Once Upon A Time There Was a Singing Blackbird


This is my mother.
The mask.
A generator.
I got married.
It’s written on the door:
Take your hand away.

It hurts? And here?
It’s the heart?
A wedding band?
It’s a bit scratched.
Nothing at all.
Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
I told you.

there’s a formula…
Taste these pears.
and talk on the way.
If one takes care of one’s garden,
You could be poisoned.
But don’t disappear.
Come in.

Read. Everything is explained.
The vineyard spoils every spring.
With transistors?
I’ll leave you.
Me, this way.

Breathe deeply.
As you wish.
You sing without me?
A question of willpower.
I miss you.
I have a small garden.
How far does your telescope reach?


The Little Tailor


It’s like my life writes itself.
And my blood be cold the while
From mirror to mirror,
It tells of a Prince’ s dreams,
dreaming up ways
Before the world was made.

I was suffocating to the point
I don’t want to see him.
and a bastard girl’s kindness.
Touch my heart.
a savage who pretends
Don’t tell her Kate smiled.
And my heart unmoved?

Close your eyes.
If you’re down,
Don’t forget to clip the seam
And the lips more scarlet
That sweet thing?
If you’re in heaven,
and following you anywhere.

I brought flowers.
I never thought possible
Then, with all these memories,
You pricked yourself.
Pass me the drops.
I’m looking for the face I had
of wondering if life was real

He wrote poems in the camps.
His heart a little lighter.
a walk in the garden,
I torture boys by the thousands.
Lovely flowers.
of great confusion.
dressed in black.

I didn’t say she was sad,
I use this leaden word on purpose.
My death belongs to me.
If I make the lashes dark
for today I abandon you.
Hold my hand.
were separate.


Muddy River


She smells of soap…
sad yesterday…
And as his soul flew home,
Rice feels warm.
in burnt-out Osaka.

Girls are so nice.
under rocks in the fields.
I prayed in my heart
about being born
Will you sing a bit more?
like this before.

Your mother is asleep.
ten years.
a burnt-out ruin.
a beautiful doll.
for easy births.
That monster is our secret.

Your fathers and mothers,
an incredible magic trick.
some fairy floss and
People close to death
by blood.
line the riverbed.

It’s second-hand.
Such a beautiful voice.
– It cracked a little.
some brown sugar.
the ashes of the dead.
in the silence.

You know that dress
It’s a crabs’ nest.
dying all around me.
with Mum.
a houseboat stays still
by the waves.

The red sun blazes
It fits her perfectly.
I just heard her voice.
lie buried here.
the sound of his watch.
filled with dreams.

Why are the eyes of a child,
raw sugar pieces
I once tried to warm them
the young samurai
He’s a tree that grows
I suddenly felt like seeing


Paradise: Faith


Bless the room his mother died in,
Just as a ball spins
Filthy, dirty…!
A miracle. A miracle.
Jesus, you know how hard

Maria with your child so sweet…
don’t understand the meaning.
Cried the whole way.
The Lord loves it
that it makes you suffer.

You, the sublime, the merciful.
A layer of fat that women have
Allah, God of all words,
“Sexual wildness destroys.”
In their blessed memory.

Hold your breath.
the resurrection of the body,
My heart swells so
you are the vulnerable heart
the deeper meaning of all this.

– You say this is bad and that is bad.
O sacred Head, now wounded…
But now my hands are useless.
Nearer, my God, to thee
Just as a cloud quick appearing

Your blessings we do you entreat.
of pulmonary emphysema.
The earth is beautiful
You are like a miracle to me,

Though like the wanderer
You can kneel for hours.
Show me your breasts. I want to see.
I’m giving you a rosary.
with skirts up to here,

What hurts?
the bed died for me too.
Women say men are children,
He who sweated blood for us.
Free them from their hell.

You do unchaste things
When enveloped by a cold breeze
With grief and shame weighed down.
the crown of thorns for you…
in thin stockings

If I want to watch TV,
so, so full of light.
Vanish and are dissipated
the communion of saints,
Breathe out.


2001: A Space Odyssey


A few sketches.
below the lunar surface…
of our illustrious son.
He’s been doing some underwater
Mommy something for me.

The radio is still dead.
…the very strange stories
part of some buried structure…
floating around before we left.
I can feel it.

name and initial.
natural erosion or other forces.
to send their best wishes, too.
…for the many sacrifices
stories much credence…

We are reviewing telematic information
higher brain functions…
It’s exactly like being asleep; you
And your heart beats three times a

he has genuine emotions.
deliberately buried.
…the four-million-year-old black
…and the melodramatic touch…
…a computer error occurring

We are reviewing telematic information
integrity and self-confidence.
It took seven minutes for our words
Tastes the same, anyway.
my own concern about it.

I appreciate the way
I’m afraid.
up the great big mystery…
I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I can’t.
I’m half…

feeling wonderful, too.
it was buried four million years ago.
…without disturbing the purely

the emergency air-lock.
you in the Earthlight Room.
…I could see your lips move.
little like famous last words.
Its origin and purpose…

perfect operational record.
you’ve handled this thing.
definition of the words…
…are still a total mystery.


The Edge of Heaven


here on the Black Sea Coast.
Leaves, buds, flowers.
With courage.
with all this literature.
– Nothing.
on our hands.
To death.

– Medicine…
I taught myself.
about anything, anyway.
“Everything to its own time
My condolences.
They’re long gone.
to the sacrificial mount.
never your real one.

