Bonjour Tristesse


I wish I walked the way she walks now.
I never know what anybody means.
That our happy days were numbered.
I thought I felt a change. Forgive me.

She ruined that beautiful dress.
She allowed us to believe
To sleep in the sea.
for the first time in my life.

We were only kissing.
Two hearts.
One small diamante.
She probably needed air.

Maybe we won’t have to write at all.
Let’s dance in the meantime.
and drown in the sun.
under the table.

For a walk in the woods.
three months ago.
Even with an unwashed face.
made of memories I can’t lose.

material the colour of this water.
Jealousy, the green-eyed monster.
There will be risqué stories
“suicide” to anybody.

Baby needs shoes.
Couldn’t care less.
I wish you would explain
the other side of the rocks.

our old life.
He’s spreading it with flowers.
Great big drops.
In his pocket, unopened.

It’s the idea of marriage
you hand out at parties.
She doesn’t give him a chance
have a weapon against me forever.

in my life.
Love doesn’t depend on that.
It’s an epidemic.
Nothing is.

No lady goes home alone.
But then a young girl’s skin
the last of my sunburn.
lf he marries again, he’s ruined.


Mamma Roma


First love.
Foaming at the mouth.
She’ll be waiting for you.

She’s always crying.
Dark and deep,
He was like a living Bible.

you won’t see me again.
I killed plenty with my sling.
I was always in the hospital.

A stolen tear
had pockmarked his whole face.
Like I ate my own heart out.

what an awful place the world can be.
You’d think it was your wedding day.
the night of deep sighs.

her hair still so black.
But your heart is bursting with rage
They’re cicadas.

A finch.
set you free,
like a lost soul.

Say something.
of the lamentable vale,
a song from the heart?

Look what a jewel my son is.
only pretend to be asleep.

This fog rusts your bones.
She’s still so beautiful,

The evil you do is like a highway
towards your father’s voice,
I didn’t even know I was dying.

With a little help from the right saint,
Even stolen goods.
He never refuses

You have to make him forget her,
how women are made.
You could sing mass.

He’s my only child, my only hope.
There’s a black girl who likes me
I dreamt we were




…still waiting for me.
the life of the blossoms.
…in my arms.
A slow death is even worse.
We all know that.

It gets inside you…
Firewood mostly.
Death’s calling card.
It’s exciting.
I dumped gallons of milk

One hundred-plus three.
are weeping in their sorrow.
You were shot. You fainted.
The snow is warm.

The clouds…
I can’t let you in now.
I can hardly look you in the face.
It’s hard to celebrate such a loss.
So they just scream.

…a one-eyed bird…
But broke my heart…
A girl.
you couldn’t see the stars.
…as if they were miracles.

Your watch is broken.
…I feel that same pain.
We’ve got candles and linseed oil.
No casualties.
But my parents…

their forgiveness.
A nice, happy funeral.
…in this orchard.
The hands are moving.
in bloom once more?


Utamaro and His Five Women


Something bad happened.
Love and gratitude don’t go together.
that’s what the tattooer said.
he has dimples when he smiles.
someone better than me.

I drew on a body that loves and cries,
The final touch.
my skill as an artist.
Bring the materials.
because my hands are bound.

I share your feelings.
But no drawing
Pure blood. So alive.
I’ve never been able to act according to my desires.
I have trouble forgetting it.

5 or 6 days ago.
A whore came to get you.
The Goddess of Mercy?
but she has good sides.
Hopefully it won’t be a double suicide

She had her back towards me.
A really sublime skin.
I feel like a prisoner,
I can’t just smile and keep suffering.
Your portraits of her were enough.

Courtesans are different.
Would you lend your lovely body
and selfish love
to catch their soul.
they’re like angles.

It’s love, isn’t it?
The sentence was hard.
and you won’t forgive me.
The mixing of colors follows many rules.
she’s speaking with a few language twitches.

