Makioka Sisters

It was near a railroad crossing,
he promised he’d make her happy.
Thank you for everything.
from that of springtime.

This is for your son.
dragged here reluctantly,
As a man, I didn’t see
The leaves will be beautiful then.

He studied science
despite the hard times,
has a different beauty
Every time you took a breath,

ever since you were a young girl,
There was a big leather suitcase.
and certificates of achievement.
Seeing the blossoms

You had a new brooch too.
Is it wrong to be attached
Taeko, that diamond ring
A splinter in her hand?

I deal in iron and steel.
It’s a steady rain,
if the groom is over 40,
not to wet her painted lips.

She loves his photographs.
and took them in without thinking.
Those festive patterns
With her mouth open like an O.

He’s been saving up.
Death certificates.
I’m heartbroken.
and seasons change,

Relationships are more difficult
The rain stopped.
so we could admire the foliage.
for a marriage.

Her clothes and everything are gone.
Appearances suffer
of the House.
the flame is out over there?

The older, softer ones don’t squeak.
It’s strange to suddenly
Listen …
I’m his mother.

His dream is to run
hold the purse strings.
to study doll making.
Imagine how hard that was.


Long Live Death

Light travels at 186,390 mps…
And I love her more each hour.
gone crazy with pain…
Son and Holy Ghost, so be it.
parachutes from his plane …

the most beautiful mama …
of dogs and vultures.
by scent…
with a torch. Awful shadows

the unhappy past.
…prettiest flower.
With a big knife
When we learn something,
the prickings of the flesh…

and in His sweet mercy,
Constant bombing
A lifetime of sacrifice
Air raids soon decimated

Arms like a cross
danced on the walls.
She goes slow
in the dark…
my goodness with evil.

My son, when you feel
afraid of the dark.
Forget your father.
Burn his theater.
to a star millions


Heroic Purgatory

This house is different.
Taste of salt the wind carried from the sea.
cheek on daddy’s chest. I start crying.
on a ship made of wood.
You can see she’s not here.
It’s just a shadow.

My entire body could feel the nice
equations, plans with symbols…
Mommy rides him like a horse.
I managed to save a drowning little boy.
in halves with a knife,
Everything was covered with dew.

When I was 13 years old,
The ship was slowly sinking.
me while crying:
I watched you when you were sleeping.
I will stretch a naked wire tight at
A shudder of pleasure

I didn’t sleep with you.
refuge in a pitch-black alley.
natural to think like that.
have to tell you.
I took off my clothes and asked
…about life.

I also had my own dream
Some terrible things happened.
My god… my nihilism…
I was invisible to you at the time.
That was like a silkworms’
My child.

I pretended I was lost.
To be the best husband.
feet were covering the earth.
It was easier than crushing a baby…
open the door without knocking.

Freedom is everything.
That’s the last page.
In my dream, they are all mine.
In short, you are your own child…
There will be some blood.
40 years old.


About Endlessness

I saw a defeated army…
broken for you.
two lovers…
Open wide.

I saw a woman…
I saw two parents…
…begging for his life.
I saw a young man…
had a lot to talk about.

The first law of thermodynamics…
all kinds of nightmares.
…who had not yet found love.
…and so he kept his savings

…who had lost their son in a war.
…floating above a city,
…into something new.
They drove nails through my hands.
And he hadn’t forgotten.

I saw a couple,
…who had stepped on a landmine…
…marching to the prison camps…
Dad is just fetching some water.
My sincere apologies.

And it rained.
in his mattress.
The blood of Christ
a communications manager,
…who had lost his way.


Petal Dance

I’m all crooked.
Camera, sound, teeth.
what I was feeling
Things that you can see.

There’s so much snow here.
I couldn’t say anything.
To ascertain
You were praying.

I’m looking for books on suicide.
and I’m clouded now.
A train is passing through.
I lost myself for a moment.

you’d look up at the sky
A Wish…
The three of us,
And things look different now.

It reminded me of you.
unwavering like a tree trunk.
And she moved like this.
I’m dying to know.

Triangle, girl, snake.
It’s amazing how it’s still not broken
wishing on a star, maybe?

I’m not pure white
A different seaside.
Lots of things have crept in,
Please say that to your friends.

A thin tree.
And then you disappeared.
so as a keepsake.
It’s shaped like the wind.


