Inside Out


I miss the woods where we took hikes.
over the weight of life’s problems.
lightning storms.
And games and balloons…
Four years of piano lessons.
the pa-pa-party they were having?

Everything is awful
You pretend to be Joy.
Anger. Unload the daydreams.
sparkle pony mountain was right here.
The lake freezes over,
Can you die from moving?

There’s critical thinking.
trying to make happy memories.
Imaginary boyfriend.
our butterfly curtains couldn’t fix.

Sweet dreams.
of corridors and shelves.
Teeth falling out.
We’ll put the bed there.
There’s déjà Vu.
Good going, sadness.

something died in here.
Sadness! Sadness?
It’s the quickest way back.
she’s been through enough already.
Nothing comes back from the dump.
I think it’s all beautiful.

To sing this song to say
He doesn’t love us anymore. That’s sad.
Sorry, sir. No one was listening.
these core memories will get sad.
They were wonderful.
Joy, where are you?

Sir, she just rolled her eyes at us.
And you’ve met sadness.
almost every weekend.
Signal him again.
Keys to safety position.

his rocket makes you yell “hooray!”
I just touched it.
I love the way it twirls.
I stashed it in there for safekeeping,
negative outcomes
on the dirty floor. In a bag.

I want to introduce
The subconscious.
And the black one is trash.
We’ve already been in it forever.
the weight of life’s problems.
They love us.

the top five daydreams.
until mom and dad decided
That’s fear.
It’s the worst.
I’m sadness.
Two-time world champ.

A ticket costs money.
and you have to drag me around
until Summer vacation.
touched a core memory.
You can’t be serious.
about a memory, it fades.

Like there’s the beach and sunshine.
cake and presents.
in the sand up to his neck.
Just don’t touch any other memories
Sadness. don’t make him feel worse.
Yeah. That hurt. It felt like fire.

This is terrible. Wait,
Physically and socially.
How are we gonna get to the moon?
Well, we were promised
Okay. If I were sadness,
Come here.

Well, you’ve stayed our happy girl.
all the sadness stays in the circle!
We should lock the door
And we get all cold, shivery,
They are not part of this dream.
I loved you in


On The Beach At Night Alone


What I want is to live
About a person I’ve loved.
and engaging in dirty acts.
On my way home,
I make films
Even more lonely,

I really wanted
The restless pain of separation
It’s your lips anyway.
Always floundering
in the motel to rest.
thinking of beautiful you.

I’m different, I have no desire.
I saw you starting a fire.
Bigger than the room
Just a prayer.
Give me a kiss.
When the wind blows,

I love him.
and said he’s totally fallen apart.
The time has come to separate.
she pressed her face to my breast.
All failures…
pretty as before.

I just say whatever.
I’m a bomb,
I’m feeling left out.
I’ve been turning
I’ve gotten older.
I can’t breathe…

Yes, I came a few years ago.
But you can’t love.
like a total wreck.
scrub and wash it away.
all again.
But we all sing about love.

tear-soaked hands, we were truly…
such a secluded place.
worthless things.
I sent a message.
I took her in my arms,
and throw it to the wind.

I harass people
I confessed my love for her,
The longing that grips you,
disappeared for a while,
and the sky is dark,
going to the winter sea.

Still, it’s lonely walking alone.
My torment?
…it turns sweet,
That’s why everyone keeps living.
Have you ever really seen
with my regret.

she looks like your wife.
Your skin used to be whiter.
Tears flowed from her eyes.
changed something inside her.
When you love,
It’s true.

You had an affair
But it was so peaceful.
I think you know the reason.
how it’s made.
I want to be with you forever.
satisfied with fake things,

success and failure.
I want to kiss you.
You’ve got desire, too.
You drew it well.
Visit bookstores often.
Before you die, do everything.

I can just die anytime.
or don’t deserve to be loved.
Personal stories are boring.
If you forget every time,
Now my feelings are hurt.
I bought some.

They have nice bodies.
This pain, this constant regret…
pretty as before.
so sometimes…
give it to me.
Let’s run away.


Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope


It surrounds us, penetrates us,
…as if millions of voices
But, sir, nobody worries
The Death Star plans
With pleasure.

