Breaking The Waves



I can’t even make love to her.
Wait and see.
You know, the waves are
that you have no love
Blood pressure.
I’m sorry.

You look fucking awful.
…bloody flowers
from the house of God.
…what it’s like to make love.
tea and oranges…
getting pretty heavy.

You knew it all the time.
It hurts me to have to say it,
You got blood on your dress.
It has nothing to do with the church.
Now she walks through her sunken dream

…through unconditional love…
You cannot be in love with a word.
You like to dance.
And he’s making love to me…
She blossomed…
…the blues…

I’m afraid.
…my axe was cold
of make-believe,
Unfortunately, the periods…
…and I know there are others…
…as quiet waters lie…

I put your rose in a vase.
Love words.
The next time you come,
in this cold place,
Our church has no bells.
to kiss him any more.

To the girl with the mousy hair
Cross eyed Mary
I’m lying on my back, all naked.
She’s gone.
Deep breaths.
You and your fucking radio.

I want us to make love.
Oh, it kills me to think
Your love could have saved him,
2 units immediately.
And he kisses my breasts.
I waited for you.

His head’s full of scars.
your lungs a little bit…
…because his was broken,
and I love the way she twitch
I’m here. I’m here.





How warm your mouth!
So is your change of heart.
Forgive my words
She took them.

I’d rather bleed behind a shield
Something I love.
I am thinking of.

My weakness and blindness led me
Wordlessly submissive
remain in my house.

The vagueness of the oracle
My life is as empty
is always on your lips.
spoken in bitterness.

as this bed
is a journey into the darkness
A human life
and after a perilous journey


Bread of Happiness


rooms upstairs with warm beds…
where you’ll find real happiness.
…and run across the sky
…a souvenir.

My heart became small
How about putting a mirror there?
final moments.
The blizzard has started again…

I want… the large happiness.
Here, it’s warm water.
…the moon from inside.
enjoy the hot bath…

Thank you for coming here…for me.
I haven’t found anyone.
“I brought some fire wood!”
This is for your performance tonight.

right amount of sunlight.
So I traveled alone and came here.
passed away this spring…

right amount of wind…
You can braid it anyway you like.
I wanted to live…the way I want…
…at night… from the window…

Take little strolls…
…the two of us in this entire world.
night sky for the others.
will be completed little by little.

Rie-san feels sad for no reason…
since that earthquake…
I really love that word…

We think we have lived enough…


Claire’s Knee



I have so many memories.
Transpose away,
Six years isn’t long,
among the nettles.

at the foot of the mountain.
your whole life ahead of you.
It’s like a cradle.
We’re friends. Classmates.

Lovers have to to get away
sculptural tableau.
Careful of the thorns.
Campers are complaining

If I’d caressed her with a finger,
How? Her body?
I broke the spell I told you about.
My little affair is evaporating.

Mother’s presence
A desire for nothing.
twists around whatever I say.
I don’t like living

He’s nearing the sun.
For some, it’s the nape of the neck,
he pretends to look for it
with little trace of hostility.

Actually, everyone wears a blindfold.
It’s a dangerous game.
A nicely told story.
How strange that we’ve never

Place your hand on her knee.
I had only to extend my arm
It’s not possessive.
Would you please remind her

Daddy died. That’s different.
My coffee grounds predicted
I thought about the pleasure
Does it still hurt?

Send me a postcard.
No, it’s behind the pine trees.
Their own logic drives them on.
A caress has to be accepted.

It was the magnetic pole of my desire,
In six years of knowing her,
The weather’s changing
while the torch makes him think

I think about how there are happy times,
every single pear in the garden.
the waist, the hands.
meaning I was never in love

your armour’s so impenetrable:
After Mother divorced,
up in the mountains.

She was sad, and I consoled her
That hand was above all insipid,
Pure desire.
falls in his garden.

You’re a magician.
She’s in love with you.
It must be hard being separated,
I know. I was one myself.

she began confiding in me.
to make love gently.
But his toughness is all show,
mixed with fear at being unable

This gentleman watches
She kept crying and had no handkerchief,
a gesture of consolation.
Please keep away

At 30, very few are still beautiful
It reminds me of a novel
All this beauty can be exhausting.
Her knee was sharp,

very impressive mountains.
in my path, so I take nothing.
those two lovers,
We were far from the shore.


Open Hearts



Her best friend
Will you come over and hold me?
You’ll never feel anything again

And what about all those big knives?
I love you.
time will pass between visits.
My whole life also disappeared

I’ve got time for an affair.
somebody to comfort you.
You have to have sex for that.
You wipe it with a damp cloth.

Your little boy is sweet.
lying in a hospital bed,
With you.
burning your fingers.

I’m just as unhappy as he is.
Five people have been killed
Six and eight.
simply got crushed.

It’s… a ring.
you should walk away.
I… have missed you.
He’s the only one who can.

I think about it all the time.
without saying anything.
amputate the whole bloody lot.
Because you are spoilt as hell.

you’ll love yourself one day.
if you’ve ever heard of it. Sex.
up in the middle of the night
It keeps turning the pages back.

mattresses. Elevating mattresses.
I can’t feel my arms or legs.
And I’m sorry if I stare into space.
Doesn’t she phone any more either?

I’m not crying.
This is the first time.
And it will pass.
Death by drowning, right?

You’re always with the mishap girl.
Some never get over it.
It’s psychological.
I’d like to be left alone for a bit.

He just had so much blood in him.
Here comes the surgeon
You don’t usually kiss me like that.
and you fuck what’s left?

Now all we need is our bed.
We were going to get married.
Hold on tight.
And if it tears you can

Can you feel his heart beat?
because you’re confused as hell.
about dangling off rock faces.
Give me a push.


