Ash is Purest White

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Relationships and feelings do change,
the final depth of the reservoir
is a sense of the cosmos.
Let’s jump over a flame,
Anything that burns

This hand saved my life.
In the bedroom.
A beauty like yours…
It makes me sad.
and ballroom dancing.
at high temperature…
You should be in a forest of your own.

Our Father in Heaven…
By daybreak he’d sobered up,
I’m one of the prisoners
I pushed you away
Family and friends,
will soon be departing.
with the Mines.

My father died.
we have time to kill.
What is there to film?
is made pure.
Demolition, rebuilding…
“the five lakes and four seas”.
what a man feels

I had a stroke.
After the love fades
I’m here because I want him
I realized my feelings
Over here, Miss Ma…
When I see tigers,
I have no feelings for you.

my villas are haunted.
we’re all prisoners of the universe.
Does time go by slowly with me?
I often blame myself
Brother Bin…
That’s my bed.
It’s a shame to fly over

I’m in the Three Gorges.
I’m nostalgic.
those old industries.
She’s had a miscarriage.
Starting over in a new place.
The mine will take care of itself.


An Inn at Osaka


A worthless life.
…full of colour,
This is why I drink so much.
I know you’ve been holding on
with strangers.
smothering you with attentions.

There is a camellia blooming.
– It’s mine.
the whole morning through.
As the saying goes:
The moon has risen again.
I’m going to drink.
like a star.

My son likes science.
blessed with clairvoyance.
you wept out of gratitude.
Take your glass.
and fall ill.
It isn’t written,
It’s paradise.

thoughts of a mother.
such complicated things.
You are pretending.
you are leaving.
But no tears fall from my eyes
since I was a child.
I’m speechless…

Although she drags a hard life,
Your eyes are swollen.
not a brothel.
– A blanket.
First we must live.
if my love is not near me,
Nothing is.

– Mr Noro, sing us something.
Our life is like this.
it is a pretty flower…
– Things of mine.
The same pattern
I see her every morning.
when I wasn’t there, too.




I’ll whisper it to you one last time
I never cared about myself
Lie down.
I am calling upon your memories.
in that inferno

I felt something missing from my life.
to split it in half.
I’ll fuck everyone.
their bodies in time.
I can’t.

That’s why she passed away.
When my mother died,
Let’s go dance.
He’ll love and respect you.
on my hand

It’s strange
– Hard.
We didn’t manage it.
And I save my tears until tomorrow

Am I still blushing?
Back from some carnival?
Cut them into small pieces.
to look people in the eyes.
Carry their souls toward eternity

Like rocks.
I can’t spend my whole life
That’s how she is.
She’s pale.
will sink deeply into mine

This word holds the entire strength
But it’s something.
– I’m grating.
Will you ever bite me again?
I’m not the bride.

We’ll go when the car warms up.
We will turn our gaze towards Allah
Let me talk.
us for thousands of years.


Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors


Glory to Jesus Christ.
the wind asks
Souls disappeared for good…
and saw a bird there.

Never seen women?
you disappear forever.
to love each other for one summer.
but he won’t tell.

To what shame love can
in church,
even dry oaks began to blossom.
And if you hit here?
be as empty as mine.

Oh, my dear child…
and no crow flies.
my talkative bird.
but he wrings the soul

at your bad hour
Our Father in heaven,
where no horse neighs
O God…
Go to forests and precipices,

It was freezing cold.
You heard
a human being. Oh, God…
the church, not inside it.
at the star that is over the meadow.

I sleep and see you suffering.
this world so wrongfully?
Don’t be sad,
for a month now.
want, but you will be mine.

Black magicians, drowned ones,
Crippled on their way…
The sun is warm, it melts the ice.
Listen to what I just remembered.
When we fell in love,

and girls made up songs
In the waters drow…
shaggy, ragged,
If your mother were alive,

Oh, I went to the meadow,
In a manger, wrapped in swaddling
Black Mountain.
The man dies.
about their love…

And I’m tending lambs.
The house stands empty.
a candle in his hand,
our daily bread…
for centuries.




your mother looks like an angel
put under the lamp
the ache is more and more severe
it’s not pure silver
the science has no absolute

your bed is warm now
the snow is heavier
no meaning
it’s a long story

you stay in the bell tower all your life
the ding of death, to tell the message of death
i think, love and sex are innocent
it is hard to say

i am alive
i become more and more forgettable
so, i made you disappear
one wins when the other bleeds
yes, the world looks like a woman more and more

there is deformity in her beautiful life
use the wand
please you eat mine
your mother’s last words are
beauty, where are you going to?

i had a horrific dream
the featherless bird would not sing
the cake and snowflake, are different things
call a priest tonight
everyone feels numb

there was a tragedy
i have words to say
yearn for free and work in my heart
when he saw beauty
what do you feel




Veronika Voss


His love
It’s a pretty brooch,
devoid of foliage or prospect
I was introduced to you
with some undefinable pain
My vase

defenseless men
cannot replace feelings
Safe haven in a storm, if you wish
The tears were right this time
Glycerine drops
destroying me.

I was five glass spheres,
dishonest and vain
and then suicide
Drained of memory,
Insidious Poison,

a moment of bliss
this night with you
Radix valerianae.
Light and shadow:
Real or imagined,

I’m in pain That’s all
they sought for so long
Because the pills are so bitter
the stones of this house,
I see she keeps

Her marriage is finished, too
You could smell her undies again
All prescriptions for opiates
No victories
No need to fear
the whole time

We don’t want someone
Heaven sends an angel
A human being
devouring me,
Leave the candlelight
for your husband

I was keeping her hidden from you
Ten years of excruciating pain
I dreamt about our farewell party
about the air raids
light the candles

We slept together
light and dark sides
seductive, unique
this psychiatric clinic
The dream factory
Now I belong to you.

Just imagine
– A light sedative
is my death
Everything I have belongs to you.
Farewells and arrivals
it doesn’t make much difference




There’s nobody inside me.
I vomited.
The best way…
Everything burned down.
stinks of paint.

Letting down trousers.
I got blood on the dress.
To victory.
A bird.
to bury your child.

a complication from your wound,
They raise their legs,
it’s a gift.
His eyes wander
I’m… meaningless inside.

Do you have a candle?
did you have intercourse?
I want a human inside me.
A father.
By the sea.

I also lost a child.
a delicate flower.
He always says snow.
With big teeth.
And matches.

Undo your pants, she’ll do the rest.
Coming back like a dog.
My quiet one.
He’ll have your eyes…
Torn stitches.

Give me the dress.
He says…
Move in with me.
in hospital forever.
It’s a beautiful name.

fathered by someone.
We lost…
I’m sick of measuring.
And it was snowing hard.

To a new, peaceful life.
To hell with the girls
young at heart.
on the front lines.
of your death.

It’s your baby.
To hold onto.
and you still can’t.
And salt.