A Fantastic Woman


I’m losing everything lately.
Bones and flesh.
empathy, tenderness …

give me light, give me this, give me that.
Some of his ashes.
And love.

People who like to suffer.
Your name is a cutting I kept

but I was overwhelmed.
I’m sorry. About that other thing…
I don’t remember.

Love isn’t something you search for.
To then glue it in my oblivion album
Pure quantum physics.

Saint Francis doesn’t say:
Where emotions are generated.
His body was bruised.

Possible injuries observation
devastated. In shock.
deserve them. Really.

I’ll come back.
For singing.
Just the intimate things.

I went over our conversation.
We were a couple.
You can’t see me from there.

I took some sleeping pills…
For the way in which things happened.


La Prisonnière


The more he stroked me, the more I said:
I am not able to love you.
That’s the whole story.

Don’t lose your hope because of it.
Handwriting. Studies of textures.
liquefaction and dispersion…

A short voice test.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Shame is part of the pleasure.

It’s cold when you are coming off the lights.
With her.
…it hurts…

Come. Unfasten my dress.
I promise. I promise. I promise.
I am not free…

You should thank God.
No details.

Perfect interference.
Open your legs.
It’s simple, but it exists.

Here is the telegram.
They wrote the same word
Slowly. Very slowly.

what the author slips out,
The chains keep on breaking.
Just like you were suspended.

Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.
Let me see your eyes.
It’s perfect for a childish morning.

Drop your skirt.
It looks like a cage.
Burned out.

You’re soaking wet.
a dying bicycle racer…
We’re loving each other. It’s wonderful.


La Lectrice


Separated, we’re separated.
shining, gleaming

She doesn’t answer but she’s there.
on another island,

The florists felt
They both suffered and did not speak.

with only jewels sonorous
The body relaxes.

In love…
My eyes hurt.

some needles for a treat
and she did not pull away.

there are unsatisfied desires.
the necessary basis of being

It’s worn, almost transparent..
When I finished caressing it

My voice did not tremble or weaken.
becomes violent and irresistible.

drugs are sold,
to disarm the mother.

Life is bitter
like a circus pony

I have a lovely voice.
It’s anywhere, nowhere.

Come closer.
I could hardly breathe.

to plunge my fingers
into this charming stream.

and let herself be loved

A single tear
she will be my wife.

And drown in alcohol.
to spill his seed.

Facing all dangers.
Aloud in my bedroom.

The front is untouched.
I held it gently, almost religiously.

runs down her sorrowful face.

A solitary widower.

You like my tongue.
which invited tenderness.

put a hand on her breasts.
The vivid thought of the hair

Leaving her wholly abandoned.
This worn dress kills me.

that sorrow is not
decorated with little paste jewels.

It’s poetry. And yet…
It’s a dress I remember.

forgetting lights
With my eyes closed,

Just imagine,
I’ve thought of nothing but you

the too sad, the all-alone…
that silk takes on with age.

It penetrates as far…
believe me.

You can read in the stars,
Or their lips.

As for your mouth…
is mingled with light

there are unsatisfied desires.
nature of superfluous things,

It’s a tragedy.
I’m afraid of hearing my own voice.

An ambulance…
With strange eyes and chattering teeth

used it to slit the girl’s blouse,
Spring, damp earth.

which gushed from a rocky crevice
around your little finger.

put his tongue in the hole,
a small pool in the middle

between clipped thujas and yews,
The knife disappeared,

In three words.
I was sparkling.

At once, the tress unwound,

I can barely hear his breath.
As he moved in her.

A sentence like that kills me.
and wipes out his traces

Lights out.
Dead in his bed

It’s like a boat, a voyage.
and horror of darkness


The Tin Drum


my anonymous infatuations,
my desire to return to the womb.
Open your mouth.
Here’s your candy.
Beautiful silk stockings.
which will cleanse your sins.
with bleach, chlorine, Lysol.

Now he’s fallen into a grave
a meat-coloured baby,
staring dreamily…
It looks like rain.
Pure silk.
and artificial honey.

