Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors


the wind asks
the lilacs withered.
a human being. Oh, God…

I remember you seven times an hour.
a candle in his hand,
eat some.

and girls made up songs
Crippled on their way…
about their love…
Black Mountain.

He was digging a pit there, all black,
Go to forests and precipices,
to love each other for one summer.
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

my talkative bird.
In the waters drowned…
People thought he had died of grief,
And the apple-tree’s shed its flowers.

Oh, I went to the meadow,
There’s nobody there.
and no crow flies.
Souls disappeared for good…

I hit here – the arms wither.
I do. It’s an invisible axe.
why have you left me?
How could you get drowned,

The film introduces us to the world
the church, not inside it.
We had fallen in love
In the waters drow…

I’ll be back by winter. Wait for me.
give me happiness,
for centuries.
be as empty as mine.

everything’s died out,
shaggy, ragged,
My house nearly collapsed.
If only


The Color of Pomegranates


grief has been sent to us
they have extinguished and expired
On this night of revelations

and you are my golden cage
A prayer before hunting.
Beautiful one, come quickly,

You abandoned us and went away,
The wedding merriment, the sadness,
you’re dressed in black…

We were searching for ourselves
grief… grief… grief…
and hope, but I am weary.

(Poet buries his Love)
boiled the meat…
how can I help it, my love…

Poet’s death
He returns to his childhood
from the devouring heat

I hear calls of homecoming
and tend the Garden.
and I cannot find a shelter…

wax built castles of love…
Your dress is fire…
From the colors and aromas

This film does not attempt
And may God of speech be always
You are fire.

grief, inconsolable grief has been
is all yours, my love…
Who has spread all this sorrow

but we the living wrapped you…
I am wandering, burned and wounded,




She has died after all.
with the memories you have of her,
the rubbish bin of his subconscious.
has abandoned you.
in a way that would gladden her,

We live in a world of miracles.
It’s all so meaningless.
Flowers dance, buds burst
others in ruins,
I saw her lips turn blue,
that’s what I look for.

I can bear to lose her.
This does the heart good.
drag her out of this penitentiary.
When your mother is dead,
And no song is heard
We are.

Come and rest against my breast
in the darkness.
Because now it’s all over.
the man with the hourglass.
from unbelief and delusion.
the dead to life.

Listen, it’s the scythe.
In the bright morning light
even pain can be beautiful.
long for death.
To rot.
and to work miracles.

wander homeless.
You’re not going to lose her.
But her body,
will reach your heart,
the age of miracles is past.

I went in sin,
I loved her body, too.
Hold the lamp nearer.
Take the heartbeat.
with your half-heartedness.
You haven’t fallen in love

who made the heavens
and killjoys.
Thank you for those heartfelt words.
How great must thy need be,
I build houses,
and again you cast me out.

He’s not the sort that dies.
but he’s weak
I tried to see things
At least a dozen times.
Kingdom of Heaven.
Which by sunset is caged

It wasn’t God’s fault, it was mine.
mournful and torturing yourself.
Miracles no longer happen.
If we grieve,
For I also am only a bird of passage
her eyes glaze




Her harmonious features,
Red velvet.
which soon turned to tears
It’s nothing, I tell you.
You said you loved me
not to make love.

Her delicate skin rippled gently,
A tender smile.
You look down.
You’re on the verge of tears.
until the sea closed in upon us.
what feelings have made murky.
Contempt is a story of that world.

so long tenderness!
It was terrific!
I said that to make you happy.
I don’t love you anymore.
We’ll close the window.
You fool! I did that 10 years ago
Christ almighty.

Children mustn’t play with firearms.
substitutes for our gaze
They showed me their dazzling nudity.
grew cherry-red, not crimson.
dreams aren’t enough.
Not the same sound all over.
enchanted recklessness.

Why don’t you want to make love anymore?
I need peace and quiet and darkness.
At heart, I was wrong.
the more we cling to a false lucidity,
her snow-white skin
across the water.
I’m sure you lied.

Night then saw all the stars.
my breasts,
I love the scene
even if I were dying.
If you think I’ve stopped loving you,
I have a right to change my mind.
The final line is obscure.


The Color of Paradise


I am blind like you.
Why are your hands
This way.

even all the secrets in my heart.
are soft and beautiful.
But the birds are talking.

The earth.
Listen to its sound
through your fingertips.

God is not visible.
to the school for the blind…
reading the lesson.

Bring your hand inside.
and pick up flowers.
so they are black and calloused.

I lost my father so early
You are both seen and unseen.
Only Thee I want…

That is a woodpecker’s sound.
For the love of God,
These are souvenirs.

Look here. This is its wing.
It cuts. Listen.
The sound is lower when it is going

They say there is a blind carpenter.
nobody to look after him.
to get familiar with wood.

I’m sorry.
Close your eyes.
and tell Him everything,

How beautiful this is!
on the other side of the world.
because I’m blind.

If I could see…
when I was your age.
a glass of water and a spoon.

Mum, do you want me
Hold on. Do you want
I don’t know yet.

You will get ill.
and weave a beautiful rug…
I’ve come to take you home.

In the name of God
the moonlight brightens the earth.
For the wife I have lost?


Taste of Cherry


throw in 20 spadefuls of earth
200, 300, 400… 700…
and I cover you with earth.
to make you happy.
The world isn’t the way

You promised.
When I touch my body
and everything was fine.
death is a solution
I don’t need your tongue,

winter brings different fruit
a gun to kill me…
You see that hole…
Your dick’s all sticky…
was harder… more painful for us.

at sunset,
my belly, my hand, it hurts.
I’ve decided to swallow
at four in the morning…
to end it all.

Call my name twice:
earth and dust.
this solution.
I threw the rope over a tree
Then I take your hand

Making cement.
you hurt other people.
Birds don’t fall into the net
His creatures suffer.
under my hand. Mulberries…

You feel sad, so do l.
No mother can fill her fridge
This place is closed now.
show compassion.
and wet the thorax feathers

Believe me, it’s hard.
hurting the people close to you
I’ve given a whole speech.
known such suffering…
I know that suicide

I’m used to loneliness too.
for someone’s death,
to be spread at the foot of a tree.
I had left to kill myself,
You ate mulberries,

Please, girls…
with my finger, it hurts.
you comprehend my pain
goes against your beliefs.
I’ll do what you asked me to do,


Mother and Son


My heart is heavy
my little one.
How it hurts.

Tell me something.
I’m pretending.
we could dance together.

If you were still
very cold and clear weather.
Mother, you can live

I burned with shame.
wait for me.
the same dreams.

The sea…
It wrings my heart…
and nothing happens.

I want to cry.
I don’t want the spring to come.
I awake terror-stricken,

a suffocating nightmare.
from such imperfection.
but hard is not always bad.

I have a reason.
I’ll give you your injection.
Otherwise, my heart would break.

There are postcards, photos…
When I was a child…
Lean over me.

I was walking along a path…
from such imperfection.
to tears.

How should I say…
nothing at all.
God, dwelling in my soul,

I’m with you. We’re together.
and the Livadia is in bloom.
But they die for some reason.