They want 120 of these.
The finishing touches…
With love and feeling.

She’s a star, and so beautiful.
in the poisoned areas.
Have you ever stripped a girl?
and then in the mouth.

We’ve known each other for so long,
I’m number one! Tony Montana!
Keep your eyes open.
In the hospital, intensive care.

We have to go crying
because you’re part of the war.
Let’s rack up corpses.
all dressed in white,

Allow me to say…
Why are you in the dark?
They’ve made ditches here,
explain it to your kids,

I’m not like you.
We don’t touch women.
Listening to you, we’ll die sooner.
When you change sides.

I fed you for years.
chromium and asbestos,
You know I’m fond of you,

If you kill two kids,
A whole wall came down,
One every three days.
It’s stuff the earth absorbs,

I can’t manage like this
I already saved you once,
There are killings every day.
It’s all hand-hemmed.

Eight hundred items in two months,
… and lots of love.
Since it’s toxic waste,
The photographers are going crazy.

we can’t trust you.
It’s wise to be with me,
I’ll take you inside.
Put your hands on the floor.

I’m too horny.
You’re more dead than alive.
You go your way and I go another.
You heard right.


Force Majeure


Were you inside?
I think we’ve had enough.
Then everything goes white.
when things like this happen.
something stuck in your body.

Sure, being left is not appealing.
and you’re afraid to die,
You’ve been in a relationship
You’re not crying for real.
and in a more forgiving light.
Here comes the sun.

died on board.
And he was kind of threatening.
spending your life together,
In an avalanche situation,
I get it that you’re disappointed

Just follow the sounds.
when things like this happen.
they trampled on dead bodies.
for five years
You smell like wine.
and these sounds,

in terrible situations.
But aren’t you afraid of being alone,
And the pressure to be a hero
Are your eyes closed?
It’s the third time he asks.

You ran away from me and the kids.
should put their masks on first
Yes, he confesses.
Let’s try the other side next.
there is no avalanche.
and now you’re stuck in some mode,

it triggers a force in us
on the slopes today.
People start taking pictures.
he hasn’t eaten all day.
When it came at us, you ran away.

There’s a huge difference
because this wall of snow
It’s… It’s a primitive force
And I believe…
She’s not getting off.
Then I screamed for five minutes


Noi, The Albino


The psychiatrist thinks
that you survived the avalanche.
You leave your hair everywhere.
There’s no music
of deep-sea fishing nets…

This dulls the pain a bit.
involving you,
How often do you masturbate
if you believe in God,
I’ll tell you what he sees.

the end of the story.
Unwanted children
Just to be with you, I guess.
in this frost.
where we no longer know

Never switch hands.
I want you to dig me a grave.
Anything else is too shallow.
This won’t hurt you.
Don’t throw it all away

but if you see a flare
and place it against your lips.
then into your lungs,
you will regret both.
Shipping news.

this awful toothache
next to this grave.
Ten degrees below zero
I continue stirring.

I don’t want garbage
through binoculars.
I can’t take it anymore.
while inhaling.
In your dreams.

Come and give me a hug.
First into your mouth,
getting warmer.
is the essence
for God’s sake,


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring


Have you recovered now?
How can I know?

When I can’t see you,
I go insane

She said that she’d love only me
I can’t walk, it’s too heavy

It helps restore inner peace

you can see a white line
for the rest of your life

these characters with the knife
Tell me something

this is a deadly plant
It will clear your head

The world of men has grown
from these mussels

Now that you have recovered,
Forgive me

My only sin was to love
Until tomorrow morning

I wanted nothing except her
Please let him finish

Wake up
Even though it looks the same,

When she finds peace in her soul,
Watch out for snakes

you will carry the stone in your heart
That happens by itself.

I believe that her soul is suffering
Then it was the right medicine

Master, there is a stone on my back.
It must be prepared with a true heart

You will become

let go of things we like


The Tree of Wooden Clogs


The blackbird pecks at the soil.
beneath the Cross of Calvary
Butcher her while there’s time

The rings she wore on this hand
still nursing foundlings,
without miracles.

Cross yourself nicely.
in the lives of men
to help you breathe a bit.

Now close your eyes.
While you say the rosary,
makes the sadness go away.

He saw a woman in black
You and your thoughts
The coffin was shining and polished.

Times are difficult.
in the flames.
Do you feel pain here, here and here?

snow is coming soon.
all colors of ribbons
impossible and unacceptable,

He’ll need heavier clothes.
And lead us not into temptation,
For our dear departed ones

Babies come into the world alone.
Let’s go inside and weigh them.
With no bones or any shell.

The groom mustn’t see the bride
of your five wounds
under the straw.

Something is burning.
Even the Lord
Don’t waste the coals.

He only needs real parents
and to remember all the other miracles
Haze around the moon

This is the book that came
Watch your fingers.
Look how beautiful they are.

Come to the countryside
Then take care to love God
and then crawl up your throat

She’s washing down at the stream.
was there in her veil
She isn’t eating

You will suffer the same pain
We’ll soap you up good.
and keep your mouth open.


The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant


I just use men, that’s all.
to believe.
awful dreams.

You’ll come crawling to me,
Later on,

Everyone is replaceable.
I just want my little corner
Here I am.

I’m in love.
Anyone can change their mind
A woman has her devices.

He told me lovely things
No need for it aching.
Somebody laid flowers on it.

some kind of solace.
the death of me.
Yes, make me another one.

Algebra fascinated me.
conjuring tricks.
in water, swallow them.

tried to understand.
the distressing things.
in your embrace.

People are hard and brutal.
He mounted me like a bull
The loveliest shoulders.

Pictures about passion
we wanted to make our love

I loved mathematics.
They lead to a loss of freedom.
your bitterness.

You said you wanted a divorce.
I want to caress you, kiss you.
with a knife.

No one can take away the things
Someone once said beautiful
then hanged himself.

pride was pricked.
brought tears to my eyes.
and sleep.

I see you in a new light.
Everything aches
I could remain forever

marriage with codes of behavior.
was bursting with pain.
You thrive on suffering.

He’d been dead 4 months
She cried awfully before
common, isn’t she?



Flowers of Shanghai

Flowers of Shanghai 3

You’re over fifty.
black, with cloud pattern.

she has very few callers now.
Her freedom

Losers drink
their own penalties.

Why have an affair
just to waste sixteen more

to lose, play once more.
and be photographed.

about these hairpins.
into each other’s eyes.

unhappy all day.
Tonight we will sleep.

But the camera will capture
Pleasure shouldn’t just turn

Treasure opens her mouth
How can anyone swallow it?

Master Wang has abandoned me
Then she bursts into tears!

in all the years I’ve known you.
I lost.

Cotton items,
take away the bitter taste.

what’s true and what isn’t.
I couldn’t stand the pain.

If you want to abandon me,
under the table.

you can leave if you want to.
Flower girls are recompensed

His heart has been in turmoil.
For a souvenir!

Don’t ask.
You also said…