Come under the covers
and spoil your kisses.
she whispered,
on her deathbed.
And that wish is
This tumescent, luxuriant flesh,
Before disappearing into the ovens

When he was three, he fell down
Some say he drowned.
Neptune moved
between wonder and illusion.
His black beard grazed her breasts.
The prophet’s burning eyes
… five black spots on the beach.

He loves youth and hard bodies,
and champagne glasses to bits.
the eternal truths,
flower in secret.
They will take over the fairgrounds.
ever since the shameful
I see love as something

lacquered red and white.
The Poles
in her four skirts,
Soon they collapsed
into loving caresses.
into the world.

I longed for space
Voluptuous bodies
Directly descended
In, out, finished.
An unforgettable day.
separated us from our beloved
Shards bring luck.

cherish but one wish.
of the vocal cords.
the doctor won’t make you well.
Plenty of compresses.
on her deathbed.
It’s been this way for years.
We’re too little to lose each other.

more than smuttiness.
were the tinder for the blazing
spraying the dead
into the hearts of men,
Honey, soap.
She gulps it down.
Duty is duty,


L’Argent (ii)


Someone fond of you
I won’t go crawling
I will.
it saddens me

I’m crying too much to write.
Confess and repent.
Incredible amounts.
I see.

When my husband died,
Nothing. Don’t worry.

What can perjury get you
…in the evening
We parted
Without bloodshed, Your Honor.

I’ll take care of you
You deserve
to escape and continue.
Meat for cigarettes.

The body is so beautiful.
spreading counterfeit bills.
You slave away for them.
the burlap sacks.

because we love life.
she was suffocating.
but I couldn’t say the words.
Never mind.

only your fist.
It gave me pleasure.
I’d forgive everyone.
and I just killed a whole family.

I saw it clearly:
We’ve been limping along
We fear death
Ever since

I remember every detail.
and no wife.
in the river?
he began drinking

a man who’s never killed
with no one on their conscience.
a weakness in my knees.
We won’t meet again.

Don’t mind me. I always pray
Say something.
Not a word to your father.

If he was hurt,
I fear your words may turn
Neither inside
Deny everything.

He fell splayed out by the door.
protects you from afar.
the world works
I promise


Time of the Wolf


I have to weigh every word
my treasure.
It’s concrete.
Nothing else.
The house is cold.
You’re soaked to the skin.
Make sex.
He undresses,
Killed herself.
It’s really difficult to find words
With a pool of blood out there.
Her hands tremble terribly
The real champions
Tell them to fuck off.
darling, we’ll find him.
the razor blade eater.
Now I’ve found pencils and paper,
Stray dogs.
A few bottles.
Every morning,
Have a good cry.
Nothing left for us.
Storm in a teacup.
And our mouths will water

We unload.
Believe me.
even in the sack,
I’m sorry.
to drink their blood.
Let me try.
and say everything’s fine again.
He burns like a torch.
Child sick.
Lie down.
Wait. Come.
That’s when I spilled my embers.
Your oracles are frustrating.
I’ll kill you one day.
Look at the horses.
and they burn for us.
You’ll see.
Please, forgive me.
They’re everywhere.
Listen, ladies and gentlemen.
Let us be ashamed.
He doesn’t understand.
It’s shut fast.


Inland Empire


I am a whore.
A little boy
And I will mean,
this all evening.

… I once knew
of the hole.
the telling of time.

Take off your clothes.
my heart.
I never had this feeling.
real hard to disappear.

Something happened before
She has torn a hole
Erase him in the white silk.
And forgive me, I do love

pushing my legs apart.
this whole memory.
run out.
… it just splinters into 1000 pieces

But I tell you this:
do with a bad wolf round you
The bonds of marriage
…what love does.

All along it was being revealed.
Who hypnotized you?
No more blue tomorrows.

small woods.
foreign voice of hers
…and dreams make stars.
… from her vagina.

The stairway is dark
Someone’s there.
But stories are stories.
wife and children gone.

I hear her now
In her blonde star wig
It burns bright, for heaven.
Thank you Bucky.