Happy Together


like someone sobbing.
was my own heart beating.
They say it’s the end of the world.

Let’s sit in the back. It’s darker.
People who are heartbroken go there…
Turns out lonely people

What I mean is,
let’s start over.
deep and low.

Just some strange noises,
Welcome. Inside.
and leave their unhappiness behind.

I’ll hit you.
For you.
It’ll be a memento.

Where’s the light?
Anything from the heart.

A toast to friendship. Thanks for everything.
I realize I don’t want to “start over.”
but your voice reveals the truth.

Don’t push me.
We’ll play some other time.
I work overtime at the slaughterhouse.

Let me help you.
and perhaps start over again some day.
but we lost our way.

We wanted to find the waterfall on the lamp.
The blind swordsman.
but it turned into a long letter.

I left ’cause I wasn’t happy.
You know I’m injured
and we break up often,

Sleep here tonight.
Close your eyes.
Hey, that hurts. Be gentle.

Did you hurt him bad?
From this far away?
Who have you slept with?

A few months.
Say something.
What happened.

I’m not telling you.
Damn it. Stop holding on to me.
I’m back on this side of the world


That Most Important Thing: Love


6 years.
The ghost has returned.
cheated of feature
So, like God, I’ll say:
Now, you can take her panties off,
If we don’t make love
my whole sordid life story.
But that wasn’t enough for her.
I’ve made myself up,
on a dangerous slope at the time.
To be together

The photos didn’t turn out because
I can say I love you.
They’ll be using a blow-torch.
in a lady’s chamber
I stopped to breathe.
I want you so much.
They’re fond of sharing memories.
Empty, sinister
wretched by the death of thee,
Parasites end up together.
you’ll be 50 tomorrow.
breasts are breaking down.

You hold his head and say
I’m an actress, I do good stuff.
of contradicting
to the people who trusted me.
I fulfilled my contract.
Turmoil originated your Poetry
Delirium tremens.
the exigencies of cinema.
Excessive, dark.
He sold all his photographs
I tried, your phone is still cut off.

We’re all puppets
Normally people like us don’t exist.
For ’tis thy presence
And the camera.
by dissembling nature,
but not her principles.
About the ghost in my last play,
from cold and empty veins.
He’s dreaming.
Nicotine was coming out her ears.
Solitude is the food of the soul.
This goes directly into the safe.


The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


It was in the hospital
This dreary shop
I stammered, I blushed
I have forgotten everything:

life has a new meaning:
it is still full of pins:
Time passes slowly here.
nothing will be left of her:

my boy:
fell into an ambush.
I look at this photograph,
She didn’t love me:

I haven’t found the bean:
It’s just another perfume:
You’re not the fairest of them all,

What did the doctor say?
You are so pale:
Sell your jewels:
Give me a kiss at least:

of Sleeping Beauty:
Separation is cruel,
sun and death

She is so fragile
and the seamstress was late:
what do you know of love?
A black umbrella:

your postcard,
to a dangerous place
It breaks my heart

we must keep a memory
Don’t imagine things:
I will wait for you,
It’s warmer here:

Put this crown on:
Especially when it rains:
you’ll forget me:

rubies, sapphires, emeralds:
But love is something different:
My love, do not leave me:
You’re in the way:

Are you sure of your feelings?
I’m always there:
if you want:
I will die:

Are you crying?
Madame wants me to fill up?
I had no more taste for life
Of our last moments


White God


we are a couple now.
It’s nothing.
You fucked me over.
the way we imagined.

You’ve still got a heart.
That little white one
Draw it out, drawn out…
Something about love,
Nothing to be scared of.

Come on, put your nightgown on.
and bring me the chain.
Sleep. Sleep.
sleeping with dogs.
We’re both hungry dogs,

You’re at the sea
It’s fucking thin.
Dry yourself.
Then take me.

White God
someone you love.
My dad threw him out.

Look at the stars.
In here at least.
That’s what shelters are for.
Wipe off your lipstick.
there’s no hope.

Three months is nothing.
I don’t care about your
well-organized army.
Tannhäuser is about love,

No kiss?
because you’re heartless.
It’s over. This is the end.
Don’t do this to me.


The Apple


I don’t want people to say:
keep your legs apart.
and a girl is like a flower.
I told you not to touch.

They take everything they see
and bring them back.
So, we, the undersigned,
Don’t cry.

A man’s gaze is like the sun
You pour it in.
but it’s not true.
The rest is unimportant.

because of all these lies.
No one answers,
They cannot speak.
When she goes embroidering

Pray for my children.
about my solitude
Hold my notebook
It’s slander.

Where’s your headscarf?
I’m eating it slowly.
she won’t swallow that.
Come on the swings.

I have had enough of this earthly life.
it was the watch.
that for eleven years,

I’m a prisoner here.
boys climb over the wall.
Bring them to me.
If only their mother wasn’t blind…

This time, I brought something pretty
it will be consumed.
with the outside world.
until he saws through the bars.




Here you are.
In movies.
On the shelf.

I have two memories
She was very pretty.
This is the power of imagination.

I took a Xanax.
and I waited as my dad died.
All my memories.

My mother spent her life suffering
On time and attentive.
I’m ice cold.

There’s truth in art,
I have 100 times wished
My life isn’t over.

Be good or straight to the forest.
The one in the mountains.
substituting dream for reality.

She had hoped to know true bliss with him,
I can’t breathe.
for every panic attack.

abandon the garden.
Those little hands
He loses everything he owns

I’m going to divorce.
She loved him to the end.
An old black cat.

Lonely rivers flow
She’ll claw you.
forget you

the concept of disaster.
Deep down, I was prepared.
I left gifts under the tree.

He made love with his boots on.
Get inside.
That fucking smell…

You have made this your life.
It remains an anthology
Call an ambulance, but not us.

You act like everything’s the same.
Seen from a philosophical angle,
music to listen to.

Empiricism and rationalism.
absence of the loved one
with a lover.

aggressive and catchy.
whirling flame to you
I can’t stay like this.



GATE OF HELL_MoC_PR Still 3 (Large)

things are calmer.
Her clothes show it.
It was wonderful.

Are you crying?
Yes. As a precaution.
Finish me. Cut me to pieces.
We have no armor. How

If she loves you, she is yours.
But, in return, you will leave
Light a lantern.
Let’s go in the garden to watch the moon.

I have made you come so that you
may listen to the voice of my heart.
Keep it as a memory.
precaution, the armor…

The freshness of some people
is secretly hidden in our baggage.
Deep inside, you know you are mine.

The life is hard
changed completely since yesterday.
Nevertheless, you won’t find
Your feelings?

I will dedicate my life to suffer
to hang by the gate.
Love has maddened me! Believing
Feelings cannot be changed by force.

The poor woman must feel lonely.
With this the ceremony
I need to see her.
or the violet ones.

I cannot call her on a whim.
And I cannot abandon you.
and the doll Tsukune that you adore.