This Transient Life

Women are nothing
when their lives crossed with mine
If there is no Heaven,
I… know about it
made this world more colorful

Do you like my smooth skin?
deep inside the other person’s heart
you can vividly feel the pain
if you’re only half-hearted
and I can feel winter gradually melting

writhing in bed…
there is no such thing as law
The baby boy must be mine too
Trading stuff from here to there
who suppress their desires

The pleasure of young bodies
slowly drained into it
And then, spring
countless times
any kind of wishes

When did he start calling me mother?
if such terrible things exist?
Children are a dream of adults
… treasure your time…
on the battlefield

when he was making love
in all kind of details,
Only half of the body remained
You look pale
I am not Christ

dying or not dying
even late at night…
will silently accept…
That man was crushed into pieces
People say he looks like his mother

besides that Nothingness
I am all alone at night.
he has to dig out what’s buried
When we were in bed,



Since her death,
My house was burnt
The color of the walls,
about his own father.

Life is nothing but pain to me.
The whole box,
Let me weigh it for you.

Yes, I say my prayers
It will be a deep green.
and struck a match.
your children,

I saw pictures
both plain and inviting.
You’ve gotten prettier.
and concrete,

Look at that cloud.
and the windows,
Same in the afternoon.
as if he was being crushed.

then you are his son.
My heart isn’t beating at all.
But this one –

appear in my dreams
by peddling toys.
Close the shutters.
my damn wife anymore.

He’s badly wounded.
for the baby.
The face shows the character.
in engraving.

Lie still with your eyes closed.
I opened the door a little
Did she really pour sand
in valleys and mountain coves.

This is my wife.
This is a great disaster to us,
Just so-so.
from the grave.

and get it all wet on the inside,
So they chose the lowlands
are extraordinarily sensual.
Looks like rain.

You’ll die without pain
perfumed soap at the public bath
You feel that happiness
your share of troubles at home.

Give me a pillow.
during an air raid,
But if you don’t love me
right in front of their eyes.

all kinds of things.
remain red like this.
We like to live
and were killed


Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

Her white, tender arms full of longing.
Fire, water, illness.
In my own mouth.
Ghosts and the living dead.
like the ravens.
from the sea.

the cold February sky.
Last seen wearing a floral dress
I still dream about my father.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
The Bible, of course.
the heart of it all.

Mother, with your hidden desires.
of a missed-out life…
But the sun stutters.
like honeycomb.
I won’t say it twice.
The lie of lies.

…I dreamed…
the very word dragging out.
I’ve been turning things over
The sound of ejaculation.
The screen’s completely blank.
and religious.

There’s no world for me.
I scribble my alibi.
in broad daylight…
I’ve been reading Snow White again.
Sends shivers up my spine.
and your greedy lust.

I wanted to be a boxer, but I got scared
Human strength! Human strength!
Under the pomegranate tree!
Then you can see the stars a bit.
My son above all.
Sitting in the darkness

I wish to correspond.
As long as there is a body…
And as I was falling I thought:
My own words.
go into the swamp…
I love her as well.

Hobbies: collecting stamps and photos
The competition – the answer
Mother, I remember…
a little lizard in the park.
I am called…
No home.

You hold your breath.
She’ll do the rest.
You wanted one so badly.
I’m going to fly one day.
I envy those few yards of sky
leading to marriage.

A bit of flesh has fallen from the sky,
28 days of ashes and hope.
men in the war.
through the bathroom window.
The stars?
…to wash the boy I love.



I won’t say anything
Every night… as long as I live
Deep breaths
White, lace-trimmed,

I said, “Yes, her hair comes down
Rain and wind
…and you wanted to undress
…and didn’t move, poor thing

Please tell me the truth.
You brought white carnations
for her bedpan
because some details…

In the end my son will tell
Mother, dearest
I want him to find things
lovely presents yet…

My son is like me
Flowers for sure
…I’m Ionely and helpless
I laid it on thick

Stand on the scales.
on our honeymoon
The wife of a prisoner,
I’ve grown old

Unbutton your shirt
wear the new dress
In June we’re singing
My son’s last letter…

But this one is velvet
for the paper money
It’s for his mother
Long ago

traitor and conspirator…
The mother superior
Breathe again

It was an awfully long night
with wide, black ribbons
I know you’re in love


Les Enfants Terribles

On Commemoration Day…
She slept. She dreamed…
…sweeping like a car’s headlights over snow
her sweetness should conquer him…
…a sailor facing shipwreck,

Her heart thudding,
Haltingly, in whispers,
This vast glory hole that led nowhere…
All the perfumes of Arabia
…served as a barbaric tomb…

Come on, make your mouth tingle
like a crumpled leaf on the tray
…of pestilence and geraniums
The table’s name was Melancholy
…casting a fabulous veil

She loves you and can’t understand your silence
…enshrining her memory in the world of dreams
The ball of poison imposed silence…
Children are quick to imagine the worst
I can; it stays

You’ve not looked at the sea
Wearing mourning, anyway
shying clear of the lukewarm…
Their purpose replaced by symbolic meanings…
Reverently she put it away…

You must love your desert island,
merely junk to the uninitiated eye
She married him for his death
The monster has found his victim
“If you don’t love me, too, I’ll die


Night Tide

secrets of the universe.
pull the strongest.
this splendid liquid from
life in suspension.
you’ve been sailing the seas

never dreamt of
Beautiful horses.
The tide pulls at my heart,
and the moon, and the stars…
I’ve loved her ever since

deep entrancement.
and touched, and weighed,
washed up on shore, drowned.
A sideshow illusion.
talk about it.

the legend of the Sirens,
portions of the body.
afraid of what we love.
But the water is warm.
there is the glorious mystery

Sweet bird, don’t be afraid.
Patience is a virtue.
the person she loved,
and measured.
The Knight of Cups.

those relationships,
innocent and searching
Oh, my dear, dear, dear, dear.
the roar of the sea,
chiromancer or clairvoyant.

when you’re lonely,
profound significance.
your hopes and fears,
the rapture of the depths.
want me to pound you later?

the enormous power
a message into a code.
it saddens me to tell you,
I collect things from the ocean.
my soul with a strange longing.


