Zero Focus


I sometimes feel kind of sorry
a walking corpse.
too vast to comprehend.
your wife wanted to forget.
The third day passed.
with its breadth and depth

The young wife clung
some flowers off the cliff,
and a kimono becomes her.
He committed suicide
including the branches.
in the morning.

my body was washed away.
After living as man and wife
The teacup left there
Overlooking the sea,
to identify the dead.

we carry in our hearts.
A man with two women
You must be worried.
of lung problems years ago.
You must be frozen stiff.
bottomless and never ending,

saying good-bye to lots of people.
The note was brief,
suffocated me.
gloomy and pensive.
A sham suicide.

Like this northern sea,
with a farewell gift.
as you drink that.
comes snow in winter
Despair is written
A nice picture, too.

But as the days passed,
Medical experts determined
Your wife was cornered
entertaining American soldiers
her missing husband.
like the sea of sorrow


Her Harem


I want to see your whole body
Method – violence
the laws of biology
No ceremony, honeymoon

I’d like to go to bed.
Madly in love
“Naked Curves”
…are still the most fragile

Sniff this
… and her shadows
Be gentle

… her shape is outlined by my desire…
when the sea’s rough
Drink some more
…and becoming nothing

Sacred words
Panic flute
a nice erotic object
But my fear is stronger

back to Italy
Only isolation
as a lasting memory

I’ll be the screen.
every moment…
Lift up the veil
As usual, there’s something missing

When I throw things away,
Either all or none
…but you complain about being lonely
A 60-metre concrete vault

I missed you and…
– Wash your eyes
– And the ancestral fear is back
and defenceless beings

but I assume you can at least sew
with photography
I don’t understand jealousy
Give me your arm

the pills all over the place!
your little emotional graveyard
You can never forget your first love
“The Triumph of Death”,

Darling, it’s snowing
The light’s beautiful
As you wish
…we will separate.


The Green Ray


I love flowers.
The solar disk
My hand’s empty.
to the horizon,

because it’s a love story,
I speak it badly.
The color of hope.

No blood.
there were no clouds.
How do you tell

No one can live alone forever.
you keep on dreaming, and waiting.
the dispersion of colors,
It’s a problem of conscience

Yes, searching for something.
escape your loneliness.
with loneliness.
Right, doll?

I can make tables turn.
the greater the diffraction
how the body reacts.
“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”

There’s someone in my life
in love with me.
I almost went,
into the shade.

You’re destroying nature.
of pale green shaft,
No, I saw the sea, I saw…
all men are in love…

about the blood and the violence…
Refraction in the atmosphere.
Your boyfriend.
The last ray at sunset.

I used to go to the mountains
And then you stopped caring.
a horizontal beam,
my color for the year.

My eyes hurt.
for Prince Charming,
I have a little son.
it’s lighter, it’s…

I’m alone.
I don’t cut flowers.
your own feelings right away.
and I tended


The Cloud-Capped Star


A dark girl
the diagrams printed
and gel smothered
veiled by circumstances…
in perfumed splendour

He sat beneath a tree, downcast
like a wax doll
The lamp dimmed
An old flame
She fainted
Talks to no one. Keeps everything

Childhood seems so far away
for ever
He climbs the stairs all by himself
They dream of two storeys
…perhaps a cloud-capped star,
That picture in my room…

Eyes full of tears? They’ll fall
like the old man of the sea
a blood transfusion
A god in a devil’s clan.
I love you all to distraction
L didn’t appreciate your worth,

But when the sun came…
they plumb the depths instead
…your aura dimmed
by the fistful
mother deliverer
my doors

Supreme Being
Hiding love letters even now?
Tell him. I’ve always wanted
Your perfumed body, your forehead
I know, but I still bring my woes
a sari with a beautiful motif…


When A Woman Ascends The Stairs


The Bluebird was
with you tonight.
A woman shouldn’t be loose.
in your arms,
Nothing but promises so far.

this brief time together.
It’ll be a staged suicide.
Black Narcissus.
I was really crying.
in with his ashes.

What a nice fragrance.
torment my dreams.
But now you’ve turned
Famous last words.
in bed,

her charm disappears.
a slip and some panties.
so hard they hurt.
I can still smell the incense
The lipstick on your shirt.

I never dreamed
Night fell…
Only a few leaves were left
and perfumes.
against the current.

I won’t actually die.
in a woman’s life.
She’ll cave in eventually.
It was a strange dream.
in a love hotel.

Aren’t you lonely sometimes?
part of the 1.5 million
so kiss like foreigners do.
But the trees that line the streets
with my selfishness.

a suspended sentence.
Flashy kimonos
in the Ginza ten years ago.
Someone always by my side.
you lose so unexpectedly.

I heard it was a love triangle.
I had a dream.
I’d be happier
You’ve wound up like this
as the winds

There’s a photograph
That illusion’s gone.
without collateral.
I really do love you.
The sign’s still on outside.


Chungking Express


She has left me.
but the rain blurred it.
Too May.
How can I possibly shed tears?
I’m not day dreaming.

I’ve fallen out of love too.
At the closest point of our intimacy.
A person changes.
everything in the house
you simply never wake up.

From that day onwards.
It’s pouring here.
To heal my wounds.
I hope it will be “a million years”.
I promise myself.

she fell in love with a man….
Through the window.
at 25,000 ft above sea level.
But when a house cries,
May is gone.

I was in love with a girl for five years
It’s raining.
The broken-hearted.
Let me change it for you.
The letter.

We may not know each other…
But I just realized that for some dreams.
that we’d separate.
Even Glad Wrap will expire
At her saddest moment, a woman

I don’t care much for music.
Nothing, nothing.
Women can’t afford to wait.
Fifty-seven hours later.
I knew nothing about her.

She’s either blind,
Ever since she’s left.
I’ve become more observant.
Love Ends As The Sun Rises.
down from the balcony.


The Flame of Devotion


nothing but wait.
collect inside of a woman…
seas around the world.
The pain and bitterness
stay anchored

You have the scent of
some firewood.
blood of war.
Fine green tea.
the ocean winds on you.

From his hasty pencil strokes,
Celebrating the memory
of a butterfly flutter in the wind,
Put your heart in it, now.
And its oars unspoiled

But the fine shards of emotion that
the woods by Genji.
will be ruined.
He had a birthmark…
same sorrow too.

a rare, beautiful look on them.
away from any spotlight.
It was not a miracle,
We’ll light the fire, and
with our own eyes.

The people, the flowers,
Even the sea is crying.
the women’s salt farms.
This knife is an heirloom
slowly began to soften.

Look up at the sky above the
and suffering.
visiting the coral-studded
way across the heavens,

And took her own life in this sea.
We’re torn apart.
If a man is crippled…
The wife sews the last thread.
from her long coma,

Just the two of us.
each others’ wounds
from the Sea of Japan,
hear her weeping.
and shine ever so brightly

It’s like a dream.
Her pale, rigid face
You’ve broken your promise
These horses…
Through the clouds we see