Eternity and a Day

to whisper to the depths of the heart:
Stay with me.
One morning,

Mountains or cliffs,
they were still here.
my body, whose outline vanish

when the morning star regrets
his mother’s face,
or bring the forgotten words
You shine, you know.

of her door with tears on her face.
My body doesn’t obey anymore…
shattered words here and there.

the dog, Katerina.
She’s with her other
A night full of miracles.
“One of your shirts, forgotten

the silence.
blew so sweetly across the face,
in a vase.

the taste of the sea in my mouth.
You brought it to me

He lacked some words.
but they keep returning.
My own language,
the endless sea.

The last cool star of dawn was…
in her bridal white dress,
hanging from the trees.
why didn’t we know how to love?

cry over the dead,
in the declining sun,
“Your eyelids blinked,


Band of Outsiders

nothing wears away, nothing wanes.
She fainted.
A thousand times the worse,
was crumbling around her.
he saw that fabled bird
and that she had soft skin.

distrustful and tragic.
Like the fingers always wounded
or if the dream
A minute of silence
in full view of everyone.
and your thighs.

Open your mouth.
like some distant star.
her breasts moving under her sweater.
the earth trembles
And Juliet bleeding,
through the screen of trees,

“The ground is bloody.
Like things you say evenings at home
with your skirt over your head.
something warm and scented.
A husband.
is becoming a dream

The wind ruffled her dark curls.
A taste of ashes floated in the air.
its blackness recalling
they saw a cold, shimmering light,
is becoming the world.

You tender stones
hath been his timeless end.
as if an ocean of indifference
like a dark cloud:
A romantic girl.
beyond recognition, stumbles in.

the Sea of the Dead.
A real minute of silence
Who here hath lain
Billy the Kid was shot in the back
You’ll get the seesaw.
worn down too soon

sad and lonely, his gaze feverish
his two hands, he didn’t know exactly…
It’s a housewife’s safe.
the Isle of Ravens.
The liquid should flow across…
all the locks were changed.

It’s because of the coat.
and her romantic kisses.
Sometimes things are best hidden
He wonders if the world
As a dark fog descended on him,
An upcoming film will reveal,

All they’d ask for was a light
or we’ll torch the house.
and is only visible when it dies.
but was at a loss for words.
When its transparent wings,
speak for themselves…


Loving Couples

Small, dainty steps…
in this miserable world.
with a message from heaven.
The noise you hear

My darling.
Preserved in a peat bog.
as a flower girl.
who has to satisfy herself.

You just promise, in the presence
You like it. Take your dress off.
bayonets flashing.
Those are your tricks.

The aim of marriage, as of war-
Our child.
I lie awake thinking of that girl.
Many years.

“Jesus is my bridegroom dear”
My artist, my explorer…
too long and nothing’s happened.
from the bottle.

With your waist, I’d never worry.
It’s haunted too, but perhaps
most depraved wishes seem innocent.
Living and dead.

Hello, my darling son.
There’s little one can do alone.
The gravedigger’s
the uninvited guests

This is a serious rehearsal.
fight to become a real person.
A good picture of marriage.
It’s so close to love,

Pretty boy. If I were you,
Strangled by the umbilical cord.
She hates everything I love.
In God.

It’s ages since I got a proper kiss.
Living and dead.
in the bellies of those two.
Lost souls.

people’s dismal existence.
Just a few flowers.
with needless chatter.
their old flames can’t forget them.

With pleasure, but not
I think of the girl who longed
An accomplice, through her silence.
I thought lovers



the heart is totally open.
waiting crows…
a set of documents.
baptism, engagement
Distant and unclear

There she is. My private whore.
The sun was scorching on my face
Then my dreams did awaken
but pain.
See the light appear
Not love,

Undress her.
and enjoy the world.
ravens or crows or something.
tomorrow or the next day.
I was thankful to my wife
Floating through the air

A thundershower in spring.
Sinks in the sea
a conspiracy.
That’s like buying a dress
That good sailors know to ply
Just the lovely nightingale

And I long for those distant places
And the stars that smile down on them
Only a jeweler can tell
Evening gently lowers its veil
his Sunday face
God grant it may last our whole life.

Take her.
It’s so rare that a man gets flowers
Staying together in sickness and
His bedroom.
Those sorts of things.

Please have the pictures taken down
Tell them my secret.
Motorcycle accident.
Away from shore
When in Capri the blood-red sun
Sings its song all along

And brought the clouds in from the sea
On the fields so dusty
The world was filled with unrest
That I scatter the crows


Immoral Tales

Evil tongues claim
the holy table of Christ.
in the seaweed is a silly game.
Willow by laurel evergreen,
gently and obediently.
strewn all over with pearls.

I’ll stay in you as long
water might reach us.
you will swallow my living fluid
let your lips touch this water.
I love you, my dear Lord.
naughty nightingale

Woman astride a tiger.
miraculous lace gown,
Her body is covered.
The hooves of mares,
You seemed to understand.
This is my mother.