From the Life of the Marionettes

We both love… how can I say…
Maybe I’m enclosed in a sphere
The fresh smell of thick hair.
almost unreal sunlight

Her lips make
a strange, hard surface.
only half of the truth.
Everything is far away.

your circulation and muscles
All that was cannot come back.
As Christ said on the cross:
Son, see your mother.”

Fell terribly in love.
like a multi-colored ribbon.
the glittering whiteness
of your father’s reign of terror.

when the snow melts.
It just flowed through my lips
The air changed.
I thought…

And summer smelled like
Divorce, and all that…
bit by bit, all worn out parts…

Winter smelled like snow,
in touch with our feelings.
The gray light disappeared
Put it softly to your cheek.

The light is too bright.
or rather on my fingertips.
Her scent. Her presence.

If you are life,
of sadness and hopelessness.
my hands are horrible.
a light stroke.

He claims to be haunted
next to the mouth.
spilling blood.
flooded by radiant,

But the same blood
There was a moment of tenderness.
without reservations.

It was good like this.
I dreamed I was dreaming.
and look into my face,
and deeply dug trenches,

He was scared of the dark.
You sometimes wear that color.
Sometimes he cried.
Your disgusting liqueur

swollen and stained.
from a deep sleep.
otherworldly experience
by the warm, soft dawn.

murder, acts of violence.
her movements.
“Mutual sexual freedom,”
People like me have never

I wanted to make love.
A kind of ground meat,
and delusions and compromises.
and I went into mourning.

My throat doesn’t hurt anymore.
chosen and created by God
Senseless rage seized me
were ritualized

I wanted to make love.
It’s an infinite sadness,
that moisture comes in
And now she really sees me.


A Pure Formality

First your guardian angels:
Those vacant eyes
a weapon of any kind.
Geometric reasoning.

a touching letter,
just before cock-crow
was murdered.
syllable by syllable

I stared for ages at the ceiling.
which inspired our dreams.
even the most inept,
from beginning to end.

a steady hand.
after our wedding.
and you were alone.
Warm milk.

Alcohol became my only joy,
I know it by heart.
and made notes
from the pocket of her skirt

I drove to the train station
morning and evening.
old memories trapped in amber,
at the edge of a field.

semicircular staircase.
of your creative breakdowns.
This body gasped for breath,

“Those lips pleaded for
miles from anywhere in a downpour,
you haven’t seen yourself in years.
as if they were fables.

“A Treatise on Pleasure”,
Writer’s block, misanthropy.
they went directly to our minds.
where the candles are

My biography is a lie,
I dreamt I killed
and low for ages and ages,
You can’t imagine the number

stringing words together
the cord with her teeth,
The lines are out of order.
trail and discover

He set forth theorems
apart this ocean of words,
of words that made no sense.

each… each phrase reflected the most
on the backs of old calendars
The typewriter.
to make him forget this

Nobody plays games with me.
breaking down sentences the way
of breath you couldn’t talk?
pain and sorrow tingled with black,


Love Is My Profession

The boat is now drifting along
It’s meaningless to her
All women are cut out for it.

You’d shed a few tears and then…
Love is exactly the same.
It’s like a mercy killing.
in a dazzling evening dress,

She left a letter.
hid it with a scarf.
with the paintings.
to an extravaganza of light

with their fiery bouquets
their gracious majesties,
are fluttering in the breeze
behind his wife’s back.

You’re the one woman I can’t leave.
And loves sex.
music and acclaim. The fireworks
Looks like it might snow.

Like yesterday.
and stars of gold…
black, too.

Defense is no bed of roses.
6 dozen beauties
washed down with the finest wines,
The cortege pauses.

They want light for once.
The jeweler’s.

A crowbar’s heavy.
I apologize for the wait.
A beautiful girl like that.
may be a farewell gift.

It’s not the cold.
You wanted to sleep with her.
Beaver fur coat.


That Obscure Object of Desire

What in Christ’s name is this?
you kiss me with your mouth.
and your belly…
Open it with your teeth.
where emergency measures
You have absolutely nothing
Your slightest touch makes me sick.

The key.
is this.
heartless. If he goes, I go.
You know I’m yours alone,
You might have come and said:
I kissed you to thank you.

I set out some candles.
The atmosphere.
about a strange alliance:
we stay together.
of total subversion.
No more rambling

You hold me in your arms,
290 DEAD
I’ll close my eyes.
to make a man happy…
to give me strength.
I’m free of you. Free for
A demolished car, someone

overjoyed. That’s all I ask for.
That was yesterday morning.
She left barefoot.
as dead.
What’s this I feel?
normally through the windpipe,
I struggled.

You look so lovely today.
If you belong to someone, tell me.
a statement condemning
Kiss the hem of my dress
Our souls are straighter
Spin me around a few times.
With pleasure.