The Seventh Continent


How can you tell someone you’re blind?
beautiful and sad to see
And she was my friend.
everything’s just fine.
Despite the farewell letter,
the look she gave me.
this decision cost us
We’ll have to disconnect the phone
and you never hear from me.
Is it true that you pretended

The Family S.
could not believe it was suicide
in church at Easter
Mama’s death,
Dear Lord, make me meek,
a puddle on the floor.
Do you feel all alone sometimes?
Put on your red sweater.
Keep your fingers crossed…

So, time for prayers.
I felt sorry for her in a way
But I had other things going on
could not believe it was suicide
He became extremely depressed.
an incompetent man
in an excellent financial state.
Nobody could have known
You’re red because you scratched.
and she ran away

Look straight ahead please
I won’t harm you in any way.
Please don’t be sad
He loves you very much.
I’ll pick you up.
so that I in Heaven shall Thee meet.
where we could see our thoughts.
you have to imagine,
It tastes bitter.

to be blind?
Is that true?
Come on, open your eyes!
How else can I see what’s wrong with you?
How are you doing?
Perhaps you can remember
Did you pretend to be blind?
I see…
I didn’t want anything
a lot of sleepless nights

who is the dearest person
You can imagine, at that age:
She really hid it that well…
Sometimes I wonder
I want to hear the truth.
There were days when he couldn’t
because there is nothing,
at the beginning of the month,
for you and for us?

I didn’t say I was blind.
we have lived straight in the eye
You don’t want to hurt yourself.
over someone else’s life
full of spite
is it true that you pretended
to keep us tied down here.
Give me a kiss.
a form of critique or whatever

so I finally have the time to write.
Will you leave the light on?
Should I turn it down a bit?
Good night, my love.

Police investigations
indicated murder.



Le Feu Follet


I’ve always wanted to marry you.
I wasn’t a good lover.
Tomorrow I kill myself.

At the bottom is a great sun
That’s where my sickness lies.
Ideas. Gods.

Yes, I’m older. The hopes are gone,
I’d spent my life waiting.
Not lovely enough.

I’ll write a few pages
We poets have no need for drugs
Aren’t you sick of mirages?

Beauty. Goodness.
in gilded mediocrity.
I drink because I’m a bad lover.

He says we need some mountain air.
It would wound him even more.
with an indelible stain.

She has other things on her mind.
It slips right through your fingers.
Was it her contented rage

Don’t leave, I’m begging you.
did you notice his voice?
The party’s over.

I wanted you to help me die.
I wanted so much to be loved..
to sleep with her to prove it.

You defend the shadows,
Certainties frighten you.
She makes you want to touch her.

Him and his strongman act.
His work… more alibis.
Abandoned, ruined,

Lovely persons aren’t demanding.
Because our ties were loose,
I fainted in the street.

the musty house
Five minutes with her
You’re empty inside.

You must make people feel
But I can’t touch you.
Don’t you remember me?



I’ve Loved You So Long


In the sky the stars
There was nothing and nobody there.
You were staring at me.
One of your many lovers?

Look there are petals.
Something like this takes time.
difference between shadow and fog.
I longed for prison.

A cat? The wind? The holy spirit?
Sisters talk about things.
I counted my steps.
I killed my son.

She could no longer dance,
I can’t explain it very well.
I’m all alone here, you know.
I write poems in there.

The perfect woman. Beautiful, intelligent.
simplistic extrapolations that are nothing
Give me a kiss.
I don’t know why.

Japanese films put me to sleep.
you must have murdered someone.
A world without me.
We all need protecting, don’t we

The prince drove slowly through the forest
Everything I have gets stolen here.
It’s beautiful. The Montagne Noire,
During the week I usually eat from cans.

Just emptiness.
I started having nightmares.
An expert in love letters.
And every night the heap’s larger,

It’s like a punishment.
the number of days you’d been gone.
Life changes us.
That’s my secret book.

No, I’ve been swimming.
Against absolutely everything.
I’ll come up for a kiss.
Hurry if you love her.

I brought you some flowers.
I slept with a man.
I laid next to him
I’m going to smoke in the garden.

He was thinking of her smooth face
It’s a whole universe.
a child in my belly.
and my heart shivered

Nowadays fountains are scarce.
And numerous shades of truth.
A kind of fortress wall.
That difference is wolf.

Let’s butter the cups.
She is trapped in the painting.
Dostoyevsky is no exception.
A pain so deep that my …

That’s how life is.





Do you ever think about death?
Let me caress you.
We won’t have sex.
Let me see your toes.
and a bottle of milk.
Show me.
On Sunday morning,
On the kiss’s beveled edge
Let me see.

I want to know what’s behind your face.
Why are you so mean?
If by eight you haven’t smiled,
pretty wrists,
will lay a wreath
Take your clothes off.
murderers murder, lovers love.
Why are you shutting your eyes?
I’ll put all this in my book.

It’s nice to wake up next to a girl.
Memory’s broken pledge
is the nicest thing about you.
When I was a kid my dad would say,
I love a girl with a pretty neck,
No drama so perilous or magnetic
Grief’s stupid.
It’s never entirely black.
I didn’t love him any more.

You complicate your life.
if you don’t like the mountains…
but I’m quite a boxer.
the worst flaw is cowardice.
I know them all by heart.
If it was another man caressing you,
Funny… I can see myself in your eyes.
Let’s go see a Western.
I’d like to think about something,