the nuns gave me.
Hearts, stars …
Burn them.
on your mantelpiece.

Just like heaven.
you can’t kill yourself twice.
confessor’s advice.

My beautiful saint.
My blessed son,
My love…
Take me away,

Throw away my body
My black satin dress.
My child.
whose name begins with S.

My God, my God…
You stay still in the air up there.
like a caged animal,
My conscience …

you’ll take my hand and pull me up.
into darkness and silence.
to spoil our last weeks together.
Your voice sounds cruel now.

I’m suffering for love.
surrounded by bright light
You disappeared.

Oh, God.
You sound very far away.
I even said a prayer for you.
Then I packed your bags.

touch the water with our toes
dying of fear whenever you left.
I wanted to take a pill
just like your voice would sound,

For five years I lived for you.
staring at a telephone
I’ve been here for 20 years
to contemplate the Lord.

There’s a glow around you.
That was my spot.
Mine, mine, mine.
All this waiting, waiting, waiting.

my heart had stopped beating
I hear it tonight over the telephone.
I’m not crying any more.
but I lied to you just now.


White Nights


All dressed in white.
I can’t even express
Something inside me
thinking, daydreaming …
Then my mother left …
me to believe in fairytales.

Forget the ghosts of the past!
the judgement of a man in love.
stories about stranglers,
tangible even in your dreams
all the windows of the house…
hangs heavy at home.

Yes, but it’s a mistake.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
insignificant man.
mending carpets at home.
crossing a bridge,
overnight on your own.

the minute I saw you
I burst into tears
I was wrong to want
the slip-knot …
pinned to her,
I’ve no desire

dances, even the difficult ones.
with despair …
What possessed you
I threw that letter away.
And a hundred traps
… because I love you.

I won’t ask you about it any more
… crying and waiting.
and sincere.
The women I know …
For days and days, I read her
like a man in love


The Burmese Harp


Each time I hear those words,
Moonlight shines
to words of farewell.

I’m losing my voice.
from one mountain to the next.
bullets flying everywhere,
It’s meaningless.

I made it out of palm leaves.
With a desolate heart
I use it to signal.
Through distant clouds

Blossoms fall in my jade cup
Lost in thoughts
Casting its shadow
on Triangle Mountain.

The captain’s words
are singing a hymn.
in my sweet wine
in times of sorrow and pain.

a dead man is alive.
carrying a white box of ashes.
along the hills
Of ancient pine

floating on the breeze,
in the grasses and streams,
His beloved hometown
Whenever my loneliness

it’s difficult to express
the suffering of defeat yet.
The sutras and tradition tell us
Not only us,


Howl’s Moving Castle


The roof’s leaking.
and unpredictable.
I could cry with happiness.

is complicated…
for a housekeeper.

What a pretty fire.
Your presence gave me
here in the middle of nowhere.

I’m sweeping the ashes.
Every last one of you,
too carried away.

After all the magic I spent
to climb these stairs.
an ancient heart like mine.

Be gentle…
I’ve been longing
as monsters.

I never realized how weak you feel
Hidden in the night
Among all my memories

your eyes and your heart.
In the scent of a flower

They’ll cry plenty later on,
you’ll be dragged down.
something very precious.

the spell I’m under?
Oh, you…
long, long ago.

It’s wet here…
Though we slipped apart
As the saying goes,

She wandered in from the Wastes.
the spirits of Darkness.
I’ll die without some fresh wood!

A fickle heart is the only constant
There’s nothing there.
I bear an invitation

It feels like I’m in a dream…
It’s called Star Lake.
Follow the light.

But a young man’s heart
Air raid siren.
Sighing away like that.

The promise of love
the house will collapse.
somewhere, once I’m inside.





A little girl ran across a field
Mad with love,
She died.

for I have loved you long.
The wind blowing
from time immemorial.

Leave me.
and darkness will fall.
The cock crows,

The mirror.
shakes the doors of light and gloom.
to what people a comely girl belongs.

He disappeared
during these last ten years.
Defiled by human blood,

The king.
through the mirror.
You know everything.

This is the sacred forest.
in a roaring torrent.
a love poem to you

I have seen a man declare his love
This country exists
but also in darkness

A woman declaring her love to a man
Was treachery lurking
It runs like the wind.

and proclaimed thus.
I can weave beautiful cloth
filled with the deep green shadow,

mountains and sea
in faraway lands.
Hidden from the people,

after what she did to you?
You live in the divine light,
I have grown too old.



Screen shot 2018-06-22 at 18.55.36

I am a priest.
a bright light.
swept by the wind

I’ve chased after illusions
and this and this.
those awful things.

What beauty.
I’ll go alone.
Thank you, Jesus,

This is our bedroom.
It rotted away.
Cuckold – Cuckold.

the proverb goes.
My husband nailed the door shut.
to make the waiting easier.

elevated matrimony
from the lighthouse.
and holy images in his hands,

this desolation, that terror.
My suitcases.
tumbling down to the sea.

There’s nothing to explain.
a little robbery.
This matrimony

Remember when
I was a prisoner too,
with the sewing machine

I want to sew my new dress.
in confession or through prayer.
Help me.

Be sure to write.
in that desolate cemetery
The sea.

Everyone around here leaves.
scratches, and splice marks.
A few stitches here too.

There’s no one here.
I don’t want to die here.
Next to nothing.

Say something.
like a child,
One word is enough

Even the earth is hard.
Drink it.

They set everything on fire,
You must try to find
if you exist…

Are you crying?

