Otto e Mezzo


I love that little purse.
that makes me tremble,
And he’s slowly bleeding to death.
The loneliness of modern man

all those dead things
I put it on my belly when it aches.
I’m putting everything in.
Sleep tight, little creatures.

I went to see those poor things.
tormenting me since last night.
I wish to announce that…
Lying is like breathing to you.

We’re smothered by images,
Stay under the covers.
outside the church.
They look like glass.

Just bare your shoulders
The first cherries of spring.
It’s still a mystery that you’d think of me
He ponders, considers, reflects.

in each other’s arms, naked.
this way for five months.
Here, my notes.
from these poor flowers.

You want a separation.
Fine, just run, run.
Your guiding spirit.
strangled by a great cry

Oh, I’ve lost my pearls.
My cross and my delight.
So many tears, my son,
a poverty of poetic inspiration.

Then his writing became an orgy
but also with deep bitterness.
Tons! 400 tons.
What I hate and what I don’t.

It’s dangerous leaving me alone.
to purify the battlefields.
You make my heart beat
and killed us both.

Destroying is better than creating
distributes the healing water,
of magnetic fields and telepathy.
Breathe in.

Do you hear this singing bird?
who doesn’t love anybody,
Cruel bees, sucking all the life
to find each other.

she’s beautiful, young and ancient,
and your hair will be long,
A velvet purse.
Claudia, where are you?

The moment she touches you
Close your eyes.
and strew the ground with salt,
Finally you’ve spat it out.

The wood is all wet this year.
It rests entirely on sand.
on chocolate wrappers
and love.

how to love.
And how pretty you look.
Iike a cripple who leaves behind
Even a tap-dancing sailor.

Let’s not talk about this anymore.
of the capricious apparitions
Draw the blinds more.
without ever making anybody suffer.




It’s a shame.
My weak and lowly heart
They’re missing.

I’ll keep my eyes open.
otherwise you’ll get snow in there.
Something as final as the death of a child

Same as the others,
With sort of flames on the side.

Then we open our presents at four.
with loving kindness.
The knife.

Like this.
One sentence is enough.
Which one should I stick in you?

Ice Age.
is hard to take

missing someone and don’t know where…
Not for a single day
And this uncertainty is often

They’ve given away all your stuff
Over a thousand children
No one wants you here.

Through life’s rocky way
and black slopes, right?
Alone I cannot wander

I’ve found her.
My God, I look terrible.
and this is my cock.

It was hard at first,
I don’t feel well.
I have loved thee with an everlasting

you’re from the same place.
and we realised
He sleeps there.


Red Sorghum


Uncoil belt.
I want the beef.
Do not run.

and the ships are long
of ways to heaven.
She said she loved me stealthily.

listen to him.
When you are in trouble, sing a song.
Cut off his tongue.

Once she lay down, I got the signal.
over 10 years beside the boiler,
What a big red embroidery ball.

She loves me.
and all the doors are locked.
Because everyone knew

Yes, he will never recover.
let’s make the fire as usual
everything was red in his eyes

Cold water
You’ve destroyed my girl

She will be painful in the future.
bad things begin to appear.
take the knife

Now you play fucking tricks on me
began to flirt with the muscle man.
It’s awfully dark.


The Return


Cut some branches.
And stay where I can see you.
Maybe he wants to forget.
He’s dead.

I want to spend time with you too.
His eyes are open.
when he gets his knife out.

Are you ashamed of calling
there is water all around.
Wash it down.
We’re lost, I’m telling you.

Your father.
We’ll drag him by his arms.
They’re not biting today.
and I was scared.

Bring a jar.
Get the axe.
I have to jump.
Did you pack the camera?

you take us to the waterfalls again.
Turn it off.
Don’t bring the knife.
Nobody. We’ll just throw it away.

I’ll show you the island.
It’s probably 100 years old.
Hold your breath and drink.
I just wanted…

Where’s the jar?
Come here.
Get out.
your bowl sank.

If you’re scared, climb down.
I’ll teach you.
Just a moment.

He just came.
Did you see how quiet he got
Get changed.
Go to sleep.


Bonjour Tristesse


I wish I walked the way she walks now.
I never know what anybody means.
That our happy days were numbered.
I thought I felt a change. Forgive me.

She ruined that beautiful dress.
She allowed us to believe
To sleep in the sea.
for the first time in my life.

We were only kissing.
Two hearts.
One small diamante.
She probably needed air.

Maybe we won’t have to write at all.
Let’s dance in the meantime.
and drown in the sun.
under the table.

For a walk in the woods.
three months ago.
Even with an unwashed face.
made of memories I can’t lose.

material the colour of this water.
Jealousy, the green-eyed monster.
There will be risqué stories
“suicide” to anybody.

Baby needs shoes.
Couldn’t care less.
I wish you would explain
the other side of the rocks.

our old life.
He’s spreading it with flowers.
Great big drops.
In his pocket, unopened.

It’s the idea of marriage
you hand out at parties.
She doesn’t give him a chance
have a weapon against me forever.

in my life.
Love doesn’t depend on that.
It’s an epidemic.
Nothing is.

No lady goes home alone.
But then a young girl’s skin
the last of my sunburn.
lf he marries again, he’s ruined.


Mamma Roma


First love.
Foaming at the mouth.
She’ll be waiting for you.

She’s always crying.
Dark and deep,
He was like a living Bible.

you won’t see me again.
I killed plenty with my sling.
I was always in the hospital.

A stolen tear
had pockmarked his whole face.
Like I ate my own heart out.

what an awful place the world can be.
You’d think it was your wedding day.
the night of deep sighs.

her hair still so black.
But your heart is bursting with rage
They’re cicadas.

A finch.
set you free,
like a lost soul.

Say something.
of the lamentable vale,
a song from the heart?

Look what a jewel my son is.
only pretend to be asleep.

This fog rusts your bones.
She’s still so beautiful,

The evil you do is like a highway
towards your father’s voice,
I didn’t even know I was dying.

With a little help from the right saint,
Even stolen goods.
He never refuses

You have to make him forget her,
how women are made.
You could sing mass.

He’s my only child, my only hope.
There’s a black girl who likes me
I dreamt we were




…still waiting for me.
the life of the blossoms.
…in my arms.
A slow death is even worse.
We all know that.

It gets inside you…
Firewood mostly.
Death’s calling card.
It’s exciting.
I dumped gallons of milk

One hundred-plus three.
are weeping in their sorrow.
You were shot. You fainted.
The snow is warm.

The clouds…
I can’t let you in now.
I can hardly look you in the face.
It’s hard to celebrate such a loss.
So they just scream.

…a one-eyed bird…
But broke my heart…
A girl.
you couldn’t see the stars.
…as if they were miracles.

Your watch is broken.
…I feel that same pain.
We’ve got candles and linseed oil.
No casualties.
But my parents…

their forgiveness.
A nice, happy funeral.
…in this orchard.
The hands are moving.
in bloom once more?