Billy Budd


I feel the weight of those words…
a mild sentence…
a world of gliding monsters…
it’s a melancholy fact.
It may have been a prayer.

T… Talk back, why don’t you?
Men are perishable things…
You will be silent and remain
Just thank your stars he’s still
Calm above…
…and rage.

Moon’s in and out tonight.
We’ve lost her, sir.
can’t find the words…
Sick berth.

The sea is calm, you said…
She appears to be falling off
One absentee.
Ten lashes.
Hand in your arms.
And the corruptible bodies…

So sick.
in the ways of our world.
He’s even melted
The gold we wear
as long as the human soul…

I saw him sway.
but could not frame his words.
Sweet mother of God,
he’s kept his secret well.
empty last night.
the gallows, the jail.

He answered with a blow.
Down oars.
Calm and peaceful.
Make room for him.
in a silk-lined basket…
Our young bastard’s stammering

If I’d have found my tongue,
miscalled a kind of mercy…
…say it now.
A test of strength.
…but a man still.
And you cannot make the dead

I’ve eaten the king’s bread
…or mumbled in his beard.
…I have seen his shadow
did you send a sick man aloft?
A child, with his endless “whys.”

…you will need to curb your tongue.
Give me that knife.
at my deformity.
Is she heaving to?
My conscience
what happens to me.


Bread and Tulips


is a defeat of all my illusions.
My life is here.
nothing happened.
without bitterness or pain.

The fresh dew on jasmine.
I’d love to…
Lie down.
years in jail leave a mark.

play solitaire.
from the perils of rust
Sorry, I’m hopeless.
I spent the best moments
I was deaf and now I languish.

the lost voice of your heart,
weight of my misdeeds.
and everyone has heart problems.
A nest of peaceful silence,
but it has been perfectly preserved

You’re wrecking your family.
fell off an unfinished bridge.
Because love is more important
It’s just there.
They haven’t even noticed I’m gone

There again, I kept silent
Tell me when and where.
I’m afraid, my memory is
is my natural refuge.
to hatred, frenzy, rage and spite.

Your lips as sweet as honey.
a genuine delight.
beneath this colorless sky.
I wish to apologize for my
I love her.

She’s done already.
Moving the camellias.
Far from my emotions
I wanted no more serious relationships.
I missed my train and need to

Soul of my sorrowful life
The nights are torment,
about motherhood.
that mount, inflamed his fury so,
Pink like roses, carmine red

return to my dreams,
To see his wrongs inscribed upon
These genes are what urge you
Do you know it all by heart?

Take some narcissuses or lilies then.
I let them sleep in your bed.
Beautiful things take time.
light up my abode.

Then I got pregnant.
I plunged a blade into a man’s belly.
sleeps now like a baby.
I wish only to sleep.


City of Lost Children


Why are you in my dream?
l can already feel tears
the hailstones.

It’ll soon get dark.
of someone. All of you.
And full of spiders.

A girl in a red dress…
A man of means
of solitude

The true light is invisible.
full of spikes.
Always deeper.

You were a sailor.
And pitch black.
He who created us

the world of the blind.
is tattooed on his body.
someone capable of carrying it.

Yes. The girl drowned.
a bag of bones
We’ll always be together

Look at those chains.
of your own tears?
33% sodium nitrate,

Cast into the sea
in my eyes.
the candy floss.

what it is to dream.
of the sea.
l’m always underwater.

May someone find my plea
to get attached.
No one ever sees me.

But it’s not lonely
You’re inseparable.
of your torment…

because this sordid world
The strong man at the fair,
a single teardrop could save him.

Big strong guy.
You don’t even have a body.
One comes close.

because he was so unhappy.
Lay the boy in the sarcophagus
One sailor.

And me, I’ve lost my memory.
a cerebral hemorrhage…
A farewell tune.

and penetrate the corridor of shadows…
is also the world of desire.
It must be erased.

human beings…
are nothing but cheap copies…
and then turn into hailstones.

Just remember.
only have nightmares…
sing my refrains

You must be in love.
The merciless burden
The map of the minefield


A Ma Soeur!


the wind’s gone out of your sails.
that men dream of marrying.
Both day and night
My worries fall still

since the start of the year,
I don’t want to die.
A spectre or a ghost
he was already yours.

Eating takes your mind off things.
see nothing and know nothing.
Get lost.
With their beaks so fleet

I want to love you.
A man, a body
I look at you and then I can’t.
For the joyless joy of the day

I left her blind drunk
I’ve set my heart to rot away
More than ever before
I’m sick of being

Some precious,
A mauve opal.
Well, cry in silence, then.
language-wise too.

The other girls all slept with you
A body, a soul
She was in the woods.
sex and sexual issues.

fondle her all night long,
In the dunes.
When the crows come, If they will
I’d like you to take me in your mouth.

