To feel this way.
I write while in a trance
It also depends on the sea.
Ask Claudia.

My childhood was like a merry-go-round:
She came in and out she went.
I learned as a boy.
We ought to be ashamed

But why paint only women?
Who needs beautiful things nowadays
didn’t you see his eyes?
way out at sea.

shall we get married?
Shall we go for a swim?
that story of the shark… it wasn’t true.

I found these in her suitcase.
the sea, a child, a cat.
Just a small souvenir.
was nothing to her, meant nothing to her.

That girl you’re looking for.
I don’t need to know why
Why have we stopped?
makes me want to die… Drowned?

The sea is getting rough.
Such movement.
Imagine that
a red floor suits a certain room,

To be alone longer:
I’d make you a beautiful portrait.
The sweetest pining I will feel
No, no, you can’t leave me

Of course… the sea…
is like missing a limb.
I had a dream I was swimming.
I’m distraught. The idea of losing you,

Last night I went to bed thinking
We’re in the hands of God.
who needs to see everything clearly.
It’s difficult keeping a relationship going,

Your sensitive little heart races
No landscape is as lovely
My skirt came unstitched,
he notices what’s underneath.

lf I’m not mistaken they’re all nudes.
The sea is getting rough.
Why have I fallen in love
why don’t you say this too?

And what do you feel when you’re painting?
Won’t you leave me a souvenir.
after 30 years of never telling
Summer is really over.

your presence here –
I felt it a little more this time.
To think there were woods
makes me want to die…

My kisses
many volcanoes.
the whole story
It’s harrowing having to be apart.


Sansho the Bailiff


I don’t understand it at all.
Your wife and children are in pain.
Even children as young as you
Please take care of them.

You may be too young to understand,
a stubborn man like me.
Isn’t life torture?
Yes, more thatch and soft grass

Go dump her in the mountains.
Cut her tendon so she can’t run away!
Don’t give her to wild birds.
to the vicious waves.

She was found dead by the cape.
with your conscience…
she jumped into the sea?
the big tsunami two years ago.

Who first sang such a sad song
A courtesan?
I see so many flowers.
There are hard roads ahead.

Despite our births,
Unless those hearts can be changed…?
I’m looking for a woman named

We can’t all fit in one boat.
if we run away together.
Keep it in remembrance of me.
Farewell. I’ll be praying

Remember, girls.
My regret is that I could not come
Whatever happens, you must endure it.
…as one of the world’s great folk tales,

protect her from the frost.
I don’t want to hear any more.
I’m sorry
You may be too young to understand,


Wild Strawberries


to recall childhood memories.
or the waves of the sea.
and a sweet neck.

I’d like to tell you about a dream
I never want to see you again,
No, not this summer.

I have a weak heart.
Nothing that bleeds or trembles.
wherever flowers bloom.

He used to lie in the lilac arbor
His love is mingled with every air.
he’s a living corpse.

you’re always trying to kiss me.
I don’t want to be here all summer
I left him the next day.

How silly to write a song
so moral and sensitive.
I don’t give a damn.

so much beauty,
more forbidding than death.
and I’m sorry you dislike me.

Can’t we share the bedroom
Weeping, giving birth
Today, tomorrow, always.

We act according to our needs.
in the summer wind.
It was raining then too.

Flowers nod, grasses bow
Then I’ll weep and say,
I made the dress myself.

Look in the mirror again.
It’s you I really love, you know.
Come and be kissed on the lips.

I’m not very interested in dreams.
there’s nothing but cold and death
I still have not found Him.

I don’t want to talk to her.
You can see she has been an actress.
Don’t pretend.

There’s nothing about your heart
It’s paint under my nails.
a glimpse of death.

Please come with me.
All will be well, you’ll see.
You are beautiful,

With these simple flowers
his innermost feelings.
holding you tight.