Flickering Lights

Screen shot 2017-05-27 at 13.37.27


I´ll hurt you.
in the middle of the woods.
He met his end right there.

Just listen to this.
distant signals from childhood days
the frost gets them.

Small bites.
You can´t get blood off.
I need water, and a doctor.

A drunk driver.
someone who wants to share your nights
go down to the beach. Together.

I bleed more when I jerk off.
Earth-cooled joy.

Come out here on the floor.
lights from the past flicker on
That ´fuck´ will cost you

Get me the Eskimo.
and massive amounts of love.
Nobody smokes that menthol shit.

I want my own room.
An apple.
A rifle …

Fuck me.
episodes are much better.
And there’ll be no more

It´s merely a fetus.
died on New Year´s day.

to a fearful heart on the run
It´s a flesh wound!
Relax, it´s a robbery.

find your personal depth.
It´s just so … beautiful.
Can you fuck like that

We don´t have any salt.
So promise me
You can taste it.


The Tree of Knowledge



The diaphragm.
The work at sea…
your eyes too.
So many staircases.

an eraser, you know that very well.
throwing paper balls.
to comfort every heart.
I’ll have a red cake too.

His pillow was made of rubbish and
Each sorrowful soul,
blades saw far, saw far…

dance with our eyes closed?
collide with each other.
sorrowful soul, become sound
to be punished.

although the sky was his possession.
shake with your heavy pain.
Take off your coat there.

You have some nice eyes.
all day long
lungs, and down here
making a snake.

Send some pictures over here.
I lost my eraser.
and an ox kissed the baby’s foot.
vein coming from the heart is called?

At any rate, it’s a lie.
And this here, it was called rain
All non-swimmers get over to me.
Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Yes, the intestines are… peeled out.
we press flowers and make poetry
We could give each other fines
but she has fallen ill

We just have to put on our skates.
But I didn’t fucking like that.
The echo sounds.
Otherwise it just sits and rusts.

No! You can’t let the light in.
a dog then.
under the table.
You can also put your skates there.

Who has a pencil?
Why haven’t you wished for a pair
on a secret trip?
Can’t we dance together?

Now we’re going to morning song.
lists must be learned in advance.
into an upper and lower part.
but hunger is now the best cook.

Here we have the heart and the
hypotenuse of a right triangle…
I ordered three pieces.
to all close our eyes.

Come dance at the Den of Vice.
Imagine if I was married to him
Heel, toe, toe. Heel, toe, toe.
What rhymes with “glue”?




If I could only give up sweets.
a needle and thread, or a book
It was a terrible night for me too.
scattered cumulus clouds.

She’s not the type to draw flowers.
or a boxing ring.
Sometimes she wonders
explaining this to you.

to those in shaky positions.
they shouldn’t fall in love at all.
There’s always one too many arms.

It’s like a moment of silence for athletes.
The black one.
I sent a telegram.
Mineral water.

I don’t miss marriage.
It’s full of tropical birds
one minute here costs billions.
Are these pears good?

There! Let’s go inside that cloud!
about happiness down there.
Miss, you’re a fucking whore

We’ve avoided saying certain things.
All I could do was play solitaire.
Our emotions at this moment
closing at 3,053.68

There’s always another sunset.
the strength to lift a finger.
If clothes tear, it’s their own fault.
Two people shouldn’t know each other

I never understood this obsession.
When you first came to me
I didn’t sleep all night.
But I know someone who can.

You don’t like to come
Tough language, isn’t it?
Worse than a rattlesnake.
of clouds over there.

What a great face.
If the door’s not chained
We’ll call each other.
a new soap for the bidet.

That was lovely.
The man who lost all that money.
This is a baobab tree.
There aren’t too many dents in it.


Fahrenheit 451



Yes, I like her hair
the wrong kind of sedative
Yes, for six years.
she was lighter in my arms.

Twelve twelves…
He just aches to know.
disparity in marriage…
died like that.

Some fresh air
luminous and black.
these recipes for happiness disagree.
Houses have always been fireproof.

Knees bent slightly
while the first snows
backwards and forwards.

She used to be married
Poisoning listening
to use the flamethrower.
like flower petals or butterflies

The show must go on.
They said to burn the books
or the fake television set.
The criminal is alone

and I began to cry
upon her breast might change
Sweet reason.
bring us the sparkler.

But now everything in my life
withered in its bloom
Even with my eyes closed
Remind me to give you one

Does she take pills?
He ate his book
with poisoning section.
and on foot.

book paper catches fire
and upstairs every night.
long dresses next year.
The existence of a secret…

like flies.
perhaps my sin.
and toes turned slightly inwards.

being the false icebox
We must burn the pyromaniacs out.
and then burn the ashes.
Occupation: Fireman.


La Belle et la Bête



let me speak four truly magic words
Glass is just glass.
he’ll die of grief.
by a loving look.

Magnificent is in our stable.
I’ll pry the secret out of her.
the way one strokes an animal.
Hold on to my hands.

We always leave the beds.
some diabolical device.
in the display of witchcraft
They shot an arrow into the room.

He would never eat me.
and arrange my hair.
The sheets are dragging
I am paying for it in the flesh.

Whisper in his ear
You and I are living proof.
Even the floor longs
if I touch it. You open it.

This mirror was mysteriously left
splatter you with dung.
an ugly man handsome.
He suffers.

I have an uneasy feeling.
Or else that heart of yours
A lone white horse.
I care for you too much

I forgot the magic words.
I meant no harm.
I’m dreaming.
Children believe what we tell them.

Invisible hands serve me.
We’ll rub our eyes with onions
the language of men?
I confess, this evening

to keep from crying.
to bring her a rose.
to let me drink from your hands?