The shaft is ray-shielded,
and disappeared.
My gun’s jammed.
Stretch out with your feelings.
She’ll die before she’ll tell you anything.

That’s no moon.
Your eyes can deceive you.
picked up a slight flutter.
Escape is not his plan.
Only passengers…

She’s beautiful.
No star system will dare
Follow me.
It’s more like… suicide.
to penetrate the outer defense.

this princess of yours is in.
And it’s gonna cost you something extra.
with one swift stroke.
a weakness can be found.
gonna find yourself floating home.

No more adventures.
We’re caught in a tractor beam.
It would take a thousand ships
one side of this galaxy to the other.
wretched hive of scum and villainy.

I think she was a passenger
She’s the one in the message.
Vader was seduced
The Death Star has cleared the planet.
of their religion.

No, my father didn’t fight in the wars.
He won’t. I don’t think he exists anymore.
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Move along.
in the universe.

We’re doomed.
or I’m beginning to like her.
Let’s just say we’d like to avoid…
people’s arms out of their sockets…
might find a weakness and exploit it.

Listen, if you were to rescue her,
…it could generate sympathy
alternatives to fighting.
for a more civilized age.
on our last voyage.

I hate space travel.
Getting a signal.
An elegant weapon
…entering the remains
My joints are almost frozen.

My scope’s negative.
It’s magnetically sealed.
He’s on me tight.
The shaft leads directly
It just impacted on the surface.

I’m going to regret this.
abandoned ship right after takeoff.
They say it’s… it’s quite a thing to see.
You watch your language.
That’s funny. The damage

…before the dark times…
In the morning, I want them
have been swept away.
I knew you’d come back.
this deep into space on its own.

Watch your left.
a different path from mine.
picked up a new group of signals.
I’ve not heard in a long time.
There’s one. Set for stun.

Somebody has to save our skins.
…or other star systems will suffer
There goes another one.
I can’t even see.
Dead ahead.

into a meteor shower.
Move on to the next one.
I’ve got some old debts
the stolen plans to the princess.
flowing through him.

Your sad devotion
jammed in here real good.
it binds the galaxy together.
He says he belongs to someone
It’s all such a long way from here.


Lilya 4-Ever


I’m just a normal guy.
I killed myself and went to heaven
For thine is the Kingdom, and the power,
I think your mother’s forgotten you.
and cigarettes.

But she writes
I’m moving
I don’t want any more surprises.
And this world isn’t that good.
The houses, cars, streets, the wind…

Close your eyes.
why my mother left.
an unwanted child
It’s like lying in a coffin.
My little sun, rise up…

Fall from a height.
Hallowed be thy Name.
Now I’m jumping… and flying…
on earth a little longer.
This means that she no longer wishes

I’m not going to sleep with you.
You can’t formally do this…
To get warm.
I miss you too.
Our Father, who art in heaven.

I must have been in heaven…
Prolonged and thundering applause.
Look at him just lying here.
Look at the last page.
He probably just wanted

You’re jealous. Yes, you are.
and you’ll come a little later.
Perhaps you want
General circulatory arrest.
This film is dedicated to the millions

Go into town and spread your legs.
I’ve got some glue there.
Hello, sweetheart.
We’re going into a tunnel,
through one of those dating agencies.

This life is the only one you’ve got.
About when different stars are born.
You don’t deserve a life like that.
You saved my life.
I wasn’t ready yet.

She hasn’t written or called.
I’ve turned into an angel.
You can do what you like in paradise.
Can’t you at least give me a hug?
I live there.

I don’t want to leave you here alone.
You remain dead for all eternity, but
Mom’s moving there and I’m going with.
The door’s open.
Jump in.

