
I’ve never feIt like I was alive

They called me an abandoned chiId,
to hang onto.
Then tear it up.
As a token of our friendship.

It was in this room when you told me
of trees and grass
carries the flower petals through the air.
over all these years.

How can I die
Into that river with your father
for showing you kindness.
Have you ever been so in love


Love Under the Crucifix


to serve God.
Perhaps he suffers more than you.
I haven’t said anything.
Not the flowers in full bloom.
with blood on the cross.

my wife died.
I am in love with someone.
sagebrush and grass sprouts…
her socks are worn out.
leaving any trace.
that’s what love consists of,

It’s a king’s dream.
being intimate friends.
he’s been in love with you
a fleeting thing.
Gold leaf walls and…
and suffering in hell.

When chastity…
seem to have been a dream.
Flowers are superfluous
I don’t believe as much in God
nor the pine trees,

flowers bloom if they die.
If anything is missing,
as a husband.
is premature.
my life elapsed in an empty way
She’s in the lumber room.

that fire in a married woman’s heart?
For me it’s happiness.
And 50 kilos of cotton.
It will be like killing two birds
Although the cherry trees
…mistook it for true love

If the world isn’t entangled
These words don’t seem to come
Do you have ointment for wounds?
beautiful farewell.
arrows and guns.
your feelings hidden.


The Moon Has Risen


It’s a beautiful moon.
I mean mu-mu-mu.
It’s a secret.
the fireworks.
dress all wet.

a Noh drama…
It’s cruel.
I had a fever, but I saw
the sea.
The highest frequency waves.
I wonder how his mother’s eyes are.
dying to see him again.

The moon’s strange…
these two fell in love.
evening primroses bloomed.
I was wishing he would
back then.
Don’t. Leave me alone.
Chopin. Nocturne.
their quarrels.

everyplace is boring.
I remember now.
You’re making me cry.
how now I miss you more
Always the same thing.
two in red pencil.
throwing away their happiness.
That’s really something.

memory training.
has its own codes…
patterned kimono.
called “Moonlight”.
You’ve got happiness
some meat.
Go home.
good swimmer.