The first time I saw Claudia,
the cheekbone…
I need to be alive until the end.
When I saw you it was
Real life.
I’d shoot me right away.
That’s the terrible thing.

Hidden words.
Might safely on my gratitude repose.
The body doesn’t matter.
Then it burnt.
Sorry and sorry again.
I couldn’t feel anything.
There. Sweet dreams.

I’m here, bedridden and waiting.
you with someone else.
That’s the desert rule.
Tell me.
This is where you kissed me
Before I die.
A little bit.

I wonder if my mother had problems.
because of her wings.
Don’t imagine things.
For my Dad again.
Wait, wait.
I have no memory of him.

She handed me her picture.
I’m with you when I need it.
Time has to fly.
Brilliant when you danced.
I kept the angels.
A few days without you and
Me? Nothing.


Lover For a Day


thought about her life
It was a war that wasn’t
interested in fucking.
Life is long.
She has grey hair now.

That’s why I could not speak.
It’s just desire.
I gave her a sleeping pill.
Happiness reigned over them.
It was like being skinned alive.
to know… the pain he caused.

Suitcase or coffin
Nobody’s ever been able to say.
to grow old with the one I love.
Strolled around.
I know it hurts but it’ll pass.
All of a sudden, I have nothing.

somebody wrote on their door:
There is nothing to tell.
I felt my throat completely stuck.
It has no tomorrow. It’s gone.
just wrap women up in their eyes.
finding life absolutely incredible.

play with your hair. Your neck…
Less and less.
But it’s sad, never to fall in love.
the understanding between us.
Eternity never stopped.
it becomes less radical inside you.

Memories, details.
to end her life.
her everything she needed or wanted.
I flash my pussy.
It’s good.
and delays their parting.


Spring in a Small Town


The spring is coming.
ruined like this house.
Burned with boiling water.
Nothing in my eyes, nothing in my mind.
I deeply regret …
Your bloom is still there.

She has her own world.
spreading in this room.
I want to live,
like I’m floating out of this world.
She’s often weeping in her house.
Drink these 3 cups.

everyday is a monotonous day.
And a beautiful little meadow.
It’s a pine.
It will black out soon.
You suffered too much for me in these years.
embroidering. Living your bleak life.

I must take care of her.
After breakfast, tell a lie,
Please light the candle.
Let me watch you carefully.
I’m too ashamed to live in this world.
Yes. The wind brings me here.

together for a long time.
Why you took a whole bottle of pills…
He often hides in a secret
I can’t cry, yet I can’t smile either.
Moonlight is ok.
(heart disease)

since then I feel empty
It’s really you.
I’m afraid my body is
the medicine dregs.
a little breeze …
Come in.


Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


to sleep in myself.
A quarter full.
I heard familiar voices …
from my dying consciousness.
I’ve always revered.
These pictures …
That light

and in the way of temptation.
I could hear your prayers.
You imagined kissing
Deep down,
This illness.
I searched for that thing in the photo.
After I acquired my wife,
My funeral …

You smell like lemongrass.
Are you some kind of ghost?
The local honey
I’ve watched you ever since
we lit up the mountain,
but I don’t understand
The art of photography.
My room is dead quiet.

Look at my hands, my arms.
For you,
to adjust to the dark.
I don’t want them.
Let me share in your sorrow.
projected images of them
These are my offerings.
were slowly dilating.

Ghosts aren’t attached to places
And lonely too.
But you killed with good intentions.
and his piss is clear as water.
Your hand is like ice.
while it leapt from branch to branch.
kill you and disappear.




The hero of my new novel is a boy,
the lightning flashes
his mother got lost.
Since childhood he used to wonder where
to cross a very vast river,
Long live the motherland.

In her last moments,
sprawled against the sky.
Bring the bride.
Sunlight and shadows
we’ve been wiped out.
what horrifying fun.

certain facts about birth.
of bodies… hanging.
my heart is sad.
said that the afflicted one belongs
I’ll take you to that room.

How many coloured lights
In my last moments I utter your name.
this I have realized today…
Days pass into months,
I abandoned this life’s boat
is breaking.

head on his mother’s lap.
Continuous semi-starvation.
because of you that I have everything.
Darkness cannot be the end,
in the absence of honey.
the mystery of space.

