Le Beau Serge

She’s in pain and there’s no one.

small pieces fit.
expecting another
to understand.

I thought you were to blame
Hollered our lungs out.
That baby ruined everything.
someone has to stay.

Your father…
The priest and his prayers.
Keep your hands off my
It’s a baby.

They don’t care about words.
harm than good. You’re pale.

misunderstanding between us.
Yes, twigs to light a fire.
…the three of us would have
…an honest to God palace.

I like your dress.
Timid I guess.
Pregnant. Only slept with
priest once.

You were crying on him
I had no illusions.
There’s no sugar.
couldn’t find you.

The shame. Seeing him come
God what a life.
your death from cold.
He snuck in like a snake…

I was looking all over for
full of her.
protect him.
in a daze.


Les Cousins

Don’t forget to go to bed.
and entertainment.
Detective novels and porn.
to persuade her.

the hearts finesse.
Mother taught me.
like the devil’s own chauffeur.
You’ve slept with everyone.

You’re made for caresses,
A sort of dreaminess.
the wool over their eyes.
and loved every minute.

The next time I kiss your cheek,
discussing art history.
and spring returns.
to cry on our shoulders.

Your eyes are full
I want girls.
I said the most beautiful voice
Miracles should be celebrated.

I can almost hear bells.
some very sad news for you.
I weep.

not for things of the mind.
Between us,

the sun shines…
My condolences.
Ah, here’s a real friend.

Ηas anyone ever asked
when tomatoes ripen
I’m sure you are too.
in the world.

She’ll come crawling back.
Broken glass is lucky!
Recite your poem for me.
Deep down, you know,



I grew old in the autumn.
softer than the clay.
The portrait
Years passed by,
became lonelier.
for this embrace, my sweet.

A lamp, a candle,
The cold milk
a rainbow in her eyes
Let my heart burn endlessly,
which rests on the sand.
I melted in the sea

her sinister departure.
with fewer words.
I had my blossoming spring,
immersed in the water.
My eyes are not guilty
and well built.

This meadow is haunted
crept even into my chamber.
acts of mischief.
and its waterfalls.
Damn this game of men
and a tree burst out, bearing fruit

Throw your chisel, as my heart
Those mountains were carved
Through these tears,
so many unexpressed thoughts.
on the young gazelles of this land.

My hands obey my heart,
fighting rough stone
only a dagger,
is the sweetest of melodies.
I overcame thousands
died in her bloom.

Then, omniscient man,
To see your strong arm
as your gaze.
Sooner or later,
would be a lullaby
in this darkness.

The flame of love
like an arrow in the hands
blowing from anywhere.
I am here to mourn
blinded and captured…
She is glowing on the other side


Death of a Cyclist

I still had faith
left hollow inside
become clean and good again,
one day and kiss
at the metal factory.

I’m tired of always being
all over for you.
This voice of mine falls silent,
all your dirty secrets.
someone broke

yawns her way through cocktail parties,
and the family’s glory
the windowpane.
describes an ellipse
My veil was pulling a bit.

The woman cheated
all the moments
in joy and in sorrow
“House under construction collapses.”
like the title of a novel.

Fidelity purifies love,
you’ll have to pay.
lying there like a dog.
the solution.
to the kingdom of God,

your unquenchable desires.
Lovely words,
a thousand impoverished customers.
all over the world.

Today is a great day, Mother.
He said the same thing at our wedding.
sorted out and measured.
to let me caress you.
and everything falls apart.

I see my children grow up.
Memories during the war,
The pictures seem so strange.
our last vacation together.
A dangerous one.


Something Different

Come down.
Push properly…
according to your own axis.
To the five, three, four.
So that it is artful.

Turn around.
every moment it falls.
This making of photos,
what a trashing.

I was faithfull all my life.
is a pose, a persistence.
I don’t play cards with
to my family.
It’s all over again.

I’ll destroy you.
One has such a weird tingling.
if I can say something.
What a disappointment.

Every pose has to be
It’s true, everything.
how you have wished.
We need a nice pirouette now.
My last brush.

I almost break my tooth.
Kiss me.
weight on your little toes.
A moment.
And the golden medal

shoulders down, hold…
flawlessly, without protection
Don’t undress.
you’re lost.
You’ll be afraid still more.

and I had to leave everything.
a fairy tale.
you in the whole life.
Then we’ll go to the sea
I jump into a darkness.


Goodbye to Language

Staying alone becomes hard.
to answer.
shattered memories.
in a dreamy fog.
being submerged in water

So the years passed..
This morning is a dream.
pale death
While the fire burns
along the sea.

of valleys
what do we do with the bodies?
and wretchedness,

The mouth closes…
without the previous gentleness.
We looked at cloud shapes.
and spectacle in particular.
This is the story dogs tell.

What is outside, wrote Rilke,
A child playing dice.
a big one and a small one.
the heart of it

and the north wind blows,
A line of zeros
and death.
In myths recounting
circulates, constantly,

At the heart of their liaison
The manufacturing of steel,
The shadow of God.
What they call images

A dog, if you want.
so that I can speak.
and then surface.
the king of things
becomes music.

