Vivre Sa Vie


All you know are bits and pieces
I enclose a photo and…
ends of the radiant hair

Remove the inside and you see
without hurting or bruising

It was the portrait of a young girl
Forgotten, my broken heart
Maybe I’ll get into films

What about my pictures?
My eyes
I’m telling you my life story.

Loving you is exhausting.
from silence to words
Two years ago, I wanted

A message is a message
No one really knows the language
One searches and can’t find

I saw the film.
When the crook was shot
as the flame of the lamp

I’m a bit shy about undressing
as darkness falls
Gradually, I became a prostitute

Happiness is no fun
Lies, too, are part of our quest.
When shall we do those photographs?

I don’t mean ordinary lies
Speech is another life
I thus saw in vivid light

she creates scenes
and then closed my eyes
Is more to me than the stars

there is a kind of ascetic rule
a more sober and more certain gaze
in our window glows

But when the moment comes to speak,
I exist too. You say I’m cruel,
I had found the spell

Like loving one another more
one has killed the everyday
you just vanished

The film’s started, anyway
And I love you
Plato said so; it’s an old idea


The Devil, Probably


He was staring at the bullet.
no idea about intimacy.
Hands unconsecrated by priesthood.
contaminated by seepage.

You know I’ll never leave you.
illness is seeing too clearly.
thousands of dead trees.
It lasts indefinitely.

There’ll be no more blue skies
to replace true desires with false ones
And the bullets
breaking open the boxes

I’ve got the keys.
Mercury waste thrown into the sea
became sacred only when swallowed
Destruction is for everyone.

an extraordinary pleasure.
see myself murdered.
again and kiss you like before?
sea-bed now is no better.

Destruction of birds and insects
A new up-surge of libido
The tankers’ effluent.
You didn’t love him.

All I’ve got left… an old sweater…
There is great suffering.
All those invented words and gestures
the Church of tomorrow.

What’s going on in that heart?
I knew you needed me.
Loss of appetite often
God is no longer present.

laws are unfathomable.
It’ll break your parents’ hearts.
I’ve lost a marvellous girl.
underwater… and then wait.


Nunta de Piatra


I will run unwedded
Withered as the leaf
Mom will buy you a dress.
A wreath…

He’s afraid of a bride gone lost.
Through mountains with firs,
without a necklace
holding hands with boys.

a bride is weeping badly
The little one is ill,
Under the dark seal,
at the lake’s cradle

And I saw myself wedded
down in the world of the gold
dim as the horse’s sight.
another one, holding hands.

Only the mountain’s sister
At the mirror of the lake nearby
brothers among firs
They can go marry the devil’s mother.

When you act stone cold
agonized and laboured…
dales with violas,
Hold the bottle so I can pour some.



A Man Escaped


Luck and idleness
Pewter and aluminum
Despite the handcuffs,
I emptied my mattress

The gravel crunched
The nail fell.
The clock struck four.
A kind of grace.

I folded the cloth in quarters,
with my sisters’ hair.
The night was black.
and the constant fear

It was you in the corridor.
She was tiny, but pretty.
I learned this much later.
A letter in a pile of laundry.

I often sat facing my door,
No pencil.
I tore everything
the word “Courage.”

I used to dream of being alone
by cutting or chipping away
I emptied everything
I got used to the idea of dying.

How can a man be born
She must love you.
Shot two days ago.
withstood my pulling.

You can’t control fate.
Give me your letters tomorrow.
Twelve meters of rope
Drink the rest.

It was a distressing ride.
No pity for your age.
the Battalion Song


Au Hasard Balthazar


anonymous letters
son and holy ghost
if you want her, pay

they say you hide your gold
stripped, beaten and locked in
your father suffers.
In mythology

Envy and jealousy
Looking for what’s mine.
but you’re the murderer
poor beast. Two months

life is a fair, a market
everything swept away
my pleasures and sorrows
you can’t explain love.

I wanted to draw the fangs
receive the salt of wisdom
You’d be my only love
now i’ve told you everything




I’ve heard it before
…your hands, your lips…
with someone else

I was struck by the sadness
…when you passed through
atomic secrets, secrets of memory

lmpossible, Princess.
Closer, closer, says love
One must not be afraid of logic.

Your replies were difficult
Like everything else,
it’s a dictionary

by the absence of light…
…think of the word love

It’s old, your camera
a room for me
The silence of infinite space

A caress leads us from
I’d like to leave with you

autumn light
like a fur coat
huge rubbish bins…

I’m a seductress, third class
luxury and light
They’re words I don’t know

It’s a tiger, tearing me apart
A meaningless reply.
The arc that climbs

-You don’t want me to court you?
Redbreast, weeping
…your mouth silently promised

Now that I’ve seen you
It’s a terrible secret, but…
anguish or caress…

Nearly every day words disappear,
It reminds me of something
Where’s my key?

Can I take a photo?
or commit suicide?
You’ll become a legend,

The beguiler beguiler
All things weird are normal
Pretty sphinx…

Some words are underlined
I wasn’t taught them
Capital of Sorrow

the South Seas
I watched night create day…
it used to be called poetry

galactic corridors
The present is terrifying…

Your voice, your eyes…
falling in love with you
His key

Despair has no wings,
it’s sensuality
Your tendency to dwell

So young and me
glitters in the snow
about thirty years ago


Tenshi No Koi


See this white ring?
I was supposed to die quietly.
I’m an “O.”

sad and distant…
I never felt more alive.
Too few clues.

For all my cruelty.
with slight variations.
I’ve lived in fear every day.

what got into me.
someone who’s lost hope.
She’s been with you the whole time.

On his knees crying and begging.
the way you removed yourself…
My funeral photo.

memory loss, impaired judgment.
It’s the photo that brought us together.
Hundreds of dollars just to sleep.

…to fight off anyone who tries to
it was like an electric shock ran through me.
But that’s how a woman learns her fate.

You should show your feelings.
…commit harakiri.
yet delicate.

His symptoms are stable.
Just not romantically.
I see. So I die either way.

and then a girl appeared.
When my age no longer matters.
to start my life over again.

after death.
friends suffer.
She said it was my fault.

He arrived unconscious.
pictures on a porn site.
Enlargement leads to paralysis,

She’s gone home.
Sleep with me one last time.
prevent a relapse.


Nobody Knows


See, if you close your eyes
Into the black lake of my

In heaven…
up and disappearing like that
It’s a place with lots of airplanes

That one already burned…
lap at the waves
Stinks of sunlight

Wish I could find something
pretty hands a nice manicure
She fell asleep

Paper, scissors, rock
unpack your own toys

no loud voices or screaming
But you go back to him
I have to lick the lid

Still Photography:
molten heart
what could be inside?

your water service
calling me into the dark

A nation that flourished.
None for me
Damn. It’s cold

She’s not coming home today
And the wind’s blowing so hard
in this film are entirely fictional

be able to stay together
With eyes as wilted as ice
There are seeds here, too

Want to splash around in my heart?
Mr. String, Mr. String,
Will the angel even give me