Even if I become a ghost, I still have something to see.
even the stones in a landscape.
To put an end to a genuine love.
With baby eyebrows when he closes his eyes.
You cast a spell on him

Etchings merchant
I became her slave.
I beware of women.
Two famous beauties.
imagine that you’re very sick


The Lady of Musashino


Hey, you!
Morality is the only power.
Something limpid and clear
That’s what marriage is.

If you tease your body,
Whatever happens between us two…
It’s better to be scared
because you don’t love me.

I think that’s what love is.
to eradicate that part of me.
I’m not sure God exists.

It’s time for bed.
and filial piety.
you felt something special for me.
you’ll get less of a share.

What are you crying for?
account for all the water
Tell me the truth.
since I last saw you

anyone’s moral stance.
is to concentrate on the body,
without hurting ourselves
Yes, and acorns in autumn.

…a loneliness worse than death.
I believe there’s something
Simple, green, beautiful…
but her heart’s very weak.

The end came much too suddenly.
It’s because of her samurai blood.
Please say yes.
before nightfall.

the village prostitute
patient to the last.
I cried when I got your letter.
M, O, U, N, T.

His munitions factory
of classical music. Listen.
I had all my books sent here.
Clever people aren’t bullet-proof!

The stream by the house
all you’ll do is damage it.
I hear you’re besotted
Why did you agree

because of all these springs.
I don’t want anything.
I’m starting to hate
It’s started raining.

She has no passion.
This led to an erosion
we’d come here to catch cicadas
it’s 150 meters above sea level.

…that I love you.
only exists in your dreams.
No, it’s my birthday party!
It was all so sudden.

is making me sad.
I wanted a word with you.
… will be watching over you for ever.

I know you’ve been a devoted wife
spontaneous, unforced…
I will be dead.
I thought

whatever happens
If we’re living on a graveyard,
on the radio.
you haven’t been around for a while.

if we swear we’ll always be true
and collect flowers.
It’s all the same to me.
I hope it rains a lot.




Maybe that is all.
do not pursue that dream.

But now your name
Indeed. All that remains
A shadow cannot exist

Someone plays the flute every night.
and inner perimeters,
into others’ hearts.

Has the wound healed well?
I’ll miss you.
For some reason,

My old wound hurts
that pine tree
I was going to be crucified.

There will be rain and snow.
It will be a sad march home
A serious illness can change

Torture failed to make him talk.
made me careless.
Behave as your heart tells you.

even a man’s heart.
I thought the jar contained treasure,

what will happen to the shadow?
They sent a doctor to see
It’s a miracle

This is the sutra room.
no bonfires or anything,
Quiet as a forest.

Remove your mask.
He must feel
The color is like blood,

He was badly wounded.
and dropped a plumb line.
The lord is that mountain.

People gather and scatter.
The castle is now sure to fall.
He must refrain from mounting




there was a stream
It was the slow movement,
…and I felt her lips
It aches slightly.
Keep the camera on this.

I haven’t slept for days.
…and then we make love.
and set the roses on fire.
I watched the reflections
on her finger.

Do you know that the forest
It’s a kind of feeling…
like a nightmare.
a great pain…
of dark green water.

It frightens me when the bells ring
Mine are completely worn out.
You can’t talk about it.
Do you have any bandages?
you know what love is.

The white-haired one left saying,
Touch my eyes.
Please come inside.
and it was overgrown with roses.
as I entered the living room.

there were white houses
touching my cheek.
It is not my dream but somebody else’s
I had a fever for weeks afterward.
Touch here.

I felt really in love with you.
I had a real strange dream.
I woke up crying.
I visited my son.
I can’t explain why.

You can say, “I’m sorry,”
I believe in living in hope.
the most horrible measures.
with high arches and pillars.
thereby causing us great losses.

My hand is completely ruined.
and a little inexperienced.
I don’t see anything.
I don’t know any secrets.
…and I was afraid of combat.

The one who cleans the house
will miss me if I disappear,
she was breathing.
But that’s not my voice.
Eva, come here.

She had a Band-Aid
for seven years now.
We only remembered it
when they liquidated
…a penetrating fear.