Plato says that beauty
only via an animal’s gaze.
Look in the mirror.
gazes lock,
Each thinks the other is dreaming.

When he entered the gas chamber,
Their word for the world is: the forest.
All we see is the abyss.
and simple glances.
that all will be forgiven.


Suzhou River

a mermaid doll.
my window on his way home…
If I leave you someday
killed her. Over money.
Same as ever.

being dragged out the water
He lost his heart
memories are stars
finish telling his story himself.
he had loved and lost.

I saw the bodies of two young lovers
making deliveries
There are no stars. There is no light
Blowing away my joy
nothing lasts forever.

You’re always like the wind
Things like that…
and he jumped off the roof.
combing her golden hair.
It had huge holes in the floor

alcohol and women.
Tears are warm, feelings are cold
the river will show you everything.
and then this love story
the end of the story.’

about love.
clear and full of fish.
his mermaid show
That’s his life.
which makes it the filthiest river.

I’ve been looking for you ever since
every boatman in Shanghai
families, love
Meimei’s feelings.
In the rainy nights

West to East through shanghai.
about her feelings.
I told her 45 thousand.
with her hands crossed.
out of my daydream.

The sun like a light in my room
her hair in two pony-tails
Once a baby was born
fingernails blue.
no Mermaid.


Winter Light

It was my parents’ dream
arranging flowers on the altar,
I can’t hold back the tears.
and that it’s only a matter of time
each other tenderness.
It’s so overwhelming,

Forgive me for asking, but things
to be illusions, dreams and lies.
replacing the candles.
and it’s given me pause.
Our caresses…
“God’s silence.

Cruelty, loneliness and fear…
dumbstruck with repulsion,
clutching my image of Him
Your periods.
A spider God, a monster.
No sustainer of life.

And here I am throwing myself
this junkyard of idiotic trivialities.
Our dreams.
these tablets in hot water.
for my weeping hands,
Please stay a little bit longer.

Your frostbitten cheeks.
And I guess my broken-down body
existed only as vague notions.
My hands all bandaged,
The Strands’.
togetherness and joy.

This autumn I realized
was characterized by warmth,
They hadn’t understood the meaning
Your timid displays of affection.
Stare all you like.

Admirable creatures,
If only we could feel safe
Another Sunday in the vale of tears.
world where everything made sense.
That’s what they wrote.
to our consolation and bliss.


La Belle Personne

winter’s sterility…
Around and inside you.
“this hard, forgotten lake that haunts
this white agony…
Sometimes sobs we contain…

Saint Paul Church.
that means something.
Money was spent on constructing
your chest on fire, your legs weak.
The truth is I’m fleeing.

Stars like crosses do ordain
of your sweet breath,
There are no secrets
undesirable in this library
I haven’t aroused desires in years.

Her dress billows
I’m as lost as you are.
On her wedding night,
So far from the springtime
Even a stopped clock is right

You can both love and hate at once.
Our arms they do betray
A few tears would explain
And the wind whispered to me
He wants to protect you,

When I left my notebook on the table,
a story with my name in it.
A sky in mourning just for us
And I weep often
When the wind took her away

“The virgin, vivid and beautiful today
my sadness, others do.
I sing to the rhythm
As in the sun we die
kissing, then you dump him.

“My love, I beg you, don’t leave me. “
A girl’s handwriting is better.
I haven’t felt this for ages
My openness.
From its heat we refrain

The nights better express
A whole life through
even those you love.
A star falls down,
in the cinema.

I warn you, I’m quieter.
I’m even in love with your knees.
They’re fragile as glass at that age.
When love has gone away
with its drunken wing


The House is Black

Tell me four beautiful things.
to alleviate this suffering.
reaching the hips,
And the shade of death

The song of those who sigh
is next to us.
come toward us, come toward us.
my bones waste away

The earth is pregnant with inertia
and whose hands
in places where the protection has been effective,
I do not know,

The leprosy is a contagious illness.
and lived in the sea,
to become beautiful
and the feet to go wherever I want.

Your roads are inscrutable.
Remember that my life is a breath
pushed by a current of love,

The star Neptune
it stiffens the fingers,
And Your eyes, my God,
You will see on the screen

they have seen me in the womb.
our life is full of moan.
the beautiful melodies

At the beginning of the night,
Listen to the history about the fire
on me
toward Yours

Your roads are inscrutable.
and like a cage full of birds,
And around me the cheerful songs
my father and my mother

Remember that my life is a breath.
the noise of the mill
you get dressed in red,
and that it is divided in months of pain.

The house is black.
The moon, the sun,
and the marrow of the bones
the wine of the indecision.

my sides and my destiny.
Form a sentence
gracious and merciful,
There would be even more

My heart is bursting with grief.
I am as the spilled water
but the words will remain.
abandoned of yours.

Remember that my life is a breath.
of your dove to the wild animals.
they have seen me in the womb.
That is the hope which