Pierrot Le Fou


There are ideas inside feelings.
Like the scent of eucalyptus.
a luxurious interior,
full of napalm…

to fall in love again.
I held her close

after that parade of corpses.
I come into the room.
in dreams, in words and in death.
as long as the universe

I’m a man with sexual desires.
everything is still a mystery.
Frivolous bird, harbinger of fate
I lightly stroke…

A man alone
like some imperceptible dust,
Her face.
skimming over surfaces

A sailboat,
He drifted around things
nocturnal and diurnal…

I am in space.
Tender and cruel…
like a mirror
Courage consists in remaining

Every morning
Sick of eating
I pass through the air.
without a word between us

So many words of love
Known or unknown
It’s like photographs.

language often retains
a thousand wounds,
the nuances of color
Tell me where

our bodies mingled in delight
separated once.
Yes, he turned away…
Olympio’s melancholy.

I no longer hear.
into the distance, like so many storms.
Death had lost his trail.
and its uncommon elegance

Then words of love rose us as ever,

Symphony pounded in his poor head.
but it’s always beautiful.
when everything was drowned
and of how lovers long

Freedom… Bitterness.
our only dream.
That’s what makes me sad:
The audience.

Let’s tell stories.
Feelings so wild and strong
Knowing me

And that mystery,
The language of poetry
I’m sick of the sea,
catching unawares in the shimmering shadows

he fought on alone,
and began to cry.
That’s just the sea, gone…

Great view of the moon.
and romantic nightgowns.
Nice little fire.
in torrid sunshine

The sea is choppy,
like a perfume,
A poet named after a gun
to our naked lips



Screen shot 2018-01-05 at 14.57.19

But I listened to you.
about the heart condition
about a child gone missing.

12 years old, a rebel-heart,
full of hormones.
in the middle of the night,
like during a fire,

And before him I had no one.
At this age he needs a father more.
These hands and fingers…

he almost tore me during childbirth
just the honey.
algorithm of actions.
all around the temples.

Oh dear Lord…
in real life, I mean.
Don’t increase the suffering, don’t get hurt.
Death and so on.

The writing itself takes forever.
Take her.
It’s there.
A birthmark, on a chest…

brought by the police or ambulance,
the parents finish off their child
We don’t look for the dead.
No traces.

I almost fixed your love life…
It’s in the forest,
Tonight we’re alone.
He won’t last long.

Maintain the visual contact.
wait for the doctor.
He’s just like his father.
We love you.

just like thieves,
I never loved anyone.
as a tool against me.
don’t miss anything.

It’s just that my mother taught me
There’s nothing to think about.
Although I don’t have anything sweet,
God said we must share.

It’s a secure area.
We’re divorcing.
Watch your tongue.
The hell I know.

It’s because she’s just like me.
Like some kind of disgust.
robberies, murders, burglaries, thuggery.
you’ll give him a beating.

Come in.
Keep together.
We found a jacket, the father is sure it’s his.
It’s like saving a newborn out of a fire.

“Got a tooth pulled in a dream. What does it mean?”
“Everything’s fine, we’re together”
Only with you I realized what love is.
with pulling her into your hell?

those prayers – all that is still bearable.
It’ll be hard.
Until he comes,

You curse and pray in the same package…
The descriptions are here.
It’s not easy to explain,
There’s a pill in the glove compartment.

It’s not fair.
to check the doorways.
or the blood-pressure.
I blame him and I blame myself.

A real man… He starts crying at a hint of a problem.
Just like during a confession, don’t worry.
Stop gritting your teeth.
He really needs a mother.

but we keep calling nevertheless.
Mark dangerous, strange places
Never caressed.
A good lesson for you.

Must have fallen, then.
Became all hard over time…
What can I say.
So, I say it one more time

Would you have changed?
some unforgivable mistake.
Was lying under your bed.
Where do those thoughts come from?

Where he found a fake wife
with a family, with children.
and happiness,






Listen to me.
It hurts. Right here.

around there.
Behind that hilltop.

has 50 channels

I’ve resigned myself actually
It’s an empty dream.

Every place ends up
feeling like this.

films like Tarkovsky.
For the love of God.

crisis at sea.
The mountains, too.

to take pictures
to bury your ideals…

I had a terrible feeling.
We don’t want to miss

The God damned thing
to leave behind.

Can you get lost until ten or so?
A thousand.

Sickness comes
like this all night.

kind of loneliness?
I remember.

A silver pocket watch.
in a plastic bag.

I’ll punch out
Photography or women.

By New Year, we’ll be in a new country
I’d better put on a new

We brought her home.
with the dust bag.

And we only smoke in the kitchen.
because of my emotions.

Leave it.
without a cent.

Raise that light a little.
summit of Reshko…

Mom’s been hospitalized.
suffering and so is my work.

It hurts more when I lie down.
in this house.

There’s still sunlight.
And there were ashes on the floor.

I swear I never saw it.
and I wanted to say goodbye.

to wrap some tape here.
Or else, blood comes.



Last Exit to Brooklyn


I was having the most delightful dream.
for life everlasting.

cab rides all over hell,
Champagne from ‘Bernie’s Liquors,’
Fucking right.

Lift him up, put his arms around me.
I’ll break your balls.
in the name of the Father,

problems with the marriage…
It happened, it happened.
Always crying, ‘Mommy this’

back from the whore.
with all the saints in the halls of heaven…

Jesus loves you.
The pause that refreshes.
girls screw yourself.

Then, when the Lord comes
Hey, Spook, how is it going?
such a lovely sleep.

Hold on.
O Mary, mother of God.

Look, go tell your troubles to Jesus…
They’re trying to break our backs.
There’ll be blood all over my upholstery.