The triumph of human science
A palm tree struck by lightning.
No, this is my ghost.
with a chant on his lips,
You have run out of breath,
keeping you any longer.

Only sadness, suffering and tears…
had more time with you…
in a shower of colours.
If I sink and die
the worst things possible.
flies around in the light




The inscription over my life:
He burned without pain.
There is an empty space
long row of dreams
in sexual ecstasy.

I thought you wanted a little affair.
endless tenderness
I wanted to be yours.
Darkness has made a pearl
The light hurts my eyes.
and the air, fields and forests, too,

But I hear you’re to be a minister.
Your skin is so pale and smooth.
God gives you
A nocturne.
your heart must carry
lonely and empty.

I’m thinking of your confession.
What a beautiful book.
A mouth seeking another mouth.
Slowly and clumsily
Remember the words
that made me gasp for breath.

Your burning severity
I lost the only battle I cared about.
my heart grew old.
asking to see you.
life slips through our fingers,
into a dying fire.

Occasionally I revive the memories
About how one person dreams
and the irreparable loneliness
And that’s my marriage.
Love cleansed me of everything
and nothing matters.


Lancelot of the Lake


Hold me. I am no ghost.
A wound, some mystery
Enough for a ten-year siege.
Speak; end my fears.
for a miracle.

The woman made for me
It bleeds; it is torn.
Say it once more.
Gone. Flown. Dead.
It is your body I want.

Don’t undress me.
gaze at that window.
Remain at arms.
with visor lowered.
and too many memories.

Your finger is bare.
When his hand touches the latch,
Remain united; forget your quarrels;
Two shadows.
into balm.

He was the victor.
in a shrinking world.
Take this heart, this soul;
Idle talk.
drowns the moon.

And hold your tongue.
He may be wounded.
I delighted in deceiving him.
as I always have done.
Sharpened points, weakened lances.

in a ruined chapel; a voice challenged me.
You can do with me as you wish.
If I could see into your heart.
All will die.
before God can hear you.




Cry, why shouldn’t you?
I have met you.
My marriage was a mistake.
the whole night.

careless behavior…
Flowers bloom
for a long time.
in the other direction,

joy and happiness.
and regrets,
when the sweet song of the birds
in his eyes.

like the blood
broke your heart.
like youth and beauty do
that’s how life circulates.

when life still promises
comes back with wanting
and woods.
and wither

whole life ahead.
We will wait at the
that we didn’t have

heartfelt congratulations.
Tell him …
Song arrangement
As if I could hear

Terrible …
runs back to the heart,
nor your mother.
in his eyes.

Cry, when love
is heard in the fields
unmendable differences
(work song continues)


Ju Dou


l am your father
Home to sound my trumpet strong
It’s pitch black out here,
My precious woman I love you
I can hardly breathe
Help Help Murder

Tinkling bells, tinkling song
Listen carefully at night
I don’t want to live like this anymore
Our lives are passing by
the coffin as a sign of mourning
5 in golden yellow

Father Father
Could he be a mute
You’ve learned nothing
The gods have eyes
the whole night through
You pathetic cripple

The sun is burning today
I notice the wedding charms
At first I thought it
Aren’t you afraid the gods
They’re like black claws

Surrounded by a howling pack
when his parents died
When my son is born
Birthday speeches
Spare you

Will you be my wife once more
will have to leave the dyeing house
you have nothing to fear
If he really called you daddy
Let’s find a secret place
of cotton in bright red


Cleo from 5 to 7


Today the sun
Gnawed away by despair
With the wind rushing through
I’m like an empty house
and now, this great fear of death.
What a day.
Ashen, pale and alone.

What about women parachutists?
Dying for nothing.
and pitch-black.
Two months of chemotherapy
Their bodies are playthings,
and sent postcards saying,

Spring ended yesterday.
Beauty wasted
I saw a man piercing his arm.
I feel dreadful.
Is a lovely song.
But I never tire of hearing it
My sands slip away

the old days, our old hopes, our laughs.
Bardot Blvd., Aznavour Ave.
My thoughts were elsewhere.
My belly.
Is your illness.
Commander Robin,
Invaded by the sea

The azure of my daring eyes
has lasted two weeks.
I’m frightened
of love for a woman.
Everyone longs to taste
My disease is phone calls
They love by halves.