I can sleep on the floor.
100 crowns.
…pencils to draw with,
A golden future awaits you.
Well, when they throw me


The Ceremony


my mouth is filled with earth
again for ten years
is a dance of memory

Bit by bit my breath …
feelings surfaced …
That carries me away with him
listens to my voice …

It’s the soil, it’s the smell of the soil
They buried him
the obituary in the newspaper
my shame and joy

She is very weak, for about 2 or 3 months …
who isn’t at my side now
My lips
haven’t stopped loving

my first wedding night
Happy songs, sad songs,
Last will:
Come on, come on …

but underwear and pajamas
for 10 years
torn by his contradictions
Bald as a demon

your heart for 6 years?
Nothing but bizarre dreams
abandoned by my future wife.
the moment

unhappy woman, full of sorrows
But I didn’t imagine you
reason for his suicide.
time at the coffin of my mother

It is heavy, painful,
crisis of the bride
cries a river …
It’s just that, I cannot be

… are your feelings
that had abandoned me …
and died
I played baseball, but I hated

I love you. Relax your legs
Nothing is unthinkable
for that moment is the rifle
Okay, cry a while

In front of this child …
will lose you forever …
my father’s death

I was like a machine, repeating the
doors were nailed
But that was 10 years ago
With flowers in the cup

state of her soul
torn back and forth between the seas
a companion rests under a stone
his own funeral during his lifetime

Like father’s pocket money
lightly will not die easy
cut up the wedding cake
They buried a baby, who was still breathing

No … I’m beginning to sink
That was her destiny
around the seven seas …
as complicated

From childhood on, since the first time
It’s painful, I suffocate. But I feel good
handkerchief of the bride …
What do you mean by “tender”?

Since then he wanders
In the twilight of the sun
the hospital
of ammunition …


Three Nuts for Cinderella


the ashes into the pail…
the red evening sky…
precious ring
and your great beauty,
till the end of the world

A tiara and pearls and
The bodice…
for your sweet tooth.
Beware of traps
A dress embroidered in silver,

Lean down, dear white birch,
I’d just love to take you
Like a spider’s web…
just as I dreamt
That was your wish.

Little bird, where is your nest?
how we looked forward
satin in sky blue.
This will be my…
The End

She promised to bring
No rain from that cloud!
There, now a bird of prey
the forest and the mill
the gentleman disappeared…

I know you wouldn’t take me inside.
Face smudged with ashes,
enfold the scared little bird,
on elegant manners,
but I was brought up to speak the truth

A purring kitten…
…danced through three pairs
but my heart belongs forever
then I was to have suffered
Oh, and wide gold braid.

Or as the poet says:
Third time:
Don’t be sad,

I should return the ring
for you,
That day in the wood,
The noble Lady of the Black


The Special Friendship


Did you do it?
stars in the night?
Like a perfume.
your lips.
serious things.

A state of grace will come.
to a younger boy.
your feelings…
Struck him…
On this heart which sought you,

Christian conscience.
All the medals and what-nots
Your beds being close together
Since I love you and you like me.
We made a little cut and licked

He blew kisses while eating
his letters.
your weaknesses
the waters.
While the sky faded away,

If your words were caresses…
Even the good, as Scripture says,
The sea… the sky… the stones…
Sorrowfully return.
thank you for your pretty lines.

Seeing the Superior.
Or half-raw meat.
So worldly and earthly.
Breathing like me.
Desires whispered within,

I apply my science to life.
to know unhappiness.
And all your miseries.
To fill volumes and volumes.
mistrustful and unloving.

I decipher everyone’s secrets.
And remembered kisses scented,
My confessor deals with that.
sin 7 times a day.
Never did a death upset me so.

each other’s blood.
It’s their interference I hate.
His heart was untouched then.
When the flowers became

He was saved from drowning
“Lovingly,” I said…
What can our inseparables have
We’ll meet again and go away.
Think of me.

I don’t understand.
His closed eyes seeing angels.
Friendship made me forget
I mean the pure and the impure.

I’d like us to exchange blood.
or one night…
wide awake,
“United forever” this is called.

And if time permits,
In secret.
Tomorrow, after the prize-giving,
what remains eternal,

Is it blood or not?
or from a flicker,
“Always” is a lovely word.
It’s the hand of God.
Come closer.