My heart, my hands
to keep your mouth on me,
to what I’ll say about the sea
Stained glass by gem that richly glows…
so that you’re nude under the dress.
Yes, yes.

as shorn of light.
As tin by silver, brass by gold,
of the moon and the sun.
Playing hide and seek

All comes from me.
And the tide’s force,
of Hercules and his royal suit,
Eleven twenty-seven.
beside the deeply-crimsoning rose.
“It will awaken your faith

My dear son, calm yourself, young man.
the mysteries of the tides.
of dissolution.
and each material body
is also in my possession.
and it’ll be sweet as honey


Gushing Prayer

There definitely is a time to part.
a couple of times as well.
The End.
I’ve experimented with.
and linked arms with him.
and bear the child.

Suicide by taking 150 Brovarin pills
When your stomach is empty,
Becoming a mother…
and cheating even more.
sufficiently with their bodies.
and hanging himself.

What did your body feel?
were more… much more beautiful.
evening in June.
It’s fine to be not happy.
Did you really believe
anything from each other,

you will have forgotten my name
Father, Mother,
sentiment or dream
Start right away.
My body knows that.
It’s perhaps the same after all.

in the bottom of her heart.
made only for the night.
my pussy touched the corner of the table
the unmoveable truth
middle-aged man.
Do it for real to see

the eroticism of youth.
I love the peaceful feeling
about alone.
When I touched it with my hand
gentle, girlish and beautiful way.

Suicide by jumping into the sea.
and become ruined by the rain.
I felt a womanly sensation.
seventeen said farewell to this world,
and the soul wasn’t rescued.
your poem collection will

When morning comes, my friends,
and said alright.
that I too, have sexuality.
Perhaps to hell.
But a short life is fine.
Watch closely.

An Autumn Afternoon

My selfishness ruined her life.
money problems.
our iron ships…
The green hue of the pines…
a good memory.
Lies, all of it.

It must be kind of lonely
Having a young wife.
with changing colors
Imagine that poor child
It’s so quiet tonight.
my wife passed away

The mountain glows
with his bad mood.
Floating castles guard
You’re prettier on slow days.
Written with the characters
the blue-eyed ones

The setting sun in autumn
A little worn,
Her heart’s set on him.
he’ll sulk forever.
pills to… you know…
on eternity.”

the Land of the Rising Sun…
Let’s not accept any wreaths.
hear the end of it.
Well, we have held hands.
My dress patterns.
for the funeral.


No Regrets For Our Youth

My husband…
is a kind of escape,
Mother, look at my hands.
We remember the sea of flags
on my heart.

Scholars tend
the pretty scenes outside your window.
These last ten years
were crushed beyond repair.
my life would blaze so brightly

I’m afraid of my mother’s tears.
The pattern of the dots
what hardships may befall a man,
This year’s flowers
demanding secrets.

our dreams came to an end
more than anyone else,
Flowers on the knoll
Look at the clouds.
are brutally hard.

I thought you really wanted her
and the heavy burden of responsibility.
what it means to be alive.
are weak, after all.
after dark, like owls.

A family of spies.
and locomotives.
Plants along the river
So is the wind.

she only drew
of my happiness.
the exact opposite of what she feels.
The earth smells so wonderful.
she loves him or anything…

commenced combat operations
in flower arrangement
more meaningful than ever.
things like airplanes
above Mount Yoshida.

It’s so clear and rhythmic.
and blind to the truth,
Think of your mother.
the Bluebird of Happiness.
The thing that weighs most

People dig graves
it’s zeal or devotion,
I’m the shining light
Blazing crimson red.

The Passenger

All the shapes we make.
how much dirt there was.
a wrong trail.
concrete things.
for a night.

…you work with words,
…in the hands
And dust.
about yourself…

A kid throwing stones.
…a different perspective.
most sincere condolences.
as agreed in Geneva.

Pieces of film
A kind of detachment.
including a bad heart.
He began to live in darkness.
in some strange way I do.

Everybody knows
There’s a boat leaving
something about him.
of something.

Jesus Christ.
There is no way to explain it,
People disappear every day.
…fighting a secret war


Promise… You must promise.
you find nasty animals underneath…
Don’t go. My darling boy,
He’ll be the death of me.
the sky on an invisible string.

The twilight’s beautiful.
Speaking softly.
A big cat was basking in the sun
Like your mother says,
That’s dead and buried as of tonight.

Sunken chests,
without pain.
you have stumbled
in the dead languages.
in a bell-shaped skirt

He’s fetching the notebooks.
All that now remains
that there is a meaning
with his penknife.

Do you see that star?
for our years of neglect.
It clung on,
I had misgivings earlier.
Knowing the girl is

All your Sundays are ruined
This heat is trying.
in their funeral clothes…
so that dissolute
It drowned,

I’ve never felt so good as with you.
It dug all its twenty claws
For cheating.
You don’t put your heart
not quite recovered.

I’m so afraid, dearest.
chirping all the while.
in the new lock.
You play beautifully.
to bear that all on your own.