I was helpless, had no words

A gentle sound. . .
and in the end, he dies
except through images

But mother didn’t go away
On her birthday, she’d always cry,
Terrified to face the truth

you used that sharp stick
of sorrow and betrayal
the endless darkness

those who are afraid of pain
and the consuming Loneliness
Females drowning in their lust

I like rainy days
I could close my eyes
The scenery flows by cinematically

and gentleness, mercy and
The photographer’s dream
will you stay forever?

The stars are pretty
dancing, with my bloody arms
the ambiguity of human memory

Her heart is overcome by a world
amplified into rawness
my sisters hand-me-downs

Swelling lips
brimming with fantasy,

Nothing came crashing down
but the scent of the way home
I no longer exist inside of her

all the merry people in the world
beginning with images,
destruction and renewal of memory

but there’s no telling. . .
Are we still dreaming a dream?
Open your vibrant heart

in a white dress
Don’t abandon me
When my wish comes true

Fireman ends up burning
scissors in hand
Tomorrow’s my birthday

Parents split up
Dad and Mom are sick
The magical powers

My mother was inside me
awash in cruelty, harshness,
My fantasy about her expands

My unsound heart
hatred and loneliness
look like people’s ex-teeth

I didn’t need to make a film
only sand and sky
I longed to ease her sadness

Tightened strings
Normal sex doesn’t do it
beauty surrounded me

I find myself enveloped
Are you with me because
empathy linger in our hearts

I desperately wanted her
and the excess of intimacy
flows as from a broken dam

Father walked out
deaths in her family
The cat slipped away that day

The human heart is fragile
Having something to hold onto
Weight: 45 tons

We are apart, but. . .
What is the sadness
by the scent of rain

she had disappeared
Yes, on her birthday
Maybe I was no good

Look up at the sky
Three answers
it drifted down, down, down

What she keeps bottled up
at that dreamlike state
of that dark red space

If I have sex with you,
Don’t ever leave me
for my inability to communicate


El Sur


It was like opening my eyes
She had a way about her
And so many misfortunes everywhere.

Did she really exist?
on the other side of the globe,
on the banks of a river.

Once I found a piece of paper,
sewing my dresses,
and I filled them with images

sitting next to a window
With patience and lots of shade.
on which you’d written her name

yet I have few clear memories
Even wild animals
had swallowed her up.

I do remember the past
even if it’s just slinking around
In the photo I’ve included

Well, goodbye.
with my silence.
A bit more.

How I loved her!
the hours were interminable.
people get burned from the heat

the veil.
a faint glow in the sky

That autumn day,
taking care of her flowers.
hopelessly superstitious

the pendulum again.
I could hardly sleep.
It’s better with your hair

Time is the most ruthless
among the photos of couples,
always with palm trees

Or was she an imaginary figure?
on the movie posters.
and strongly going down.

Things between us
I was very nervous
There’s no excuse for firing shots

I waited the whole time
communions and soldiers,
gradually unfolded before me

a photography studio.
others saw as almost miracles.
“Flower in the Shadows”

As if you were getting married.
and your father a demon.
How far down do we have to dig?

That’s why I love you.
close your eyes a little

You know who I’m remembering now?
Just words, and only words.
and your father

You talk in a funny way.
of the movie magic you mention.
And it’s been like that ever since.

Dad left in the middle of the night
to ask you so many things.
after such a long silence.

Here it almost never gets warm.
there were others for whom you cared
I’m getting used to it.


Day For Night

Day for Night (La Nuit americaine)

I want to touch you.
committed suicide
But time heals all wounds.

Who is that woman I keep seeing?
A minor depression.
my memory has gone to hell.

Electrocuted twice, hanged twice
You never speak to her.
You’re the jealous type.

Heart Transplant…
Only the flowers are missing.
it means she’s slept around…

The camera will never go inside.
In the sleeve and down the dress.
you can see the sea

wear a swimsuit.
through the window.
of an older man

Jeweler Knifes Wife.
She locked herself in
No sentimentality.

I thought women were magic.
I’ll caress her with this hand.
you’ve been hurt.