The Butcher


The people here kiss each other,
with a marvelous golden hue
I noticed the smell of blood.
on her wedding day
of white faces,
Completely torn to bits.
Dry your eyes.
I’ve drunk plenty in my time,

I have to make a speech.
I can’t breathe until I’ve done it.
Why did you never come back?
I spent nights thinking of you.
I have a lot of blood.
Wait for me on the path.
the ones we meet everywhere.
wouldn’t exist

Kids with their eyes punctured
would be touched.
I would’ve wanted you to need me
But, never making love can
suspicious noises before the
I would forget everything.
I wanted to take you
Cut in half, mouth open

I thought of all those corpses
and politeness of butchers
The world in which we live,
Look your partner in the eyes.
the hunting season and all.
I only lived for you.
I’ll cut my tongue out.
Without your help,

A deep emotion
I find it to be a miracle
a small knife maybe.
…to think carefully.
…during school hours.
trains do cross
the coarsest soul

He was a butcher.
But I couldn’t care less.
to take you in my arms.
Haven’t seen her since.
…and what human nature can be
It was so hot the air felt like an overcoat.
You may leave.
Hearing the bedroom door open abruptly

Love each other… make love
It’s logic and freedom.
That of animals…
I’ve seen pals of mine rotting in the sun.
Well, here you are.
on a deserted island.
Killed with a knife wound!
As everybody wants me to, I’ll sing.


Black Rain


thanks to the Korean War.
Because of the pain.
incense for the dead.
behind the white line.
I was moved to tears.

White Bones.
The water flowed down shining.
pull me by the belt.
It drives me out of my mind.
to a dream.
All over her body.

to see your mother in heaven.
She must have had many regrets
showering huge raindrops
My house was ruined.
She needled me …
It discouraged me.

Priests are gone.
The searchlight blinds me.
You’ve become even prettier.
I’ll make you sorry.
How can we die without knowing
She told me the reason.

The sickness can catch you anytime,
But I feel pain in my heart,
A medication for burns is
her at last.
the black rain.
Then he died.

You tried to make love to her
with your dirty hands.
as black as ink.
Not an ominous white rainbow,
I’m too ashamed of myself
breaking trees, trampling on

A gift for you.
I heard you fell ill.
got married.
Today is already yesterday.
The flash of light killed men

I want to talk.
of the vicissitudes of three lives.
Be careful of the wires…
Don’t touch my body.
I think my wife eats it secretly.
full of radioactivity.

I hear the Bomb made the women
Eat some for yourself.
He writhed in pain.
Fortunately your forests are
Blinded. I can’t see.

Something’s wrong with my eyes
Were your tears fake?
Burned except shadows.
Let’s visit her grave.
A cure-all.
He had to tell her the truth.

Let me court her.
roaring, rambling,
Now we all know it was poisonous.
Human beings learn nothing.
I don’t feel pain, either.
Fishes swimming upstream.

Life is like a dream or a vision.
They strangle themselves.
Keep it from the frost.
A horrible new weapon.
All of us must eat it.
Youth in the morning may turn,

They were torn off.
Life is so short…
Sleeping beside her
Chant the sutra.
No hard feelings, please.
Tell me…

Stay in bed.
your misfortune.
It’s getting dark.
Everything will be fine.
the king of the pond.
is vain and empty.

get married?
to a dream.
I once saw it floating, just once.
Like everyday,
The three of us,


Mr. Thank You


I always wished this:
Gold mines and salvage
The girls who cross the pass
dream of a good man.
I wandered so long

Children can be hopeless.
seldom return.
I know.

many places.
we must go to the mountains
If I could sing,
so easily.
is “hiking” a word from the sutras?

you gave me a cigarette.
You can see traces of him
Don’t forget flowers and water.
He was so absorbed in playing,
Of course. My condolences.

she gave you.
I wish I had that sort of man.
to work on a tunnel.
In a depression like this,

I bought her bridal outfits.
But they tend to be reckless
That makes you

Your mother will miss you
as a prostitute.
to be pitied.
badgers and sly foxes.
be ashamed of themselves.

I feel sorry for her.
to return to.
Many accidents happen here
were the rage.
Have some.

You must cross two passes.
a popular song,
But nowadays I never see girls laugh.
all we can get are babies.
persimmons, oranges and babies.

You’re crying again.
They say
Deep in the mountains,
We’ll be able to meet again
We won’t be able to see