La Femme Publique


in an ocean of shadows.
under the trees nearby,
That’s my despair.
Always go where life is…
I made you.

She sleeps with everyone,
can’t have her secret garden,
I see life in pink…
And I enter. I mean,
Try again. More tensed. More nervous.

Pros and Cons: Touching, serious
I was in love with her
She had severed all links. She
staring at your window.
far away from her…

different signs of affection.
erased with acid.
Love isn’t just physical, fear isn’t
our lives, staring at it, terrified.
weight, that’s good.

The weeping girl, the hysterical girl,
all you could hear was the rustling of the leaves.
all have this inside of them…
I love beauty. His beauty
It will leave some marks.

A signed note was found on his body,
I can’t love, I can’t!
Look what I made for my beauty
Cinema is like bubbles of light
his pilgrimage to Lourdes.

It’s not often she comes
They loved each other a lot, you know.
were kissing that night.

She was fucked… but not dumb.
still like a statue,
I can’t hurt you.
But I will clear the path
I’ll be able to feel pain.

I don’t want you to faint.
Your despair is yours alone.
admiring it, knowing it…
I’m crying for you.
More beautiful, more gifted, more

his pockets full of money freshly stolen.
I don’t have any pictures.
motives, hope that these blurred images
scene amazingly, like the branches of a tree.
After this film, I’d like you

the girl in love, the girl losing her charms…
All you want is to imprison
I don’t want to write
You’re a star.
already. I don’t love you anymore.


A Brighter Summer Day


The first song on side A.
another tear fall
Another heart attack.
Pattering on the screen window
My eyes go blurry.

I can’t swallow my delicate foods
in a love suicide.
The blood and tears
The drainage system
with big wide canals.

I can’t solve
I can’t blame her
for our sins.
in my flowered mirror
of philosophical ideas.

Twenty-six letters
Write it a hundred times.
they’ll be even more heartbroken.
the thickest novels they could find.
Don’t make me repeat myself.

Love isn’t fun and games.
Those night classes
You better lock your gates tight.
Never fuck
how lonely life can be?

Blind Man’s jealous
happy memories of him.
Safe in God’s embrace
You had some harsh words
woman problems.

You go to bed.
Without a marriage certificate,
You seem to enjoy it.
And spring flowers
just committed suicide.

It’s so dark in here.
in the candy tin that we brought.
how hard it rains.
on this unknown little island.
Leaving nothing behind…

People on ships
The spring willows
his samurai sword.
but for a love affair at your age,
Spring disappears

Who’d have dreamed
to learn the truth.
my own A-bomb.
It’s louder every day.
It’s been 12 years

I’m another Honey.
at peace with myself.
The blossoms bring back
their sense of security.
I remember everything you said.

You look so dark and dreary.
by the wind and rain
You seem to lack inner calm.
Nothing ever changes.
there’s water everywhere.

Mom went to Mr. Wang’s house.
tried to kill herself
because you’re so pretty.
Let’s shoot a few rounds.
and pick the flowers

She’s had attacks before,
She must be especially careful
A person who’ll apologize
there’s too much suffering…
when they were little.

Let God into your heart.
and refined beauty.
I almost never use it.
Nor bear to feel
and to strengthen

The days drag
I just cry and Cry
You’ll ruin your eyes.
I numbered everything.
There’s much

Bible class and choir
are bitter enemies.
the character wo means “I”.
symbol of my longing
meaning “mountain.”

an affair with the girl.
when the weather changes.
in an uneasy atmosphere
in unventilated places
waiting here forever.




Why is the black,
who created me.
The end of the world

black raven
these poor souls.
You’re listed as escapees.

and they that hear the words
became blood.
around the other’s neck.

Those eyes and the mouths
There were so many…
…a great mountain burning

I dreamed lots of black
There’s no such thing.
I didn’t dream.

Is this a mouth?
Would you like to come inside?
I’ll wash away all your sins.

This is the last rain to fall.
But it made me feel
I prefer hell.

The world’s last kiss.
punishment cell.
The earth.

the mouth.
Can you unzip me and
The Word of God.

Non believers all go to hell.
She was always
Hot, I suppose.

I stabbed him in the back.
captains and mighty men,
from now on.

We were identical twins.
You smell like a killer.
And the third part of the sea

Papa and Mamma.
It rained that day,
And I saw an angel standing


Nights of Cabiria


The sea is calm, transparent.
that aroused his interest.
In the end, he played the part alone.
with tears streaming down.

I learned that,
The strangest adventures,
filled with flowers.
I’d have held your head under

The paths are full of flowers.
is beautiful in the woods.
It created an imaginary landscape,
our initials on the trees?

There was a collage
and his distress.
the poor soul.
died when I was little.

Look at these flowers.
soaked in blood.
saturated with salt and iodine.
She must have swallowed a lot.

I felt I had been melted down
I already confessed yesterday.
When the lights came up…
Dead bodies don’t

She’s bleeding.
Hold her under the stomach.
impaled by the daggers.
Everything for love.

these experiments with magnetism
about sin and redemption…
From the first images, I was stunned
I don’t even remember

I was living a fairy tale.
slept under an arch.
Hear the wind whistling.
It was incredibly warm and human.

It’s the open sea now.
and I evoked a world
of this ballet of courtesans.
and a halo around my head.

She’ll have mercy on you.
who falls in love…
I never saw flowers
without losing hope in good.