But the sea’s getting choppy.
I put her things in the boxes.
your “Right to Repent”
Peace be with you.
you’re finally on your own.
his knife went blunt.
And I’ve been feeling…
No, the inside light.

Take your clothes off.
You’re the saddest person here.
Show me…
physical maltreatment or torture.
Two quotes illustrate this.
and sleep with me.
and the language as well,

The girls will show you.
and fears danger to body and soul or
cultural decay…
Your connections…
this untimely intoxication.
“My divine lover”?
in the depths of winter?


The Blue Kite


circling birds cry and caw.
infinite in your compassion…
my heart’s not at ease.
And in the evenings.
matches your dress.

Palms up, palms down.
He has no bride so he weeps with despair…
took over these rooms.
harvest ever more.
the rest of your life.

the jade cup shines with an amber light.
to prevent total blindness.
and youthfulness for the old.
Goddess of Mercy,
The crow on the tree,

Little birds look for food,
veil over their face.
The wedding ceremony…
I fear my heart’s going to burst.
eating tigers.

The fragrance of the wine beguiles,
away with the fairies.
exterminating all sparrows.
I’ll wait for you forever.
of a heart attack.

the wedding photograph.
There’s ash in your hair.
My lantern got burnt up.
gone blind.
I won’t besmirch your glorious

When can I ever stop worrying about you?
It snowed last night. I thought of that
When the light’s on you talk,
invade others.

In the past, brides always wore a red
threatening letter.
and home made sweets.
She died two years ago giving birth.
Spin the other way,


Deadly Circuit

Screen shot 2020-06-30 at 22.01.01

I’ll die of sorrow in bed…
like a glacier on the move.
Those fingerprints did it:
I’ve marked in a cross
My wife left me.
We had some painful scenes.

the ogre decided to talk to the little girl.
The sign of gentleness.
A few brief tears… a swoon…
The year of the “H” bomb.
Pension Hortensias.
he collapsed, his pockets full of diamonds.

blue eyes…
Should I dye them brown?
Killed a man last night.
My necklace has been swiped.
My darling…

I can foretell storms, hurricanes…
I’ve been sailing.
Since forever!
the girl’s mother was a nothing.
bitter cold…
and she eats pears.

All the planets are hostile.
Active, voracious, cultivated.
But you’ll always have pretty hands.
Calm down, troubled soul…
The words: “sudden passion.”
through the sewers of Monte Carlo…

She has lilac eyes…
The snake under the stones
symbol of winter…
though it have no tongue…
I heard you turning pages.
A deadly whirl…

a pretty fur coat…
the year of the cold war.
It was probably very sad.
He thinks of you always.
It’s long-distance
like all fathers.


The Milky Way

Milky Way

she doubted the words of the angel.
Same with the hotels. All empty.
her faith had weakened slightly.
for all men.
Touch my hand.
There is no mystery

I heard its wings beating.
– It’s gold.
is to deceive
carnal union is a venial sin.
A miracle, Lord.
Science can explain

Well, I say Christ is contained
the color black.
the purified soul
She’s performed countless miracles.
It is written:
but through the heart.

campus stellae, “field of the star.”
forever submitted
a heresy that denies a mystery
which the mind and the heart reject.
before declaring the remains
deeper and sweeter

“Where prayers go unheeded
Or a sunbeam through a window
but deep down,
in his heart there is no God.”
“There, where tears are of no avail,
Science is more than ever

wonder why God allows
the young souls entrusted to us
You don’t light a candle
at the foot of the cross,
the poor Carmelite, in tears,
It’s no crime to depict

inner grace is irresistible.
in the scriptures.
our contempt and loathing,
to its celestial abode.
And the steward thought:
Lord, we’re here.

Sounds like voices.
A religion without mystery
Matter as unworthy
a star led shepherds to the place
Give me a light.
The dogma of the Assumption

conducted undisturbed.
He didn’t suffer, he never died.
is mere wishful thinking.
of this world are more astute
We hear your every word.
both ancient and modern.

Lord, a bird just flew over.
unable to bear it anymore,
We’ve inherited the fruit
to light all the house.
In the fallen state of nature,
of my Father in heaven


The Hairdresser’s Husband


Death is yellow and vanilla-scented.
watching the sun go down
That was when I met her.
with memories…
In her glittering glass palace,
God is infinite.
of our embraces,

There’s a storm coming.
Crush my breasts so tight
Liking solitude,
with affection alone,
I’ll make a confession:
“When the light’s obscure,
I couldn’t speak.

If plastic flowers grew in a garden,
pregnancy will never deform.
Short hair for communion
having seen her heavy,
but infinitely gracious air
You know knitted wool…
the branches, the lawn, the trees.

She’d be like this stream:
Not conscious of anything.
a massive dose of barbiturates.
from morning to night,
on our stationary luxury liner.
Her body, her smell was mine.
No dream is impossible.

She shrugged, sighed in annoyance
shafting how many women.
Think of me now and then.
Repair and Synchronization by
At night, in bed,
in my memory.
If it still holds,

flooded my nostrils, a mixture
in some magazine.
silently, to immerse myself
Mathilde was my life.
That lays a film over everything:
and edgily, silently,
then wears out.

throw off the sheets,
the smooth belly
Say yes.
you know nothing exists
like cherries.
of my loveliest years,
“the ardent agony of roses.”