I can’t live without her.
I’m going to marry
Then I’ll weep even more


In the Mood for Love


Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
I wanted to hear your voice.
I want to ask you something too.

I sometimes wonder
Am I hopeless?
I don’t have secrets like you.

When you’re single,
Feelings can creep up
Something’s missing.

She has kept her head lowered,
It’s sad to see her so lonely.
for lack of courage,

I didn’t know married life
a dusty window pane,
the stitches…

you’d fall in love with me.
This is just a rehearsal.
Isn’t it?

I’ve been to see a picture.
I heard voices,
Nothing special.

the past is something he could see,
what I’d be if I hadn’t married.
He remembers those vanished years.

who made the first move.
I never thanked you
Don’t forget your keys.

Mind how you hang the mirror,
Let me finish writing this first.
And leave the secret there forever.


The Eel


Sorry for all the letters.
I fell in love with the wrong person.
I’ll wash your things.
Please accept this, along with my apologies.
Everyone’s living in sin.

I often wondered how I could kill the one I loved so much…
I tried to forget, but these hands can’t.
Sleeping pills and lipstick.
Reciting a sutra between the warm thighs of a woman.
It’s called ‘The hole’.

It’s an 8 year habit.
I just wanted someone to be with me.
Sacrificing themselves,
It only took two stitches.
When I cut myself…

I want to become a part of that blue sky.
No one’s ever taken care of me before. Not like that.
The ocean’s full of dead fry.
Anonymous sperm fertilized them to life
Morning sickness.

If the eel is too short, it won’t enter.
I started to think, what’s the point in living?
She was 31 years old.
Please. I just can’t have this baby.
Call Homicide.

I’ve been looking for you.
I don’t like flowers.
Hold your wife’s hand.
No, I’m more concerned about her feelings.
The blade slashing her flesh…




No ashes here.
A couple of dresses
Your heart’s asleep.
You went through the woods?
Don’t lie.
The pain in my chest…
the church clock.
Your mothers dead.
It was a cyclone…

For the priest, they’re in heaven.
With my gun perhaps?
I’ll strangle you.
Have you thought about death?
I knew you hadn’t slept at home.
… as if I had a stone inside.
Remember I gave you a green apple.
The whole night?
We all die some day.

The water turned red.
with perfume and aromatic plants.
You love someone else?
It’s warmth I need.
We’ll make a real good blaze.
There’ll be a heap of ashes
but not the whole truth.
That should be the true religion.
… but now I wonder if I like you


The Spirit of the Beehive


Sure, the young ones fool you,
You can’t even imagine.
maddened commotion
of the nurse bees

what makes trees grow
It’s a disguise they put on
Light bothers her.
Six and two is eight

A spirit is a spirit.
of indescribable sadness and horror.
beyond the clouds and stars?
agitation of the honeycomb,

What do you see in the darkness
He can breathe.
The lungs.
Holy souls, we kneel before you.

Everything in the movies is fake.
That’s been my constant prayer
The most poisonous.
ever told.

It’s one of the strangest stories
But you’re always a good girl,
after what we’ve been through
Is it a horror movie?

His heart.
the relentless yet ineffectual toil,
the happy moments we spent together,
and stairways of wax


Hiroshima, Mon amour


What was there for you to weep over?
The photographs, the photographs,
I loved blood since I had tasted yours.
I see the ink.

Then one day I screamed again,
Hungry for infidelity,
Ten thousand suns, people will say.
and gladioli everywhere,

One day without his eyes and she dies,
I still remember the pain a little bit.
I can feel it with my hands, day by day.
She still doesn’t dare come close.

I tremble at forgetting such love.
Perhaps there’s a chance you’ll stay.
While my body is still ablaze
You will become a song.

You have such beautiful skin.
morning glories and day lilies
It comes over you, consumes you,
I lie… and I tell the truth.

I cheated on you tonight
Such a short time doesn’t count.
Metal made as vulnerable as flesh.
our death that goes on.