It ruins my appetite.
to understand each other.
A werewolf
I didn’t know

The moss grows so fast
I remember it perfectly.
I’m here with you now.
No, I’ve never slept

and you had two big bruises.
as if they were my eyes.
mommy anymore,
It’s like hating part of myself.

with all this wet grass.
It was a proof of love.
It’s prettier below the knee.
there’s no pleasure.

The bed was shaking.
it makes me sick.
your ball and chain.
He can’t.

The others don’t count.
They will peck away
We have enough to be ashamed of.
my father wouldn’t understand.

All my life
I’m wiped out.
We don’t have tornadoes here.
If only


The Idiot


I gave her a beating for hurting my feelings.
a pitiful wronged former soldier.
Filled with sorrow,
Don’t take it so calmly. There’s a lot more.

Let me introduce
everything that I’ve lost.
When my head starts to get heavy,
man is filled with hope.

He even had tears in his eyes.
She’s the soul of my beautiful dreams.
Then he’ll abandon you,
I fell asleep waiting.
I wish we had flowers to offer.

Still, deep in my heat,
he laid eyes on me.
and he’ll stay with me forever.
A meat knife.

Eat to please her.
the lady of the Camellias.
His fingers were all right last night.
It’s like a rainbow.
From bottle to bride.

You need a kind nurse.
Mother, a word.
Reflected in the window.
Of the ruin of a pure and simple man.
I can’t bear to look.

It’s dark in here.
And there he was, limp, like a rag.
In a photo studio window.
It’s plain stone.
At times your eyes

If he fails to take my hand,
I promised myself
a sensitive child,
alone, for a long time.
The entrance was cold, so I came inside.

I often have the same dream.
She’s in love with a certain guy,
she happens to like.
the ruination of you and of her too.
Shall we bury her in flowers?

The eyes of a man who has undergone suffering,
It’s a beautiful sight.
What a voice!
It shines oddly.
I can’t light it.

I’ve waited a long time
Internal bleeding.
to accept his love.
I picked it up as though in a trance.
Marriage would spell

She has a beautiful body.
is a device to conceal her real self.
I sometimes have hallucinations.
Her being unpredictable
Tell me everything.

Mere words.
Only four or five thousand burned.
Enchanted by the woman,
No, I dreamed it. I had a dream.

She was badly hurt once.
You’re pale, too.
But I tried to express
The next thing, I heard gunfire.




she had sexual intercourse.
A prolonged leap
in the form of a hurricane
not with strength, but with love;
in other words,

Nothing. No answer.
My son’s left all alone.
Mine is with me.
But he kept kicking up dust
on the body.

I’d love to run away
No confessions.
Plenty of driftwood.
When people destroy crosses,
even the minor ones.

we’re all in God’s hands.
Can’t I shoot to my heart’s content
or tie down its tongue with a rope?
The Bible teaches us this.
A horror movie with you in the lead.

We discovered signs of violence
a little target practice, for fun.
you stink of fire.
If I lit candles and all,
with the meaning of life.

We’ll take your sperm for tests.
But that dirt of yours…
is Christ Himself.
I can smell it on you.
and sprinkling ash on his head.

9 letters.
Let them ripen up on the wall a bit.
We’ve lost so much time
your memory sometimes.

you are weak.
with a fishhook
it leads to Christ.
And there’s not a soul
Number unavailable.

Truth reflects the world
They just went deaf.
Then the Lord relented
Mum, I’m hungry.
because of him.

Fucking hell…
with gentle words?
in pictures.
Know God’s truth,
Take it from the wife

The Lord’s love is with us…
that of the Victim’s head wound,
He’s got blood dripping…
He worried so much
and then faked her drowning.

Is that a fairy tale?
not with cunning,
You’re not at confession.
Some kind or other.
blackmailing me.

to not evoke God’s anger.
possess truth.
break icons, defile the Crucifix
If that bastard builds himself
like a child.

but with the Lord’s wisdom;
She died from a blow
the World of God and saintly prayer
Man is the most dangerous animal.
It’s His will.




I saw your face in the water.
and attempts at restoration.

Watch carefully.
His hands.
Not to wander

It’s true… we’re nobodies.
moth balls… fragrant as can be
all sorts of things.

Are the documents
Their eyes turn paler than the wind

Everything’s ruined.
a few hearts in your day.
numerous transformations,

on our bed.
It’s sharp.
Stick it in wherever you like.

Turn on the lights.
Be my mannequin
A tarantella.

You’ve broken
my phonograph.
All day long,

Careful now.
Don’t fall in.
We’ll go dancing tomorrow

We have to make up for lost time.
I dreamed you went off
and Holy Ghost, amen.

Look at these hands.
To wipe away your cares
as true as possible

Nice and warm.
Don’t hold your breath
to bandage it.

An anatomical specimen.
From a hunting trip.
so I can sew the hem.

Postcards blue and pink
You’ll see one day,

My babies.
Nothing but spades.
When I was little,

There are stranger things
Tomorrow in bed you’ll lie
A nobody.

Don’t be sad, my dear.
You’re black. Come on.
I saw things like that.

I’m gonna find the missus.
Nothing but the finest things.