I don’t want the snow
I want my scarf.
I wanted us to be together

I’m sorry to make you die again.
I can’t take my eyes off the fire.
What went wrong was the beginning

Anyway, my love-affairs
A night scene shot in daylight
Those 2 beds look lonely

This is the gun you wanted
wrap it in gauze
So it’s seen against the snow.

scenes with another actor.
For her, it was a relief.
I’m a fifth wheel.

Bed, night tables
One cat’s milk
The trick candle

Too much hair on the neck.
It’s too dark.
and put it under your pillow.

She falls in love
shoots him in the back.
I remember escorting her

moving images
circle the good takes
This has never happened before…


Vivre Sa Vie


All you know are bits and pieces
I enclose a photo and…
ends of the radiant hair

Remove the inside and you see
without hurting or bruising

It was the portrait of a young girl
Forgotten, my broken heart
Maybe I’ll get into films

What about my pictures?
My eyes
I’m telling you my life story.

Loving you is exhausting.
from silence to words
Two years ago, I wanted

A message is a message
No one really knows the language
One searches and can’t find

I saw the film.
When the crook was shot
as the flame of the lamp

I’m a bit shy about undressing
as darkness falls
Gradually, I became a prostitute

Happiness is no fun
Lies, too, are part of our quest.
When shall we do those photographs?

I don’t mean ordinary lies
Speech is another life
I thus saw in vivid light

she creates scenes
and then closed my eyes
Is more to me than the stars

there is a kind of ascetic rule
a more sober and more certain gaze
in our window glows

But when the moment comes to speak,
I exist too. You say I’m cruel,
I had found the spell

Like loving one another more
one has killed the everyday
you just vanished

The film’s started, anyway
And I love you
Plato said so; it’s an old idea


The Devil, Probably


He was staring at the bullet.
no idea about intimacy.
Hands unconsecrated by priesthood.
contaminated by seepage.

You know I’ll never leave you.
illness is seeing too clearly.
thousands of dead trees.
It lasts indefinitely.

There’ll be no more blue skies
to replace true desires with false ones
And the bullets
breaking open the boxes

I’ve got the keys.
Mercury waste thrown into the sea
became sacred only when swallowed
Destruction is for everyone.

an extraordinary pleasure.
see myself murdered.
again and kiss you like before?
sea-bed now is no better.

Destruction of birds and insects
A new up-surge of libido
The tankers’ effluent.
You didn’t love him.

All I’ve got left… an old sweater…
There is great suffering.
All those invented words and gestures
the Church of tomorrow.

What’s going on in that heart?
I knew you needed me.
Loss of appetite often
God is no longer present.

laws are unfathomable.
It’ll break your parents’ hearts.
I’ve lost a marvellous girl.
underwater… and then wait.


Nunta de Piatra


I will run unwedded
Withered as the leaf
Mom will buy you a dress.
A wreath…

He’s afraid of a bride gone lost.
Through mountains with firs,
without a necklace
holding hands with boys.

a bride is weeping badly
The little one is ill,
Under the dark seal,
at the lake’s cradle

And I saw myself wedded
down in the world of the gold
dim as the horse’s sight.
another one, holding hands.

Only the mountain’s sister
At the mirror of the lake nearby
brothers among firs
They can go marry the devil’s mother.

When you act stone cold
agonized and laboured…
dales with violas,
Hold the bottle so I can pour some.



A Man Escaped


Luck and idleness
Pewter and aluminum
Despite the handcuffs,
I emptied my mattress

The gravel crunched
The nail fell.
The clock struck four.
A kind of grace.

I folded the cloth in quarters,
with my sisters’ hair.
The night was black.
and the constant fear

It was you in the corridor.
She was tiny, but pretty.
I learned this much later.
A letter in a pile of laundry.

I often sat facing my door,
No pencil.
I tore everything
the word “Courage.”

I used to dream of being alone
by cutting or chipping away
I emptied everything
I got used to the idea of dying.

How can a man be born
She must love you.
Shot two days ago.
withstood my pulling.

You can’t control fate.
Give me your letters tomorrow.
Twelve meters of rope
Drink the rest.

It was a distressing ride.
No pity for your age.
the Battalion Song