He made a terrible scene.
Oh, Jesus and Mary.
Why did you kiss


The Man without a Map


You see? Nothing spilled!
Nothing out of this world.

She had nice legs.
backbone of human life.

The day before he went missing, I heard the
The same fate awaits me.

There he goes.
but but I can’t help it.

The rope is around my neck…
There’ll be no problems.

Cold, isn’t it…
to work with flammable materials…

The sky is changing colour.
Not familiar at all…

I’ve probably never loved anyone
I overslept.

How his lips moved when he smiled.
and a waistcoat that he forgot,

Liar. You’d like to fuck me.
With pleasure.

Sorry. I have a weak character.
Afterwards, I’ll kill myself.

That’s right. It’s the truth.
that says prayers in his honour.

I have my husband’s savings.
Excuse me for yesterday.

Put on some music.
and I don’t know how to do anything else.

I remember the noise he’d make
I hope you understand that

Look at this. Seems like a ponytail.
I have nothing in the world.

His face was shining.
Be truthful.

Black suits you.
the wife of the disappeared.

It’s pretty, isn’t it?

I think it’s time to tell you everything.
He walked with confidence.


Red Desert


The floor seemed to give way.
The bodies… are… separated.
They are neutral colors
my throat, my mouth…

She had a feeling of sliding down
We all suffer from it…
Nature’s colors were so lovely,
Let me tell you…

She left…
Yes, it’s better.
Lower the burners.
about reality…

the seagulls…
I drank them…
I feel…
deeper and deeper.

Do you want to know a secret?
to be an unfaithful wife.
Put it upright.

She loved that spot.
you’re part of me…
all white.
and the bed moved.

If you don’t say what hurts,
from fall to spring.
then veered…

had no children.
to listen to the stars.
Not from my husband, no.
who wanted everything.

You can’t imagine my fears!
They form an antenna
Bye, now.
Those are big words.

Come on.
back where we started.
was so sweet.
About the kite.

like a wall.
and there was no sound.
and the storms of this world.

the South Pole.
a factory in bankruptcy
that guy should be horny.
and the sand pink.

You’re destroying everything.
You wonder what to look at.
Love, please tell me.
to start with a lie.

By now the little birds know.
one of those that braved the seas
As a child,
when the sun went down.

We’re going to burn it all, yes.
Everything hurts…
my eyes,

I dreamt…
looked like flesh.
here, around me…
of being always about to drown…

so, I’m leaving.
My eyes are wet, I think.
I can’t look at the sea for long and…
it’s true that I want to make love.


Alice in the Cities


Do you have a girlfriend?
old houses are being torn down.
Yes, I have.
for that honorable task.

to fill up the tank.
to take the girl
proof you still exist.
I’d watch that barbarous television.

I’ll read you a story.
About images and signs.
I remembered
for a long time now.

Do you leave a light on
for two years.
somewhere else.
the child there yourself.

and that I’ve got nothing
all sense of your own self.
until they reached the sea.
It all looks the same.

The blonde girl is wearing
I couldn’t close my eyes.
in the long run, my dear.

You could be mute for all I care.
Like house graves.
listening to that vulgar radio,
is a bunch of pictures.

And then I remembered,
Your stories and your experiences
He wants …

cry all night,
is about things you can see.
because little pieces of coal
You were simply gone.

No image leaves you in peace.
a rustling in the bushes,
is a bit lower.
These old buildings

Taking pictures
more evidence that it was you
You’re only scribbling away
from last year.

I was often filled
… I photographed
And at the sea
I’m afraid of fear.

if he doesn’t want to lose you.
Waiting for the image to develop,
Above all,
I can’t sleep with you

flight controllers’ strike.
he remembered his mother.
There were trees.
with a strange unease.


Obsession (1943)


You kept your promise,
We were all together,
of being married.
I go to bed
about you.

This time, one year ago…
you looked,
But you must love me
You seem afraid
Death by accident,
for us.

Some things I keep inside.
It’s not just having the baby,
The sea breeze will clear your mind
without realizing
You’ll go boasting
the money is yours too.

I don’t even know myself.
to be alone anymore.
a life insurance policy.
I have worries, all right.
When I think back to the days
says she was holding onto

a big belly.
Made of steel and horn.
You ought to thank God
keeping guard
soon you’ll be free again.

You’re all wet.
something needs to happen
It’ll break overnight.
When I opened my eyes
things I couldn’t even repeat.
Let’s write it that way.

Maybe you don’t love me anymore.
I keep hearing it.
I’m on tour. I’m a dancer.
Give me my ball of wool.
We love each other.
away from here.

It’s waterproof.
The fumes make me sick.
She jumped
This is where I will sing.
by the stove.
In your pockets

Then it’s impossible for tonight.
take off your shirt?
Now I’m bound to her forever.
It will not abandon
but I can’t continue.
for something.

In here is everything
It was such a terrible tragedy.
someone invited you.
asking questions.
Half saints, half crooks.
I saw a lot of blood.

but it’s worse than before.
anything anymore.
I was letting people ask me out.
to make distinctions.
I’m going to sing.
Listen to me.

I’m asking
to forget her first.
to ruin your sheets.
To live like this… dirty, fake.
Each time he touches me
They will put it in the paper.

Perhaps he was pinned down between
very much.
hurting yourselves.
the world looked immense.
alone with you.
I can’t breathe.

You made up your mind a little late.
Balloons. Balloons
Ice cream.
This is life, finally.
The Best Voice Contest.
in front of strangers.