Some things cannot be touched
And I was a little self-conscious
That means nothing to her.
A northern type.

You oughta hear my heart beating.
about miracles and divine grace.
Hey, Dark Hair.
I’ll marry you.

her faith in love unwavering.
the cynical mask
she always defies the waves.
to keep alive her faith in men.

The boat is waiting. The sea is calm,
where they sing special songs
purity and innocence…
And so it went on for five years.

I felt like I had a magic wand,
is that deep inside,
in the theater,
my wildest dreams.

What a strange light.
and delicate love scene.
The waves are swelling.
I was thrown

Your hand is freezing.
with my long black hair…
Drop the crutches.
Don’t be afraid.

She’s got seven souls, like a cat.
started to tear out pages…
a kind of superstitious value…
What a mambo.

By the end, she began to cry
Then he took a pencil
the screenplay.
I couldn’t describe


Hour of the Wolf


Give me your hand.
last years.
of your bodies

Release your hair,
dream all afternoon.
And the choir responds
I’m not dangerous.

My father said:
new batteries for the radio
something from my childhood.
Nothing big, just us

I hung the painting upside-down
And walked towards the forest.
It is a part of my solitude.
To commit new crimes.

warmest admirers.
enjoying each other’s company.
nightmares come to us.
I stutter some excuses…

I want to tell you :
The mirror is broken,
Horrible things
in the beginning of summer.

A little shower is nice on anybody.
unbuttoned my pants,
And then the milk.
The wounds never heal.

She gave me her hand,
or just a mask.
It went on for 5 years.
every night.

the ocean is calm and quiet
On shoeboxes and shelves,
when I lie alone
and washed my wound.

I can feel it.
I own this island.
I have a scar.
Without me wanting it, I have

Everything is unreal, meaningless.
Our life together for seven years…
Nothing. I was thinking about
And of the big silent darkness,

Sometimes he would say he felt
Scared of the dark in a way.
When will light
Tell me.

Your eyes are red,
and yet not yourself.
The invisible choir responds:
We are afraid.

He wrote for hours.
spying, in jealousy.
A curve like Amor
Like this summer.


The Rite


Mom opened the door and said to me:
I’m afraid of him.
And I want to cry.

The lights die out.
because you can’t satisfy me.
and I forgive you.

All this disturbed us,
physical pains,
and a miscarriage.

Animated by an obscure desire
and the choking twilight
I’m magic to learn

The anguish of your husband
The sorrow is light,
Pretend to discover that little by little.

She undressed herself and, I quote,
The body burning of a desire
that wounds and destabilizes me.

My first memories
tape recorders.
Head of bird, eyes of homme

the wind rises on the sea.
I believed to suffocate.
that impotence.

My name isn’t Claudia.
But inside me,
Disappointment, tenderness…

For lack of imagination
Penetrate her with your left hand
in an absolute silence.

You float unceasingly.
apart from a stammering due
to kiss you,

She’ll have several orgasms.
A kind of conversation.
with tenderness.

All this is very beautiful,
our feelings and our reactions.
After, kiss her as you want.

He had a dirty mine
had died of a heart failure.
it burns and bleeds.

She says that you satisfy her.
I have my angels and my demons.
Do they sleep together?

I believe.
I won’t touch you,
But I see a black mark

Poetry does not interest me.
Throat and lung cancer.
Yes, that too.

The torrential rain
The world leaves of pieces,
but I must speak to somebody.


The Mother and the Whore


My heart is an autumn flower.
There’s a note inside.
Look at the unfaithful wife,
That beautiful myopic stare.
That blacktop highway,
I was just killing time waiting

she has blue eyes
I don’t see a soul.
broken, so be careful.
Chewing on a word, an idea…
then shot herself in the mouth.
A slick melodrama.

Women like that are never that pretty.
alone in the center of the room,
I feel you in me so deeply, so near.
There are just cunts, genitals.
overgrown with weeds,
I hate that scent.

So, you’re making love with death.
With you it was super-cool!
My mouth isn’t bad either,
black, and against everything
and I liked that hardness,
my little scrap of song.

I love your neck.
It’s good. It doesn’t burn at all.
You say very beautiful things.
obsessions and contradictions:
Your body is a garden…
Who are the roses for, me?

I used to steal books as a child.
I fucked a lot of doctors.
A group of deaf-mutes
people who suffer in silence.
There’s no one left. They’ve vanished…

Do you see rivers, rushing waterfalls?
Your shitty ex-lover, who left?
lets anyone fuck her,
Then look at the ceiling.
all cracked and fissured,
disgrace in their bellies.

dragged around for five years.
She pretended to be very busy.
Desired a lot, and fucked, meaninglessly.
It suits you. A bandage
I don’t want to make love this way.
How I hate you

And you must understand.
She doesn’t have her own myth.
this film is a real film,
Time is passing,
As you see, I’m in black. In
Your life?

Lungs are very pretty. They’re all pink.
apparently the heat is like a furnace
A maximum of priests came
that I cannot swallow,
Fuck in hospitals, fuck anywhere,
And finally, not at all.

They went to a hotel. They made love.
of great sadness or death.
The only real amnesty
My sadness isn’t a reproach, you know…
She’ll piece the story together.
pretty horrible at times.

People don’t matter.
human faces or voices,
it’s a shit, it’s anything, dust…
I love you.
How long… Five years? Seven years?