Sing a Song of Sex

“One day I saw a dark flag
Sex… sexual desire
The best song
Of men and women
blue sky with warfare”
in the hands of God

Sleeping. With the stove on
They petted in the abandoned parts
in a fertile delta
the Japan sea
“As if to fly in the sky”
“With your tender love

She’d undress by herself
For me
In freezing February
the value of human life”
connected with wrath”
“That day, peach blossoms died”

“When you sleep with an only child
a very dark and deep valley
“Your road leads to hopes”
“The throats of nightingales
A woman’s song
meaningful death

Lovers are forced to part
describe their misery
They met only in the mine
The women teased him too
There are lots of folk songs
fluttering against the sky”

I imagined married life with him
The end
That gas stove…
I’m a poor talker
So he married her gravestone
He blushed and went down



Swallow, swallow.
a man with a soul.
the only soft thing l love is you.
There’s something in his eyes…

l made knives from nails…
Can you feel my heat?
all my secrets.
and white wine.
someone else could fuck you..

You are pale…
And no one will hear you.
All my dreams.
A slip…
on my carpet.

l was playing on the rails…
l dream of being in prison
l love your smell…
things show up
Terrible things have

Come on, get undressed.
She was a survivor
A picture of you.
On your knees.


Love at Sea

I love youth.
during leaves…
keep changing, including ourselves.
glimpses of recollections.
It’s like any love.
verged with trees.

we can move in together.
sometimes very sad.
Oblivion is a sleep.
Then hazard, like that…
I think this is happiness
a single bullet in 4 years.

The stars in the sky
She bangs her hair…
the hours ring
The rain.
I like objects too.
Hand in hand

Dear General Treasurer,
Love goes away
Rain, fog, rain, fog…
I mist learn to live.
Family life was not for me.
He went to bed and died.

I was locked up in a fake garden
blonde woman who looked sad.
That was the end of my childhood.
announced on the radio and we all cried.
We will be separated and
You imagine the heart stroke it was.

Love at sea
while underneath
It was freezing in my room but
the bridge of our arms
Tracks of time.
It’s as beautiful as a human face.

I found all the answers in our love.
and a golden mirror on the chimney.
I think it’s beautiful to be faithful.
Music and fragrance are
my deepest feelings…


Le Petit Prince

our feelings.
a heap of little bells
Within a notebook,
It’s as sweet as some
from the stars and the swallows

Millions of stars
like an opera ballet.
with a rusty pulley.
gone by the end of one minute.
and its lamplighters.

something throbs, and gleams.
roses in the same garden,
to forget all the precarious things
the warmth of applause,
down your recollection,

to love the wind,
history and arithmetic
in incandescent streams,
behind the body.
which makes us hope for heaven

Children understand
flowers which took up no room at all
like the lightning which disappears
first in pencil,

in our prayers we find a
an old abandoned shell.
To touch the sky
that buries us

I don’t talk about stars anymore,
For my own pain, I collect,
from a seed blown from
little with these words…
and lock it up in a drawer.

this nourishing mother
in bundles of a thousand,
volcanoes that frightened us
more interesting than my voice.
of sailboats anchored to the waves

It cast her fragrance
with its light-years
chain explosions,
all is twisted, all is
bad plants from bad seeds.

and an extinct volcano,
so full of love and ready
of their lonely star.
to slowly dress its heart.
our ancient demons and our wonders.


Le Amiche

during moments of depression
to wait for her here.
Look at the sea, it’s so dirty.
I found something out.
I’m looking for somebody

to understand each other.
Especially in the mornings.
being reduced to a dress.
He put the keys in a box of chocolates.
staying there forever.

You in a wedding dress
then immediately an icy one.
You don’t even know what feelings are.
But before swallowing
Seduced and abandoned.

Wipe down your dress.
It’s the middle of winter
and deep down it saddens me.
my way of loving
seeming bigger.

At least the sea ages too.
I envy you. You needed
everything locked up inside.
you’re the only thing in his life.
Tomorrow, with sun,

those damn pills,
lies at the bottom of all this.
it felt like you were stroking me.
a miracle will happen tonight.
you’ll have many regrets.

I wanted to hear your voice.
Over the years we’ve spent
my whole life with you.
It seems like everything is miles away
you’d always imagined me to be.

If she wants to throw herself in that sea,
but it has some wonderful things.
anywhere today.
She always says things…

I hate the countryside.
If a lover leaves you,
Marriage, marriage!
to sacrifice each other.
I don’t want to be buried in the cold.