Deform me to your likeness,
and we’ll get married.
one night on a bicycle.

I begin to forget you.
I think I love you.
An eternity.
It will begin again.

He’s going to kiss me and I’ll be lost.
with fresh water rich with fish,
Before, when we were in love,
Staying is even more impossible

His body and mine
a very beautiful river,
it will swallow your voice.
People walk around, lost in thought,

forgetting will begin with your eyes.
for adultery, for lies,
You fit my body like a glove.
Dime-store romance.

I was watching your hands.
drain and fill at their usual hour,
There was no point in telling you.
You’re still destroying me.


Floating Clouds


you in the mountains.
Don’t you understand it?
That is why I am here.
Our relationship died

We’ll stay there for years.
Will we go tomorrow?
I have come for my mattresses.
Make sure she rests well.

He even taught me a poem called
live without you.
You said it right.
What things you say.

I am jealous.
She still lives in you.
To find her was destiny.
Don’t leave me here.

we are not strangers.
I have missed you.
But you are a fake,
and we need to take an X-ray.

Do you have to go?
Bestow mercy
But I would have you.
I still came here.

You may want to die? I don’t.
It is your fault entireIy.
Are you well?
the quinine garden.

being single.
fewer preoccupations.
You only love yourseIf.
Sometimes it rains

listen to your sermons.
and I will return for you.
You need to be worth something.
I must leave soon.

Are you a painter?
I will show you the way.
Actually, I have committed a crime.
I live here on my own.

You are incorrigible.
You have changed.
she died.
Then, goodbye.

Now that you are single,
when you are desperate.
But if you know me so well,
I have no value.

It rains almost every day.
I want you to know,
You always pretend not to notice.
I will return in about five years.

You talk about your conscience,
Do you have that postcard
BeIoved, this flower
here when I die.

If you don’t want me,
I am pregnant.
You have something to say?
one commits suicide.

Can I stay here tonight?
Let’s go for a walk.
in the mountains together?
I want to stay with you.

I feel like a new man.
true love.
You want to forget.
Because of what I said last night.

I have brought apples,
You have let me down.
You cannot do anything for me.
commit suicide,

You wanted to break up.
Why not rely on me?
walking together.
and radiant.

Are you unhappy?
You will feel much more secure
what about with cyanide?
Do not shout.

She was beautiful
was crying when we left.
Why don’t you deceive other men?
No, I don’t want you to.

“come or I will die”?
It’s your reality.
to die with me.
like many women.

I will leave.
You are not pretty
Go to bed.
the dead girl.

what is there to envy?
I only smiled at her.
I felt badly.
We lost the war.

But, can’t I come round
I want you, but…
Because I am not at all happy.
leave my life

Very well then, I will die alone.
in these mountains.
Perhaps, I should go away.
I must see the undertaker.

Why are you crying?
Could I give you up?
Are you leaving already?
why were you unfaithful?

When I received your letter,
We can die at any time.
a naive young girl.
you are mine forever.

You seem downcast.
You said that you wanted a child,
I took your scarf.
some silk kimonos.

You have a relationship
everything is different now.
No. The wood business.
but I mean so little to you.

If I can’t live with you,
If I lose this battle,
I am ruined.
I am ashamed to ask.

The guilt tortures me.
Something sudden, but I must go.
What else did she say?
I also seem to be missing

And you? You should be in bed.
with your charms.
A whole month of rains!
I like to walk by the forest.

When a woman looks at you,
with the hearts of girls.
I’m cold.
I want to live.

When did you arrive?
I cannot live without you.
But you did nothing for me.
You remind me of a story

You get upset very easily.
I speak with sadness, but
Her smile gave me the creeps.
I am dying.

I borrowed his scarf.
and I lay down on the bed.
It was as a dream
The life of the flower is very short.

We will go away together.
on the high seas.
and you would marry me
But it is difficult, I’m too old.

