L’Enfant Secret


She was afraid all the time.
A little wolf
Directing the loneliness…

I was holding a thing in my hand
between two scenes

It’s like I’m exiled in myself.
A summary of all these thoughts…
the most painful part of the hospital time.

Memories came back from the void…
And after that they sink into eternity.
My mother is dead.

I’ll make a film.
“There are too many dreams,
while being separated.

My heart’s like a stone.

Just below the star, at a tiny home
I loved a woman, I had a friend
She goes to gather some wood

I love you.
Don’t abandon me…
With a flame that kept fading.

The last two days I was so sad that I…
I didn’t give a damn she sleeps with others.
They follow that star

You know, I didn’t find the sealing wax.
I smashed a window.
Your face is like lace.




We were to be married this autumn.
I know.
Our two bodies lying together.

Their fathers.
the pain of the war.
In a pocket next to my heart…
That sound is why I love spring.
Come in.

Thank you for your tears
to the death of our children.
The sound of the wind in the leaves.
wonderful things about you.
Etched into me.

You have a lovely accent.
to ask forgiveness.
Shy and stormy.
To cut the throats
In your veiled light

A sad lyre
Our pain is still immense,
Let me embrace you.
Read it out loud.

I didn’t want to feel anything anymore.
your silence
Our secret language.
Only more tears.
by the thousands…

I ran.
On dead bodies.
The one of a pale young man…
A little fresh air.
and the anguish it causes me.

I’ve lost the will.
To unburden myself.
Autumn promises to be lovely this year.
With its sweet scent
You can’t imagine.


The Consequences of Love


I’ll follow you with a broken heart.
I have never, ever,
I separated from my wife
I was someone

Sadness descends upon him…
both exacting and sweet…
this mute performance.
and I’m not your contestant.

even more beautiful ones.
…he pretended it was nothing.
but it unsettled us nonetheless.
my blood cleaned thoroughly.

You can own memories…
diamonds and little pearls.
to be counted by hand…
You’ve lost.

This force of happiness,
in waxed wood.
The crane lowers you down.
lipstick and chocolate…

and a little distance.
It’s my birthday.
Stop giving me
human life especially so.

The ivory and gold statue
…in the midst of a snowy landscape,
You tell me your darkest,
…that animated her

– I always liked your mother.
The rhythm of her life flowed
what happened.
to notice all these things.

Insomniacs have one obsession:
Like mine.
Ours can only creep along, envious.
that picture anymore.

her being, beautiful and reckless.
25, 26 years.
against a cold, biting wind…
something of my mother’s.


Ghost in the Shell


Our boat sank in the harbor.183
We cling to memories
Armed and enhanced.289
We made you a new body.29
Just noise.485
your ‘ghost’, 32

Sedate her.35
to sing that lullaby,75
Just a million miles away.660
how alone that makes me feel.370
I was drowning.20
from rejecting this body.414

You’re injured.110
Since the Deep Dive.354
You have damaged internal systems.195
I will burn this section.398
I need to run hundreds
And Wild.787

I told you to be careful.638
messing with the human soul.93
like garbage.555
A refugee boat.23
You’re not invulnerable.363
You’re reducing

Sensory echoes from your mind.
were murdered136
with the human heart.739
my ghost can survive there
and maybe you can remember it all.595

You remind me of her.788
I’m fine. I can’t feel anything.198
everything was data
When I am finished in this world,532
I’m human. I’m flawed.68
Weapons up.516

I will always be there with you857
I have been born more than once.505
Create your own beauty.
This is your past, your real past. Take it.729
They could have left traps in her.256
you’ve always wanted.52


Go, Go, Second Time Virgin


I… I slept in that puddle of blood.
The black list that I made,
tears that women spill?
Without possibility.
I will not see you again.

I never loved anyone in my life.
I bleed.
My police coffee.
I love you. I adore you.
only leave Me.

I am not sad… I am not sad.
the Cesariana session of the map.
will not be opened before dawn.
You can rape me.
Suffocate in air.

Sleep… to live…
The bed of concrete…
My observed room.
“nitro of the love.”
Travelling in its hand As a yellow dream

opened eyes, open your eyes.
If you want to die…
Its expanded abdomen,
This is not erect, all body of red neon.

It would take 5 seconds to fall.
I taste of soil,
the bridge of a sad knife,
It´s very painful…
before you collide.

I want to read a history in frames.
the incest of kitchenette.
The virgin spring. To hide…
I wrote this.
with an adulterous woman.


The Secret of the Grain


Hurry up, night has fallen.
There will be leftovers.
Solitude, exile, humiliation…
It’s a revolution.
Till your hair turns white.
For a wedding.

Try to find the words.
to hold the nets open horizontally
When we make love.
You say a prayer.
If it was only about us,
and the price.

It’s heavy.
It smells like the sea.
Bad weather.
Love… – It is love.
I’d put a mean dress on,
Put a wolf in the henhouse,

Fatma’s fingers.
Intimate ambiance.
Smells like fish.
paint, propellers, etc.
Two. Just two fingers.
Come in.

You’re melting on the ground.
Between the sea and the yard.
Lost your tongues?
Please come home tonight.
Look underneath.
It’s Nemo.

No. I invested with the heart.
I’m not inflaming.
Then one day, no more boats.
meaning every part which is immersed.
Math and me…
Always ringing.

My God.
He looks like a marionette.
It’s superstition.
Not even half of the truth.
‘I love you,’ and ‘darling’.
Hurts deep.


A City of Sadness


Open your mouth.
The flowers are blown hither
It’s all there.
A photograph.
I am apart from my loved one…
This is breaking and entering.

the sunset.
can’t be repaired.
by flinging herself into a waterfall.
The Japanese love the sight
…a woman killed herself
…in my own hands.

the cherry blossom…
The note she left
Please give it to him with the sword
Bring medicines,
like snow.
as a memento.

It’s about a beautiful siren
with a red circle in the middle.
its unconditional surrender.
I almost died of the cold.
…for a woman with light wounds.
…with the aim of reflecting

mulberries in the fields,
Heads down.
Search for him.
The autumn flowers

The Japanese flag is white
Far from home…
The only thing you know
… and then, when the flowers fall
Bride and groom, bow

She said, “Consider me dead.
bad dreams lately.
from the mainland.
and the sea.
him lose blood.
A full valise.