Now, you apologize to her.
Give me mine first. You
Send everything you’ve got.

You threw water down,
He didn’t want to wake
to the heavenly wedding feast,

Observe the commandments of God.
Who the fuck can count that far?
Send men, send gas, send horses.

I’ll buy you a dress.
Yeah, give me a double.

One, two, three.
Look at these disgusting pictures.
the time of your life.

put some clothes on her.
you are just too much.
And don’t slam the door.

but I hope and pray that
She’s around.
…throughout your blameless life.

She broke her water.
A sack of whiskey I brought from home.
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It splashed all over my kids.



Lust, Caution

Screen shot 2018-01-02 at 12.40.43

There was dust on the pillows.
some medicine.
Wear it.
when I’m free.

Is your memory good?
That’s enough.
That’s the only way he can feel alive.
We can take a stroll there too.

We suffered a great loss.
And my soul …
a real traitor.
In the darkness, only he knows

Gems are just stones.
My apologies.
Tears stain my sleeve,
Drink up.

All our lines of communication
This isn’t a rehearsal,
of my hand.
of your eyes,

Your ring.
the hills.
scholarly air.

My son is coming home tonight.
taken into custody.

A giant wave, a giant wave,
lot of weight.
someone he trusts.
finally let his guard down.

I won’t let you get hurt.
We must drink to our heart’s
to memory.

We’re the peach blossoms
their complacency.
Her strength …

My body? Who do you think he is?
I just finished knitting it,
I’ll sing a song for you.

but I only saw his mouth moving.
like a snake.
pinned on him.

I’m a person who keeps her word.
and cunning.
I later taught language lessons
to get into his heart.

I can smell your fragrance.
be tortured to breaking point,
A giant wave, continuously
He not only wants to be inside

I need to remember so many things,
for the resistance movement.
by their mouths.
still meet.

Rain’s too heavy, I changed
Your marriage certificate,
shot on the spot.
and she’s done it.

I return myself to the land
the better.
to come in.
my body,

I said our house was just
9 Wan. (Mahjong “Heaven” Card)
accompany me …

dinner was cancelled.
empty rooms,
their opera.
of the dark.

this is all real.
I’m going, goodbye.
flowers nearby.
in case of emergencies.


Goodbye to Language


The end lingers on,
circulates, constantly,
This life we must love

Persuade me that you hear me.
that Frankenstein was born here.
and the north wind blows,

This morning is a dream.
in a dreamy fog.

Look in the mirror.
The mouth closes…
when you declared:

I’m sorry.
a big one and a small one.
We no longer love each other,

Not simple thoughts
is the splendor of truth.

only via an animal’s gaze.
they ask many questions.

Staying alone becomes hard.
the light of day will be hateful to you.
You’ve forgotten.

Just a little philo.
The other world.

I made the image.
from the river.
An instant belonging to everyone

All we see is the abyss.
but the silent tenacity
Conversing with itself

No nudity in nature.
pale death
what we’ve done,

Pray to God
He’s sick
At the heart of their liaison

the new calendar,
and death.

A woman can do no harm.
with a forest nearby…
being submerged in water

Apaches were my favorite.
We’ve come to say goodbye.
I am down on my knees,

The present is a strange beast.
There are tons of sounds.

I will barely say a word.
As a girl,
becomes music.

You’re young.
While the fire burns
the heart of it

shattered memories.
along the sea.
coming from their own mouths.

I’ve never managed
My word.
another’s gaze.

That reminds me of something.
The river is still asleep
In myths recounting

The shadow of God.
Yes, in depth.
of valleys

infinity and zero.
A child playing dice.
as you leave.

This is the story dogs tell.
At a bend in the river.
At the height of your beauty

Do you still take pictures?
a child asked
for we see nothing,

kamera means prison.
and simple glances.
manifest in dreams.

that men can be sincere
A long tradition
that all will be forgiven.


Lovers of the Arctic Circle


First I want to say to you…
I wish I were born without a tongue,
Happy and sad.
They never last forever.

I love the smell of smoke.
mixed together with the unknown.
Time affects everything.
let my mother live again.

The love of a child is forever.
or visits me unexpectedly.
Tonight there will be no sun-down.
Do you know something that lasts forever?

He wrote he fell in love with
that he became a pilot.
with terrible news.

That afternoon I knew
Winters should be cold,
I couldn’t say a word.
My life was empty.

Dry your tears.
Climb through the window. Be brave.
You own nothing and
a continuous thread.

Life contains much things that are
That story about the pilot
I remember my first time
inside the polar circle.

Life runs in cycles.
even in the winter.
Everything is broken here.
Between the forest and the lake.

I’m good in keeping secrets.
But mine consists of one circle,
seeing my mother cry.
A kiss.

I felt the present of fate.
I spent a lot of time beside him.
With my parachute.

I’ll make nice pictures of you.
so you appreciate the spring more.
Coincidence forms the path
2 degrees, 55 minutes, 5 seconds,

Listen, the best hearts are red.
I want to be in love too.
I knew nothing about girls.
The most important is missing.

times in my mind.
you have been living with for 4 years.
I’ve written her name so often
I am alone.

She was my life.
She died while washing salad.
I just came to visit you.
The fate we both waited for.

He didn’t sleep with me.
He lives with his head in the sky.
I feel her hand in yours.
The polar circle.

Music calms you down.
Will you open the door, please?
In memory of my father
He should still be alive.

someone’s apologies.
They are heavy, though.
They just happen.
But then she fell.

I’m alone.
I smoke everything.
I wait on the greatest luck in my life.
As a child, surrounded by the world,