You must forget the past.
which traverses my body.
You smoke?
I will go away tomorrow.

We have come a long way,
And memories disappear fast…

Know what I am thinking?
You are a good seducer.
have me when you want.
Visit me once in a while

We are too old to live dreams.
it gets worse all the time.
On my own.
I am in the firewood business.

You are still thinking about her.
You are still depressed.
I don’t think she will return.

you can pawn my coat.
when we are rich
she could be my daughter.
You don’t want me.

I am repatriated destitute.
You are impossible.
Please, leave.
understand why.

Or perhaps I won’t return.
I cannot come with you?
I left him.
against destiny.

Because you don’t trust me.
I wanted to come back.
Don’t worry about me.
your things.

You still hate me?
Then, why do you kiss me
I envy you.
the unobtainable.

Now you can go on
And that memory
You don’t understand.
What do you do now?

I am not starving.
what is your plan?
We’ll leave tomorrow.
…we cannot live like this.

the passion that we shared then.
You seem tired.
But I have left him.
He will not return.

But my new wife
has blossomed.
Perhaps I would be bad
Take me with you.

seeing you makes me happy.
Look after yourself, get well.
I remember many things
of dying.

The door was not closed.
If she is not your girl,
And the funeral?
How was the sea?

You think we should separate?
The air is full of ether!
Everything becomes clear,
You are always suspicious.

I have already forgotten her,
I am only a memory.
Appearances are misleading.
I leave within the week

You got my letter?
I don’t want to be a burden.
I have changed my mind.
How could I leave without you?

The day we returned
When did you arrive?
Why are you not staying
It’ll be better for you

I have lost everything,
I feel useless.
But still I have a future.
I will cope with it.

It doesn’t matter to me.
I’d like to come visit you.
Why you do not go
let me come with you.

I will wait for you my whole life.
I will take care of you.
mandarins, cakes, let’s see…
But you have not returned




Your rebellious spirit moves me.
In other words, that female body
That’s the moment he started living.
like I’m a man reborn.
the best part of the movie.

Young girls these days…
is practically a death sentence.
It’s killing me. Each day is
I’m all alone.
Where’s the key?

what life is all about?
you seem like my family…
Your stomach hurts?
But it’s not my fault I was born.
It was snowing last night.

Your cancer has opened your eyes
First, if the pain is kind of heavy.
and all the other painful things.
Say, let’s sing something.
And your tongue’s always dry.

Someone who’s slippery and evasive.
I can’t afford to hate people.
A house of our own would
You’re risking your life.
Forget about your dad.

And I’m grateful she had me.
for my son’s sake.
I know. I nearly drowned in a pond
when he froze to death there?
Fades from your lips

when we chance upon death.
what life is all about?
“Life is Brief.”
there’s nothing to grab hold of,
No matter how I struggle and panic,

You were a slave to your own life.
you’ve got a year, at most.
In a word, your stockings had holes.
Nothing new ever happens.
I can’t just give up and die.

I have stomach cancer.
But it’s so funny.
It kills me to think of it.
once when I was a child.
He was on the swing,

Hey, his girl never showed up.
It’s not fair.
My child has sensitive skin,
I made myself into a mummy…
He neither committed suicide nor froze

machine of dreams and infatuations.
With a black dog to guide us.
I’m gonna give you a peach and a pear
And you have a wonderful son, right?
is a death sentence.

All I do is make these little things.
Before the crimson bloom
These silver balls, they’re you.
Everything seems black.
touch alone can’t account for…

How sad.
But… I can’t die.
Fall in love, maidens
What I’m trying to say…
tenderly watching a favorite child…

We only realize how beautiful life is
I love your hair
Keep your old man’s infatuation.
I’d all but forgotten about sunsets.
stayed single these 20 years for you.

so I made that awful remark. I’m sorry.
But, then, just one more night, okay?
A young mistress’ hormones
We call people like you time-killers.
a lot of weight recently,